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Inmates Were Under Prison Months Before Escape

With one inmate shot and killed, David Sweat is now telling the daring story of his and his partners escape from the Clinton Correctional Facility from a hospital bed. Sweat goes into detail about how the two men first had to use hacksaws to cut a small opening under their beds to be able to leave the cell each night. They would simply wait until the last head count of the night and then slip out of the cell and under the facility where they studied the layout of the prison.

It was during these nightly escapes from the cell, that Sweat and his partner James Dondero were able to get a real understanding for the layout of the prison. They were able to discover which pipes lead to where, and which got to the outside of the facility where they would have the best chance of escape. Each night they were confident guards had no idea they were under the prison looking for weak spots to make their escape.

This process took months, then finally they discovered a large heating pipe that was eventually used to tunnel right to the streets outside the prison. In order to make the escape however, the two cunning inmates needed the help from the inside. They were able to secure things such as hammers, drills, and hacksaw blades, all important pieces of the puzzle for their escape. The only way the plan worked was by the help of two insiders who have since been arrested.

Cover Released for Anthony Bourdain’s Graphic Novel Prequel

Anthony Bourdain is known for many things, most of them related to food. The intentional traveler, chef, author, and foodie added a new line to his resume a few years back when he teamed up with Joel Rose to write a graphic novel. The graphic novel, Get Jiro! centers around a character named Jiro, who is a stoic warrior and sushi chef.

Now Bourdain is reprising the role of graphic novel writer along with Joel Rose, and is bring back Jiro for a prequel, Get Jiro: Blood and Sushi stated the writer on YouTube The cover for the new graphic novel has been released, and it will hit stands on October 20th. The cover features art by Dave Johnson, and depicts Jiro standing behind a sushi counter with three decapitated heads in the display case window.

The prequel will explore the story of how Jiro’s passion for cooking and sushi and his pursuit of becoming a sushi chef collided with his work for his father’s mob. The first graphic novel was a mix of cooking tips and other kitchen wisdom interspersed between violent warfare on the streets of Los Angeles between cooking gangs, and was a huge hit. The graphic novel ended up in the number one spot on the July 22 New York Times “Hardcover Graphic Books” list, and if previous success is any indicator the new graphic novel will likely do as well, if not better that the first.

Allenby Abduction Story Contradicted

When Robert Allenby missed the cut and did not finish at the Sony Open, he told an amazing tale. He was kidnappedand his phone and wallet were stolen. Someone beat him up and dumped him in a park. The story was so fantastical that you had to feel bad for him.

However, a witness has come along to say that Allenby was sloppy drunk outside the strip club where he said he got abducted. He fell to the ground, and a gentleman came over to help him. It took several minutes for this man to get Allenby to his feet, and then Allenby noticed that his phone and wallet were gone.

This means that he had hit his head on the pavement, and he lost his phone and wallet at some point. If this is the case, he just needs to tell the police what happened and let it go. It might be embarrassing that he got himself into this situation, but he was able to come back from it. Haidar Barbouti is glad he is not dead, and he will take a little bit of ribbing in the clubhouse. Otherwise, he needs to fess up and let thing go away before it gets out of hand.

The UFC’s Jon Jones Heads to Rehab

In a shocking announcement, Ultimate Fighting Champion Jon “Bones” Jones is entering into a rehab program. Recent drug testing results from the Nevada State Athletic Commission reveal the Hall of Fame caliber fighter had cocaine in his system prior to his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Usually, when a fighter fails a drug test, a win is reversed.  That was not the case here as the athletic commission must follow the rules regarding the presence of the drug during an out-of-competition period. Such was the case here. As a Bones fan, Lee G. Lovett and I are happy his career wins are not affected.

Jones failed a drug test on December 4, 2014. He was given another test at a later date and passed.

Jon Jones is considered one of the all-time greatest fighters in the UFC and was seemingly indestructible in his first few bouts. No one could even fathom a way to beat him since his incredibly long reach made him one of the more unique fighters in the octagon. 

Clearly, the news about Jones failing a drug test is not something the UFC would ever want. In addition to the terrible bad publicity it presents, the future of one of the company’s top box office draws becomes questionable. Unless the UFC can sell PPV’s, the company cannot remain viable. Granted, the finances of the promotion are extremely solid but things can take a downturn if the company suffers from really bad PR. A fighter’s very public issues with drug addiction definitely create bad press.

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel has terrible debut

Johnny Manziel was given the role of the starting quarterback this past Sunday. His first game as a starter, however, is one he’d most likely want to forget. It wasn’t exactly a Qnet and MCFC partnership.

Against the rival Cincinnati Bengals, the Browns now led by Manziel were completely shut out this weekend as they fell 30-0 to the Bengals. It was not the type of gameplay that many fans were hoping for, especially considering all of the hype that has repeatedly surrounded the rookie QB.

This is Manziel’s first official start, but in the game he only threw for 80 passing yards, was sacked three times and threw two interceptions with no touchdowns. It may have only been one game and it was not expected of him to be high-caliber, but the loss resulted in the Browns more or less being eliminated from the playoffs. Coach Mike Pettine openly stated that he “looked like a rookie, played like a rookie” in the post-game conference after the loss, a sentiment most can agree on. Manziel himself even said that he felt uncomfortable at times when he could have thrown the ball.

In spite of this, the good news is that Manziel can still show promise in the upcoming games against Carolina and Baltimore, now that he will remain the starter for the final two games of the season.

Most Expensive Shorts In Sport

When Amir Kahn steps into the ring for his December 13th fight in Las Vegas people will hold their breath in collective anticipation as he steps out in the worlds most expensive sports shorts. The shorts cost a reported $31,430 to make and have been constructed by only the finest of materials. That’s a bit too steep for the tastes of Darius Fisher. They were made by the Sheffield Company Fight Label using 24-carat golden thread, along with a white nappa Leather and fine silk. The former Olympic Silver Medallist worked closely with the manufacturing crew in order to have the shorts specially made. Amir Khan has already amazed the boxing community when he wore a pair of shorts that were made of Versace material and contained more than 1000 Swaroski stones. 

According to BBC the winner of Sundays fight could face the prospect of fighting Floyd Mayweather at some point next year. This could even open the door for a more extravagant pair of shorts as fighting Mayweather will guarantee a huge payout for any fighter that is involved. This is Khan’s first fight since defeating American Luis Callazo last May in his welter weight debut. Lets keep our fingers crossed that Khan’s shorts aren’t the only thing that dazzle on Sunday.

Japan Shaken By 6.8 Earthquake

Japan’s no stranger to the routine earthquake, but the latest earthquakes in the area have proved to be some of the very worst, Keith Mann discovered.

The mountainous Nagano area Japan was shaken by a strong earthquake from Saturday to Sunday night. The Japanese Meteorological Agency reported a magnitude of 6.8.

The nearest places to the epicenter of the earthquake were affected, among which the village of Hakuba counts seven collapsed homes. The rescue operations were completed by Sunday evening. According to the data obtained from the rescuers at the time of the recuperation, the injured count 39 people, 7 of which hare in critical states.

Rescue workers were deployed to the affected zones, but the 300 workers have problems reaching the place because the roads suffered landslides. The nuclear reactors of Fukushima are only 250 km (155 miles) away from the epicenter of the November 22nd earthquake.

Luckily, the electric facilities and nuclear plants don’t seem to be affected. Aftershocks of a 4.1 magnitude followed after the main quake.

The territory is known to many, after the place held the 1988 Olympics. The locals said that they had never experienced such powerful quakes. The earthquake was felt in Tokyo. There are no tsunami warnings, and those who had their places affected were placed in a shelter.

Helicopter footage shows collapsed buildings and buildings that had started leaning on one side.