Dallas Cowboys

Hardy Signing Not What Cowboys Were Hoping For

Earlier this off-season, in the kind of move only Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys could make, defensive lineman Greg Hardy was signed to a one-year contract despite the fact that a league suspensions was likely. Yesterday, after a thorough investigation, the league made good on the suspension – 10 full games – that stems from numerous domestic violence allegations. Avid fan Gianfrancesco Genoso thought the fact that the Cowboys signed Hardy prior to investigations was a risky and bad move (teses.com).

The Cowboys claimed they looked at all the factors involved and covered their bases regarding Hardy. But considering that the league based the suspension on four separate instances in which force was used against his then girlfriend, it seems the chance the Cowboys took on Hardy was ill-founded. Taking into consideration that the contract they gave to Hardy had some leeway when it came to the number of games he would play in the 2015 season, the deal still seemed a bit hasty.

The 10-game suspension was a little more than the Cowboys bargained for, even though Hardy sat out 15 games last season for the Carolina Panthers while the abuse allegations were investigated. Considering the weight that the league is finally putting on domestic violence instances since the Ray Rice case, it seems that Jerry Jones and team management did not employ the same strict standards in their decision making that the NFL now does.

The Cowboys’ troubles on the defensive line may now continue till at least November.

Dallas Cowboys Receive 2015 Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys as well as the rest of the teams in the NFL received their official schedule for games for the 2015 season. As winner of the NFC East last year Dallas will play a tough scheduled which will include the other division winners from their conference. In addition the Cowboys will play the tough AFC East which includes the reigning Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots. The Cowboys also face the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jest as well as the Buffalo Bills from the same division.

The Cowboys will open the season against their NFC East rival the New York Giants in Dallas on September 13th. They play the Carolina Panthers as their traditional Thanksgiving Day game and they play their arch rivals the Washington Redskins twice within the last six weeks of the season. Cowboys Look Forward to 2015 NFL Season

The entire Dallas Cowboys organization is looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming season. The Cowboys fell one game short, and some may say one pass catch short of being in the Championship Game and heading to the Super Bowl last year. With great improvements to their defense and injured players returning, the Cowboys are expected to be a prime contender for the NFC crown this year and a serious top four team for the Super Bowl.
Diehard fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG plans on going to buy his tickets to the Cowboy’s games when they go on sale today and fans are already making their travel plans for their favorite away games.