Professor Kamil Idris is looking closely at the trade war that is starting to develop between the United States and China. President Trump placed heavy tariffs against China. Reportedly, this is due to the unsavory acts by the Chinese that cost the United States billion of dollars. American IP theft is one of the leading criminal acts perpetrated by the Chinese. The 50 billion dollar tariffs imposed by the United States are actually a penalty for the thievery perpetrated by Chinese fraudulent acts. This is something that Professor Kamil Idris is well aware of due to his extensive legal background in International law.

Starting A Trade War

Perhaps, the trade war is already in motion, due to the tariffs placed against China by the President Of The United States. It’s also important to realize that a growing number of countries avoid business transactions with companies based in China because of their underhanded deeds. Professor Kamil Idris and other legal experts certainly agree that only time will tell, if the President’s actions have any effect on the current situation. However, other companies involved in International Trade do not agree with the president’s decision and insist that his act will start a trade war with China and several allies.

Stealing Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property refers to any type of product that is created by another company or individual. This might include a brand name, images, films, books, music to logos. The fact remains that the Chinese are experts at stealing Intellectual Property. The Chinese habitually create counterfeits of American and International properties that include luxury items to pirating movies. The tariffs were placed against China to recoup some of the billions that were lost to companies, due to China stealing Intellectual Property. Professor Kamil Idris is an International Law expert who believes that the average person doesn’t realize the importance of Intellectual Property rights. He believes that violating Intellectual Property rights leads to even bigger problems with the economy in the long run.

Professor Kamil Idris

Professor Kamil Idris holds a degree in International Law and International Affairs. He is a graduate of The University Of Ohio. Currently, he holds the title of Director General Of The WIPO.