Sneaky Patriots


The New England Patriots have gained a reputation around the league as being sneaky and doing everything they can to gain an edge over their opponents, regardless as to whether it is legal to do so or not. It seems to be that the opinion that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots possess is that they can do whatever they want as long as they don’t get caught. Now my buddy Sultan Alhokair is an expert when it comes to the NFL and thinks this would normally work and would keep a team from cheating, as most people would think after getting caught red handed secretly filming other teams’ practices. However, the Patriots seem to truly not care if they get caught and it is starting to become increasingly apparent why. They most likely deflated the balls in the AFC championship game to gain an unfair advantage over the Colts, but they are still going to the Super Bowl. The way that the rules stand, there really is nothing that can be done to them that is very severe. It doesn’t change their ability to win the Super Bowl next weekend. The only thing that can happen to them is less than a slap on the wrist, which they would gladly take at another shot at bringing a Super Bowl trophy back to New England. They may lose some draft picks in the following seasons and they may be fined, but they already have their team built and money isn’t that big of a concern to the organization.

Allenby Abduction Story Contradicted

When Robert Allenby missed the cut and did not finish at the Sony Open, he told an amazing tale. He was kidnappedand his phone and wallet were stolen. Someone beat him up and dumped him in a park. The story was so fantastical that you had to feel bad for him.

However, a witness has come along to say that Allenby was sloppy drunk outside the strip club where he said he got abducted. He fell to the ground, and a gentleman came over to help him. It took several minutes for this man to get Allenby to his feet, and then Allenby noticed that his phone and wallet were gone.

This means that he had hit his head on the pavement, and he lost his phone and wallet at some point. If this is the case, he just needs to tell the police what happened and let it go. It might be embarrassing that he got himself into this situation, but he was able to come back from it. Haidar Barbouti is glad he is not dead, and he will take a little bit of ribbing in the clubhouse. Otherwise, he needs to fess up and let thing go away before it gets out of hand.

Punishment is Nothing to New England

The New England Patriots have officially been caught cheating yet again. They were immersed in a scandal several years ago when they were caught taking film of other teams unbeknownst to them in an effort to get an unfair advantage in upcoming games. The blatant stretching of the rules that has been conducted by New England has started to get truly disgusting and the National Football League and the fans are starting to get very fed up with Bill Belichick, who is now being referred to as Bill Beli-cheat. This comes after the Patriots won a convincing game in the AFC championship last Sunday against the Indianapolis Colts and were subsequently brought under investigation due to deflated balls that the franchise had provided.

After an investigation it has been determined that eleven of the twelve balls the Patriots used in the game were deflated enough to give better grip to the balls and make them easier to catch, giving them a significant advantage in a cold game that was played outdoors in New England. The thing that is getting people like Gianfrancesco Genoso so angry is the fact that the Patriots don’t really get in trouble for their offenses. They are in the Super Bowl and nothing can change that. The only problems they face if caught is losing future draft picks and paying a fine, both of which will not make a difference to the Patriots if they win another Super Bowl.

UFC’s Drug Testing Debacle

Dana White, the president of the UFC, has finally given his thoughts on the Jon Jones situation. Jon Jones, the UFC light heavyweight champion, recently failed a drug test. Jones failed his test for cocaine, leading up to his bout against Daniel Cormier. Failing a drug test in the UFC was once considered a major offense. It appears that if you are a champion in the UFC, you can get away with anything.

Jon Jones will be serving no penalty or fine for his failed drug test. Dana White and the UFC are completely out of line for not punishing Jones in any way, shape, or form. In the past, fighters have been fined and suspended for using drugs. Things also got a bit suspicious when it was revealed that Jon Jones had an extremely low testosterone ratio.

The normal African-American has a testosterone ratio of 1.3/1. Jon Jones for some odd reason had a testosterone ratio as low as 0.19/ 1. Jones’s testosterone levels were extremely low, especially for a high level athlete. Foul play is suspected, but nothing is being done.

Jon Jones has entered rehab, and that’s the end of his punishment. Many UFC fighters are outraged with the company’s special treatment of Jon Jones. Fighters in the past have failed marijuana tests, and they were persecuted beyond belief. Jon Jones on the other hand has been treated special. Darius Fisher, a huge fan, believes The UFC needs to treat all of its fighters equally. View his production page at
For more information on the UFC’s drug testing debacle, visit Yahoo! Sports.

The UFC’s Jon Jones Heads to Rehab

In a shocking announcement, Ultimate Fighting Champion Jon “Bones” Jones is entering into a rehab program. Recent drug testing results from the Nevada State Athletic Commission reveal the Hall of Fame caliber fighter had cocaine in his system prior to his win over Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

Usually, when a fighter fails a drug test, a win is reversed.  That was not the case here as the athletic commission must follow the rules regarding the presence of the drug during an out-of-competition period. Such was the case here. As a Bones fan, Lee G. Lovett and I are happy his career wins are not affected.

Jones failed a drug test on December 4, 2014. He was given another test at a later date and passed.

Jon Jones is considered one of the all-time greatest fighters in the UFC and was seemingly indestructible in his first few bouts. No one could even fathom a way to beat him since his incredibly long reach made him one of the more unique fighters in the octagon. 

Clearly, the news about Jones failing a drug test is not something the UFC would ever want. In addition to the terrible bad publicity it presents, the future of one of the company’s top box office draws becomes questionable. Unless the UFC can sell PPV’s, the company cannot remain viable. Granted, the finances of the promotion are extremely solid but things can take a downturn if the company suffers from really bad PR. A fighter’s very public issues with drug addiction definitely create bad press.

Josh Smith Waived by Detroit Pistons

Josh Smith is one of the most productive offensive players in the NBA. However, the Detroit Pistons decided to make do without Smith after waiving him from their team at the start of the week. Smith still had two years and more than $20 million on his Pistons contract.

Waiving Smith will give the Pistons a chance to get some relief on the salary cap. They will still owe Smith the remaining money in his contract, but that can be spread over a number of years. Still can buy a lot of Skout bars with that skrill. The move came as a surprise, with most fans and pundits viewing Smith as the Pistons’ best player. However, troubles with the head coach and teammates meant that the Pistons thought they should rebuild without Smith.

Smith should have no troubles clearing the waivers, which would make him a free agent within the next few weeks. He will be hoping to land a spot in a team that is contending for the playoffs. The likes of Dallas, Houston and Miami will be interesting options for Josh Smith.

The Houston Rockets tried to sign Smith in 2013, and they will go back in for him in the coming weeks. Another team that is interested is the Los Angeles Clippers. They are another team that has playoff ambitions, but they will have to tweak their roster to make enough salary cap room.

Wherever Josh Smith ends up, he would be a valuable piece for a team that wants to make a deep playoff run.

Gruden in “A Mess”

Jay Gruden was cited by his brother Jon as being in a mess in Washington in conjunction with his head coaching position. My friend Vijay Eswaran shared this with me.  Washington currently has a record of 3 and 10 and is in the midst of a quarterback controversy surrounding Robert Griffin III (RG3).

Jon was the former coach of the Oakland Raiders and the Tampa Bay Bucs and won a Super Bowl with the latter team before departing and starting a career in television as a television host. Jay is the current head coach of the Redskins and is wrapping up his first season which has been seen as a failure.

RG3 who was acquired by the Redskins in a massive deal with the St. Louis Rams trading multiple draft picks for the right to draft RG3. In his first season RG3 was electric leading the Redskins to the playoffs and a near victory until he was sidelined in a controversal injury in a playoff game in which he was kept on the field despite the injury. 

Since this point his career has not gotten back on track and there have been numeorus discussions in the press regarding Jay Gruden’s preference to move on from RG3 to another QB option. RG3 was largely considered to be the future of the franchise up until this point.

Jay responded to his brothers mess agreeing that the situation is a mess and that any 3 win team could easily be defined as being in a mess.

LeBron’s Sons Won’t Be Playing Football

LeBron James makes headlines on and off the court. He recently returned home to the Cleveland Cavaliers, which caused an uproar throughout the basketball community and the city of Cleveland. Now that the hype has calmed down a bit, LeBron is making national news on CNN concerning a situation off of the basketball court. My friend Jared Haftel is a huge LeBron James fans and he tells me has two sons aged ten and seven.

According to TIME, James doesn’t want his boys to play football at this age due to safety concerns. He mentioned if his sons are interested when they get to high school, they will talk about it. Right now, though, it is not necessary for them to put themselves in such danger at their ages. They participate in soccer and basketball, but are not allowed to play football or hockey. James himself played football in high school as a way to escape the dangers of the inner city. He just doesn’t find it necessary to put such young children in such a physically demanding sport.

Employee Fired for Serving Booze to a Toddler

A mix-up has cost a Colorado employee their job. Apparently, the chain known as Joe’s Crab Shack has two drinks with similar names on the menu. One is called a Shark Nibble – a kid’s beverage and one is called a Shark Bite – and contains alcohol. Both are topped with a toy plastic shark, which obviously, just adds to the confusion.

Joe’s Crab Shack has held the employee responsible accountable and since has relieved them of their duties. Apparently, a round of the alcoholic Shark Bites were served to the table of six children ages 2-8 instead of the kid’s version the Shark Nibble. And while the children sat and downed their drinks, the family was not informed of the mix-up until approximately a half hour later.

No one has been charged in this underage drinking case. However, it seems that not only should Joe’s take action against the employee involved, but I agree with Bruce Levenson on this one that Joe’s should shoulder a little bit of the responsibility themselves. After all, having a kid’s drink and an alcoholic drink with such similar names and toys on top, seems to be a recipe for disaster.

Terrell Suggs Dirty Play

If you are a NFL fan, you are quite aware of the rivalry between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Baltimore Ravens. It’s one of the biggest rivalries in the league and it’s quite evident as you watch the two teams play. It’s always a hard fought battle with a few fights and lots of words being exchanged between the players. These two teams known for their defenses but Baltimore is also known for playing a little bit dirty, sorry Sultan I had to say it.

Since Ray Rice has retired, Terrell Suggs has now become that hated guy. He’s always had a bit of hate for the Steelers which he made known in an interview with former Steelers’ wide receiver Hines Ward. He dislikes Ward so much he won’t even speak his name. So it’s no wonder the hit he delivered to running back Blount in Sunday nights game is being called dirty. According to ESPN, Suggs hit Blount low and late. He was flagged 15 yards for unnecessary roughness. Steelers believe Suggs should be fined for his actions.