ClassDojo-Streamlining Effeciency in the Classroom


ClassDojo is not your average app. It is helping classrooms to become much more efficient and is helping teachers, parents, and students to connect better. ClassDojo is easily accessed through laptops, interactive white boards, and through smartphones. Students can even customize their avatars to reflect their individual personalities. ClasDojo is a lot like a reward jar, and what kid doesn’t look forward to a reward jar? It uses dojo points and students get very excited and motivated with the point system.

ClassDojo is helping teachers to get more out of their time in the classroom by freeing up their time to spend on other tasks. The teacher can just leave the Smartboard on all day and it makes it easy to keep track of their student’s behaviors throughout the day.

ClassDojo helps teachers and parents to stay connected and the app automatically keeps track of and records the actions in the classroom. Teachers can then use the information gathered on their students to create reports that can later be emailed to parents. When parents get the emails, they will be reminded to review the reports on their children, keeping them updated on the progress of their children.

ClassDojo is very handy for organizing and setting up the classroom. When a teacher sets up a class in the app, each student is assigned an avatar. The app has a list of behaviors that are customizable. This allows the teacher to regulate the behaviors in the classroom and to adjust tongs accordingly.

ClassDojo helps parents to keep in touch with what is happening in the classroom and to know what their children have been working hard on. It also makes it easier for students to share with their parents what they have been doing during the day with visuals rather than explanation.


Success at Success Academy

Success Academy Charter Schools Since 2005
With 41 schools in the New York area, proficiency in Math and English scores are at 90% out of 100% and above; public school scores which currently are reaching beneath 20% proficiency begs the question: What’s the solution? The gap between charter and public education is widening in effectiveness, more independent instruction and challenging curriculum.

Success Academy Charter Schools Responds to Elementary Student Needs
Public schools are “change resistant” and tied to union regulations, as well as administrative and government restrictions that charter schools are free from. Extra-curricular activities in public schools are being cut due to lack of funding and cuts in already lowered budgets, without change in sight. Change is what charter schools are sensitive to, and they train their instructors with this in mind.

Success Academy Charter Schools Are Inclusive
Solutions at the academy’s educational centers are as such: strict rules, strict curriculum with high-bar expectations and consistent and fair consequences for those that have perhaps fallen through the proverbial cracks in a public school setting. Low income, broken homes and students with disabilities are inclusively part of the charter school population.

Success Academy Charter Schools are Multifaceted
English Language learners excel in specially-run immersion classes as they listen, speak and engage in progressively-sophisticated literature from Day One. Students are allowed to follow their own pace in learning. This eliminates boredom and checks behavior issues. Tough learning during long days at school is made pleasurable, exciting and challenging due to state-of-art technology, a diverse variety of choices in coursework: Language, Math, Science, Debate, Music, Art, Dance, and Chess tournaments. Expectations for both students and faculty are at the highest level here.

Success Academy Charter School Mission
The tenet that appeals to most parents is the school focus on the graduating student, no matter what grade they are in at the time of instruction. Opening up opportunities for the future generations of America is what their methods and daily goals are established for. Visit [] for more information on how you can make the called for difference that impacts your child’s education.