Infinity Group is a very unique debt reduction company. Founded by expert finance broker Graeme Holm, the company operates under the innovation of financial personal training. According to Holm it is essentially merging the experience of having a personal trainer in a gym, with professional money management. But Infinity Group does not just stop at debt reduction. Infinity Group pushes clients to trim the fat of debt, but then stays with them to build up some wealth muscles. Their non-standard approach has a huge success rate, with numerous customers advocating for them. In fact, the company just received Customer Experience Management’s “Overall Best Organization CX” Award for Australia.


Graeme Holm came up with this approach during his seventeen year tenure in the finance market. A Top 100 MBA broker Holm is an expert in money management and finance. After noticing so many Australian families suffering from uncontrollable debt, Graeme began researching the mortgage market. What he discovered was a tremendous lack of support and guidance for families with loans, credit card debt, and other non-tax allocated debt. Enter Infinity Group, which Holm founded to deal with the problem. Infinity Group operates under a client-first mandate, and deals exclusively in cash. Customers who sign up for Infinity Group’s services are placed on a cash budget to rebuild their finances.


Holm’s cash only strategy is born of his understanding of the perils of credit. Using cash is safer, more reliable, keeps people from spending past their means, allows them to regulate their spending, and overall keep them from using credit. The success rate of Infinity Group speaks volumes to a cash-only strategy’s effectiveness. Infinity Group also provides hands-on assistance with clients. Implementing debt reduction strategies and monitoring the clients’ success. Just like a personal trainer they focus on the tiniest details, and develop plans unique to the client. They then check in, review, and push clients to achiever their goals. It not only takes away debt but trains clients in how to avoid it.


Finally, Infinity Group stick with clients past their loan payoff. It the assigns them a personal banker and begins pushing them to generate wealth. Infinity Group offers retirement strategies, property investment, and general wealth building principles to allow clients to become successful as well as debt free. To Holm it is important that clients are treated like family, and he does his best to provide for his family of customers.

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