From co-founding Groupon, Eric Lefkofsky is now investing in a billion worth of company to help cancer patients. Lefkofsky is not only an entrepreneur but also a philanthropist. His works cut across multiple sectors, but presently, he is working on fundraisers to enable him to support cancer patients in acquiring modern treatment. Eric’s funding project currently adds up to $ 70 million. To enable Tempus to help more patients, Eric Lefkofsky  announced that the project seeks more donors with C funding targeting New Enterprise Associates in addition to Revolution Growth.


C funding comprises the $ 130 million that Tempus had accumulated since 2015 when it was founded. With the help of a co-founder, Brad Keywell, the company is set to raise more funds for better channels of treatment with the current fundraising positioning Tempus at the average of $ 700 million. The company’s spokesperson withheld relevant information concerning Tempus’ valuation. Eric and Keywell have intensely invested in Tempus. As the leading donors, they have attracted the attention of high-ranking donors who joined in their cause.


Last year, Eric stated that he could part with about $ 100 million to support the business. Among the new investors, he has is NEA in addition to Revolution Growth. These companies are known for funding Robinhood, a trading application and the famous Sweetgreen of Nathaniel Ru. Perhaps the most interesting question many would ask is why Eric has delved into health care from technology. Eric realized that cancer comes in many forms. With the types changing as the days go by, doctors face the challenge of having proper execution. This is because there is hardly sufficient data to offer relevant treatment methods and more


Eric co-founded Tempus with providing revolutionary treatment in mind. His intentions are as simple as ensuring that every patient has customized treatment. Customized treatment translates to ensuring patients have a one on one session with physicians. Through the interaction, physicians can administer the right treatment for a patient. It is also the only way through which physicians can have organized data regarding filing. Eric has been instrumental in the journey of fighting cancer. He hopes that the company will transform the treatment landscape for this life-threatening disease.