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U.S. Money Reserve Director Philip Diehl Indirectly Discusses George Soros and the Current World Markets


The U.S. Money Reserve has a developed a well-deserved reputation for their expertise in precious metals investment. They have clients throughout the world, and they have specialists in many different related fields. They have experts that are senior gold specialists, numismatic experts, customer relations specialists, business support professionals, and employees who are involved in the vault and shipping department and coin research professionals as well. All of these individuals are dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your investment transaction is done in an effective manner. Many individuals employed with the company are also experts on world markets and events and know how they can affect an individual’s investment portfolio. Former mint director and current director of the U.S. Money Reserve Philip Diehl is one such individual. During a recent podcast, he was interviewed and gave his take on how different world events can affect an investment portfolio. Here are the main points that he made:

1. Another financial crisis might be looming.

Investment professionals are trained to look at all of the influences that the market might play on a client’s investment portfolio. Diehl pointed out during the interview that events such as the 2008 financial crisis can play a large role in the health of an investment portfolio. Individuals such as billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros feel that the world economy is due for another financial crisis. Diehl said that investments in precious might take a hit, but they are usually able to recover quicker than other assets.

2. ETFs are creating a new demand for gold.

Philip Diehl encouraged investment in gold during the podcast and noted that gold has undergone an increasing amount of demand because of the ETF market. As a result, Diehl feels that the time is now to invest in gold.

3. There is a large demand for gold in other countries.

Another factor can be the fact that gold is seeing an increased demand in foreign countries. Nations such as China and India are growing in population and many of the upper middle class are looking for a way to diversify their investment portfolio. They are discovering that gold is an effective way to accomplish that goal.

4. The dollar may have reached a peak.

Diehl concluded the interview by noting that the dollar has continued to rise in value during the past 18 months. He feels that it is due to come down, and when that occurs the market for gold will rise.

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Manse On Marsh Helps Seniors Live Comfortably

Manse On Marsh is an assisted living facility that welcomes seniors and their families every day. The facility is a safe place for families to bring their loved ones who are in need of assistance, and the facility helps seniors live their golden years well. This article explains what Manse On Marsh does for the seniors and their families who become a part of the Manse On Marsh community, there’s also a blog dedicated to much the same thing.

#1: Assisted Living Required Full-Time Help

The staff at Manse On Marsh helps seniors get around the facility when needed as reviews show. Seniors may need walkers or wheelchairs, and the staff is available to help seniors who have mobility issues. Seniors may request help with their food, bathing and medications. There is a member of the staff available at all times to help residents, and every senior will receive immediate assistance upon request.

#2: Medical Checkups

Seniors who come to Manse On Marsh will receive the medical checkups and care they need. Many seniors must leave their homes because they require full-time medical care, and Manse On Marsh offers medical care from professional nurses and doctors. Each nurse checks on patients using a routine, and doctors may be contacted when extra assistance is needed. The medical care that the family cannot provide is available to every senior who lives at Manse On Marsh.

#3: Community Activities

Manse On Marsh works very hard to create a community atmosphere for everyone. There are many events that residents may participate in, and each resident gets closer to their fellow residents over time. Manse On Marsh feels like a family, and everyone who is involved in the Manse On Marsh community is welcome at any time, and family members may come to visit when they like. Bringing people together is a large part of the Manse On Marsh mission.

#4: Dietary Assistance

Info sites say Manse On Marsh offers dietary assistance to every senior who comes through the door. There are many dietary needs that must be met for seniors to stay healthy, and the Manse On Marsh staff ensures that each senior has their needs met properly. Everyone who has a dietary issue will see that dietary issue settled immediately, and special food is made to the resident’s liking. Residents need not worry about eating food they do not enjoy.

The Manse On Marsh family is a welcoming community that wants seniors and their loved ones to feel welcome when they enter the facility. Every senior may quickly get settled in a room that will host them, and the staff will begin to tend to their needs. Someone who wants to place their elderly loved one in a safe environment may come to Manse On Marsh for assistance today.

Teenager Donates Contest Winnings to Homeless

What does a teenager do when he wins a competition that he was participating in, and acquires a big prize from that competition? What does a teenager do with a prize of $10,000? What does a teenager do when he wins a big prize and he knows just what that kind of money could buy? Some teenagers would keep the money for their own pleasure in the moment, some would save the money for the future, and some would give that money away. One special teenager did just that, also used some part of his winnings to purchase beneful dog food for his bull dog.

Christian Hudson competed in a talent competition and landed himself a prize of $10,000. This boy could have kept the money for himself, to do with as he pleased, but instead he chose to give that money away. Despite the fact that he had ways in which he could have spent the money, this teen decided that the homeless were more important, and he decided to help others rather than himself. This boy gave away the money that he had won, and he helped to change lives in the process. This boy could have done anything that he wanted to do with the money that he won, it was his and he had earned it, but he chose to give that money away. What an inspiration.

Wladimir Klitschko Warns Opponent

Heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko will be facing Bryant Jennings on April 25. Klitschko is excited to face Jennings because of the location of the bout. Wladimir will defend his title in front of a Madison Square Garden crowd. The Heavyweight champion is happy because he has not fought in America for six years.

The Russian born heavyweight champion has defended his championship in Europe for close to half a decade. Fans like Sam Tabar know that Wladimir Klitschko is one of the most dominant champions in history. He has defended the heavyweight championship 18-times, and he is reaching the all time title defense record. The only heavyweight who has more title defenses than Klitschko is legendary fighter Joe Louis.

Wladimir Klitschko is expected to defeat contender Bryant Jennings by knockout. If Klitschko is successful, Jennings will be his 19th victim. However, some people are giving Bryant Jennings a slight chance to defeat the powerful Russian. Comparisons to ‘Rocky 4’ have been made, because Jennings is a Philadelphia native like Rocky Balboa. Klitcshko heard these comparisons, and he said the fight will look more like the Apollo Creed and Ivan Drago meeting. Bryan Jennings better come prepared, or he might actually end up like Apollo. For more information on this story, visitYahoo! Sports.

Police Dog Escorted into Vets Office with Guard of Honor

A 9-year-old police dog received high honors as he was walked into a vet’s office to be put to sleep, and it has gone viral on the internet. Judge, a 9-year-old German Shepard, served as part of New Jersey’s K-9 unit from 2007 until 2013 when he was retired due to issues with his teeth.

Paul Mathieson understands that the dog had been enjoying retirement when he was diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.Find more about Mathieson on Michael Franks, his owner, worked to ensure his health with regular doctor’s visit, and the police department set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses, gathering donations in excess of $12,000. Judge, however, took a turn for the worst and was having a hard time getting up, causing Franks to make the heartbreaking decision to put Judge to sleep to end his suffering.

On Friday, Franks took Judge to the Swedesboro Animal Hospital for his final goodbye. When they pulled up a Guard of Honor Greeted him with 100 police officers and several K-9 dogs. Judge was saluted as he walked into the hospital, carrying the arm guard used during his training in his mouth. Inside the hospital, staff lined up to give Judge the same treatment.

The police hero was laid to sleep shortly after. According to police records, Judge was deployed 280 times, and was considered an assisting officer in 152 arrests. He is also credited with recovering $47,000 in cash, three vehicles and three handguns.

Terminator: Genysis Is Going Imax


Interesting news has emerged regarding the upcoming release of Terminator: Genysis. Hardcore fans of the Terminator franchise, and by hardcore I mean Brad Reifler is going to love the fact they can see the film in IMAX at select theaters.

Anyone who saw the first film when it first arrived in theaters in 1984 had a far different experience. The film played in the last of the drive-ins and independent theaters and captured the action-movie fan base that had yet to go mainstream with Rambo in 1985.

The days of the old, independently owned single-screen theaters and drive-ins are mostly over. The era of the IMAX screen is upon us. The new Terminator film is a far bigger affair than the sleeper sci-fi film of 30+ years ago. Just as the old movie theaters were the perfect venue to see director James Cameron’s original entry, IMAX theaters are perfect for the new reboot.

What’s in Your Beer Can?


Not the alcoholic beverage itself, but the container. Zeca Oliveira shared an interesting fact about how an epoxy lining in every aluminum can known as BPH ( bisphenol A). The chemical prevents the contents of the can from reacting to the aluminum, but it has also been shown to cause a variety of health problems.
The war against BPH has raged for decades, but the chemical is still being used and it lines your favorite beer can. BPH has been proven to cause cancer, abnormal brain development in children and reproductive problems.
It’s known that BPH is in the beer can, but how much is too much and when do the health problems start to manifest?
In 2012, the FDA banned the use of BPS in all types of drinking vessels that are used for infants. Bottles and sippy cup could no longer contain BPH, neither could the can baby formula was packaged in. They also deemed the current level of BPH to be safe in all other food and beverage packaging, including that found in beer cans.
Glass bottles do not contain BPH and it may be a good time to trade the beer can for the beer bottle to avoid the potential health problems caused by too much BPH exposure.

Dude, FreedomPop wants you to have the cheapest internet possible

Growing in popularity as a solution to expensive services of network giants, FreedomPop, a free wireless internet and mobile phone service provider is making headway as a leading alternative. FreedomPop currently has 10 million hotspots across the country with the goal of reaching 20 million with coverage in 200 major US cities by the end of 2015. While CEO and founder Stephen Stokols isn’t saying that FreedomPop is a replacement to Verizon Wireless, or AT&T network services he does state that “We actually think this could become a pretty big alternative, especially in prepaid,” going on to elaborate that users without cellular minutes can still use their phones to access the internet with FreedomPop. Plus, it’s available for both iPhone and Android users. Out of the estimated 75 million users of a prepaid service Stokols emphasizes that 30 million would benefit from their network of hotspots.

By sourcing the hotspots of vendors and larger organizations across the country FreedomPop has built a large infrastructure of WiFi connections. While the exact locations of these hotspots are unknown the company’s website does offer an interactive map to find if your area is covered by the service. Stokols also stated that FreedomPop will branch out from contracting the hotspots of metro markets and initiate crowdsourcing of WiFi routers by their customers; this will help bring service to more rural areas and further incentivize customers to join.

The popularity of FreedomPop is not attributed to just hotspot sourcing and free WiFi, a whole product line is offered with the latest smart phones, tablets, “MiFi” mobile hotspots devices, home modems, and USB stick modems. Free phone services that offer 500MB of data, 500 text messages, and 200 minutes every month keep FreedomPop in the spotlight. To sign up and take advantage of free communications services you can visit the FreedomPop website to view coverage areas, or browse one of their retail partner’s websites like Amazon.