Knowing Susan McGalla Better

Susan is one of the most respected American successful entrepreneurs. She is the Executive Consultant hailing from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is a board member of HFF Inc., a company that deals with real estate. She is also sitting on the councils of Magee-Women’s Hospital Research Institute and Foundation. She is the pioneer of P3 Executive Consulting where she currently acts as a fashion expert giving her advice in the fashion Industry.



Susan’s career started in 1994 at American Eagle Outfitters, holding various managerial positions till the year 2009. During the end of her career at the American Eagle Company, she served as the President. In 2011, she got named as the Chief Operating Officer of Wet Seal, and she continued as a consultant to various corporations. Susan is the most respected expert in Fashion and Marketing industries. She graduated from Mount Union College with a Bachelor degree in business and Marketing.


Inspiration to Women

Susan is a well-educated lady and an active force in the corporate world. Through sheer hard work and resilience, she has created herself a successful career. Her career has faced many challenges and barriers because of her gender. But it has not stopped her from succeeding for she believes that hard work is not biased to any gender. She advises women not to be intimidated based on their gender. She emphasizes on a good education to secure better positions at the workplace. Education prepares women to tackle all hurdles, they meet and those thrown to them, boldly.


Susan has refused to be intimidated due to her gender and proved it right that women in the society can achieve better as much as their male counterparts can attain. Success does not count on gender; it’s all about dedication, persistent and discipline.

Lime Crime- The Cosmetic Company Ready To Take The Internet By Storm

The internet is an unapologetic and rapidly evolving expanse of ideas and trends, especially when it comes to the online make-up industry. And with beauty gurus and trend-setters everywhere becoming more and more environmentally conscious, anyone that’s anyone is switching over to the vegan lifestyle.


The online-based and PETA certified vegan company Lime Crime is coming out with industry leading and trendy new products so that beauty doesn’t have to be sacrificed for common decency. With a Tumblr-esqe aesthetic and top-notch products like their super pigmented hair dyes -more aptly named “Unicorn Hair”– it’s easy to see how Lime Crime is on the verge of rocking the Internet’s world. Eleven different colors are included in their latest hair dye collection, with edgy names like “Sext” and “Dirt Mermaid.” The colors range from vibrant green to a subtle rose gold, so hair color enthusiasts everywhere can get in on the action.


However, don’t let the ingenious names behind the products distract from their quality. Their new Diamond Crushers top coat lip collection has no set release date (PopSugar guesstimates sometime this April), but the hype behind this line is understandably overwhelming. The collection includes three brand new colors (Black Unicorn, a purple shade; Cleopatra, a rose gold tone; and Acid Fairy, a Barbie pink hue), each looking like they crushed up diamonds and bottled them up. The innovative top coats will not smudge or transfer, and claim to wear for hours without drying. What more could one ask for? check their instagram account for more!

Kate Hudson, Fabletics And Reverse Showrooms

Kate Hudson’s Company, Fabletics has been in business now for three years. In that time, it has brought in a nice, chunk of business. It is valued at $250 million. She has a nice customer bases, and a subscription service, that her followers keep tabs on what she is offering now. In her business, she has the opportunity to know what people want in certain areas. Her physical stores are in California, Hawaii and Florida, as well as other areas.

Kate Hudson Is Following In The Shoes Of Apple And Warby Parker With A Reverse Showroom

Like Apple and Warby Parker, Kate Hudson focuses on the reverse showroom. Her customers look online, but still buy from her at the stores because she already knows what they like. Most of the people that shop at her physical stores are already members, and the rest decide to become members. She keeps track of them online, so that she knows what they like in certain areas. Rather than concentrating on what the showroom looks like in Fabletics store, she concentrates on the culture, online marketing and knowing her customers likes and dislikes. This is the key to her success, and it is working well for her.

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Competing With Amazon, Kate Hudson Is Doing Fine

When it comes to sales, Kate Hudson is doing fine, because Amazon is huge. She is growing her business at a good rate, and will continue to do well when she is constantly in touch with her customer base, getting to know what they like, and what they will buy. Her amazing line of clothing is mainly workout wear, but it can be worn for other events too. She enjoys creating clothing that women can wear, and that they like. She knows the areas where she is building stores, and in the next year, there should be at least three more opening.

With her business, she wants to be known by her customers.

Kate Hudson has made a huge success of Fabletics. She wants her customers to purchase, whether it be in the store or online. This way, her customers can purchase the way that they feel comfortable, and when they buy, it is money for her.

In the future, it is a definite that Kate Hudson’s, Fabletics, will continue to please the customer base, making it a growing company in a sea of failing ones. She has the creativity, the knowledge and intuition to make her business shine even more. As she proceeds to increase her subscribers, sales will skyrocket, and soon most women will be wearing Kate Hudson’s designs.

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JustFab is Just Fab

JustFab has finally brought out their summer collection, and there are tons of quality looks in there. They went with a great tan tone in the overall collection, which is definitely in this summer. The fits they have are getting even tighter, which is a trend that seems to just keeping gaining momentum. They are the perfect fits, for summer, showing some skin, but keeping enough class in there. They can be worn at the beach or a nice outing at your local fashion square. There is a lot of variety in JustFab collection.

The shoes seem to a majority of tan or brown shades, which is great because they go well with any fits. The boots are very stylish and sexy, can be used with jeans definitely, and if you want to be really hot skirts as well. The sneakers are very stylish and refreshing; they remind of very high fashion looks, such as Gucci or Saint Laurent Paris. So they are a good choice to rock when you want to keep within budget but are trying to show-off a little bit.

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With the dresses of JustFab, this season there is much variety, but one thing they all have in common is they are very relaxed fits at the bottom. They seem very comfortable to wear outside during the summer, so an excellent choice to make. The colors appear to be all over the place from bright red to beige, so it’s just about what you’re going to wear with them. Overall, great selection of the dresses, the fits are perfect for summer.

Last but certainly not least, bottoms, the selection on these is perfect so many shades and so many different types of fits. The jeans look gorgeous and have a very stylish look to them, very easy to pair with any top. Then the pants are incredibly especially the green, relaxed cargo pants, extremely fashionable and the fit is very comfortable. That’s the type of piece that is sure to sell out. It seems as if JustFab is getting all the steps right on this summer release. They are keeping up with the trends and have very stylish fits. See:


For fabulous designs at fair prices, there is no better store to get your wardrobe other than Justfab. Justfab is an online store that stocks virtually everything girly. Dedicated to providing high-quality products for women, the curated store carries selections of shoes, handbags, jewelry, and denim.
JustFab is hugely subscription-based as women get a chance to shop for whatever they want and pay for the goods upon delivery. Billing is done at the end of the month and those who wish not to participate during a certain period can skip those months. The VIP program has many fun perks such as discounted prices and free shipping orders. This is a brilliant idea by Kate Hudson and Adam Goldenberg who co-own the company.
In an interview when they launched a new line of clothes, the company’s expert stylist shared her insights with The Clothes Maiden. The line designed for the ‘Glam Girl, Romantic Chic, Girl Next Door, Modern Classic and the Trendsetter’ covers all the girls and their different tastes. Fashion is a broad word that cannot be conformed to one idea. This line is the true testament of that statement. Rosie, the expert stylist at JustFab, stated that the selection of products was inspired a lot by the 70s. The burgundy, suedes, and tan spoke largely on the classic girl who appreciates vintage designs.
View their videos on youtube.

Doe Deere Epitomizes Bold And Beautiful

Who doesn’t love makeup? Makeup has been one of the only consistent friends that I’ve had throughout my life. It’s seen me on my worst days and it’s helped those transform into my best days! Even when I’m feeling down about my life, there is one thing that I can count on. Makeup can hide all of that and make me feel beautiful.

There’s literally a piece of makeup for every problem! If I have a zit, there’s concealer for that. If I have bags under my eyes, there’s foundation for that. If I want a natural, put together look, there’s eye shadow and lip gloss for that! If I want something more bold and more wild – there’s also make up for that!

For the days when I am feeling very wild and adventurous about my makeup – I look to Doe Deere. Doe Deere is truly a pioneer when it comes to makeup and cosmetics. She understands that people want to express themselves through makeup. That’s because she does the same! Doe Deere is always looking glamorous, fun, and beautiful. This is because she has truly learned how to express herself with makeup. Her bright bold lips and eyes are always standing out in a crowd. She knows others want to do the same and that’s why she has a really great line of makeup products called Lime Crime.

Lime Crime is all about expression. Doe Deere offers bright fun pallets of eye shadow, lip glosses, lipsticks, and much more. It’s all to create a grunge look that she’s famous for sprouting herself. It’s not just that. Doe Deere also shows off a softer side in her cosmetics. That are more neutral and nude tones. It all depends on what a person is in the mood for. Doe Deere literally has a product for everyone.

Another great aspect of her company that she is C.E.O of is the fact that all of her products do not test on animals. They are cruelty free and vegan approved. I especially love this because I can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that my makeup hasn’t harmed anyone!

Doe Deere understands that life is to short to be living it in black and white. That’s why when a person thinks of Doe Deere, they typically think of big and bright bold colors. That’s what she’s all about. Doe Deere loves being creative with her look. Makeup is something that is always evolving and changing and Doe Deere is always keeping up with it.

Overall, Doe Deere truly epitomizes what it means to be beautiful and unique. She is a woman who is confident in who she is and she shows that through her makeup. She is now helping others do the same through her Lime Crime make up line. If anyone ever struggles with finding who they are and what their look is, they can look to her for guidance. She doesn’t just sell products. She also shows off tips and tricks.