Mark Mofid Is Determined To Greatly Improve The Field Of Plastic Surgery

There has never been a better time to take interest in plastic surgery, as the benefits are better than ever and the risks have never been lower. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the United States these days and he has personally contributed to many of the advancements the industry has seen over the past decade. Mark has a strong education behind him, studying at prestigious schools such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Since earning his degree as a surgeon, Mark Mofid has earned his license to practice plastic surgery and is board-certified.

Mark Mofid says he was overly optimistic going into the field of plastic surgery, as he expected something different. He saw many problems with the techniques medical practitioners were using and the various implants that were used in plastic surgery were made of generic products. Because of this, many issues arose with patients due to unsafe methods and materials that were rejected by the body. Since the beginning, Mark has been dedicated to improving the standards in plastic surgery and help to clear the name that scares some people away. Mark Mofid owns his own practice today in San Diego, where he has perfected his procedures and his methods to provide his patients with some of the best results in the country. Mark’s practice specializes in butt augmentation, but they also provide their clients with nearly all cosmetic surgeries available today.

Mark has taken the time to speak at many conferences that have taken place around the nation today discussing the state of plastic surgery and where it is headed in the future. This allows him to spread his knowledge and technique with more plastic surgeons and potential clients. This has a great effect on Mark because the better image plastic surgery has, the more it will spread throughout the United States. It is growing steadily today, but much slower than other countries, such as Brazil. Mark’s technique is also among the best in the business, as he has produced some of the best looking plastic surgeries in the industry to date.

Dr. Walden Advice on Cosmetic Surgery

We all have that small physical thing that we are always trying to hide from everyone. This is the part that we feel is embarrassing and we see as a ‘’disability’’. Some people are so affected by their part that they are unable to participate in public setups. They say that they tend to feel like everyone is focused on observing their imperfections instead of listening to what they have to say. Well, this may be far from the truth because people may not even notice what you think is an imperfection, in fact, others may view it as perfection.

However, the fact that it bothers you is why it needs to be attended to, for you to feel comfortable in your skin. The only way to solve the matter permanently is through undergoing cosmetic surgery. Many individuals are, however, hesitant to undergo the process.

Dr. Walden says that many individuals realize it is the best move after the process, which they took forever to partake. She remembers one of her childhood friends who is a stay at home mum, and always had small breasts. She was an ideal patient of breast enlargement because she always felt less. Finally, after Dr. Walden moved to Austin, she booked an appointment and decided to face her fears and took the process. After the augmentation was successful, she was so happy with the look she achieved that she went spreading the gospel of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden says the joy she sees in the women after surgery is what keeps her going every day.

Dr. Walden is a mother of two twins who she considers her priority. This is why she moved from New York where she used to practice medicine and describes as the mecca of cosmetic surgery to see her children grow near her family.


Uplifting News from Elysium Health That We All Want to Hear

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthier and happier life. Boosting NAD+ levels can be a way to reach for that goal.

The company co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, known as Elysium Health, has some great news in the form of a new supplement designed to support well-being on a cellular level. The supplement, Basis, is the culmination of more than 25 years of aging research and is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+.

NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential for hundreds of cells functions, including turning nutrients into energy, maintaining the health of DNA, and regulating circadian rhythms. But our  levels of NAD+ decline as we age, and that lead to a gradual breakdown of those functions.

Elysium Health works in collaboration with scientists and clinicians from the world’s leading institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. These scientists guide the direction of the company and its research.

The results of a clinical trial published in November 2017 in the peer-reviewed journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease demonstrated that taking Basis daily over the course of several weeks increased and sustained higher levels of NAD+. Taking the daily recommended dose of Basis increased NAD+ levels by an average of 40 percent.

Basis is now available to purchase in individual bottles or as a subscription on Elysium Health’s website. You can simply visit the website and choose the plan that works for you. The most popular level of subscription is the six-month plan for $270 ($45 per month)There’s also a month-to-month plan for $50 per month, and a one-year for $480 ($40 per month).

An individual bottle of Basis costs $60, so the longer plans will obviously save users money. .

Taking Basis may be the easiest thing that you can do for your health today. Check it out via the Elysium Health website and subscribe to a plan  that works for you.

Eric Lefkofsky’s Early Life and Career Journey

Eric Lefkofsky is an accomplished American entrepreneur and current CEO of Tempus. He was born to a structural engineer father, Bill, and a school teacher mother, Sandy. His brother, Steven, is an attorney who practices in Michigan while his sister, Jodi, is a former school teacher. He was born and grew up in Southfield, Michigan and went to Southfield Lathrup High School in 1987. Later on, he joined the University of Michigan and graduated with highest honors in 1991. Upon graduating, he continued at the University of Michigan Law School where he earned his Juris Doctor in 1993.

Eric Lefkofsky began his career at the University of Michigan where he could sell carpet. Upon graduating in 1993, Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his college friend, Brand Keywell, to start Brandon Apparel, an apparel business in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1999, he went on to create Starbelly, an early internet company that would specialize in promotional products. Over time, his early internet company experienced exponential growth and was sold to Halo Industries in 2000. Upon the merger, Eric Lefkofsky was appointed the Chief Operating Officer of Halo Industries. In less than a year, Halo Industries went bankrupt due to multiple lawsuits from shareholders. However, all the lawsuits were resolved by 2004.


Driven by the passion for giving back to society, Eric Lefkofsky teamed up with his wife, Elizabeth, to form Lefkofsky Foundation, a charitable trust to support educational, scientific, and charitable organizations and causes around the world. Through Lefkofsky Foundation, Eric focuses on empowering children and has currently funded over 50 charitable organizations.

Community Interests

As a believer in investing back to society, Eric Lefkofsky serves on the Boards of Directors of The Art Institute of Chicago and Children’s Memorial Hospital. He is also a Trustee of a Chicago-based performing arts institution, the Museum of Science and Industry, and Steppenwolf Theatre Company. Shortly after quitting InnerWorkings, Eric started a teaching career at Chicago. He would teach Applied Technology at DePaul University School of Business. Currently, he is an adjunct Professor at the Chicago University School of Business where he teaches entrepreneurship and technology-based courses.