There are some who believe George Soros is someone who causes people to be afraid. George Soros is one of a few top financial gurus in the democratic party that organizes movements across the country so they can make a case for a change in government policies. George Soros has been active in the financial and philanthropy worlds.

George Soros is estimated to be worth $25 billion and has given millions of dollars to groups that attempted to prevent President George W. Bush’s to win reelection. George Soros was vocal about the Iraq War and thus set up several PACs to prevent Bush to be able to continue the Iraq war. Soros has been fighting to bring democratic reform in America and nations across the world. Soros has kept that fight going by donating millions of dollars to organizations that share his concerns and causes.

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Because of his support of certain causes the left has targeted him through various political attack campaigns and the constant share of conspiracy theories. While Soros continues to be attacked, he points out that he is not the only billionaire who has funded a political party. Republican hedge fund billionaire Robert Mercer has contributed millions of dollars to super PAC “Make America Number One” and offered public-opinion research. Read more on

George Soros is best known for creating the Open Society Foundations, where he serves as founder and chairman. While George Soros has become very wealthy, he has given more than $12 billion dollars to various people and programs that fight for freedom of expression and hold governments accountable. His giving has supported groups in Europe that have been ignored for years including drug users, sex workers and the LGBT people.

Soros’ Open Society Foundations connects foundations, partners and projects across the globe and in more than 100 countries. The foundation’s ideology is based on the book ‘Open Society and its Enemies’ which Soros first read at the London School of Economics. The book argued that societies can thrive when they support democratic governance, freedom of expression and respect individual rights. Read his profile at Business Insider.

George Soros’ first act of philanthropy was in 1979, where he gave scholarships to black South Africans who were living under apartheid, and after the Berlin Wall fell, he built the Central European University, which it prides itself on being a place that helps stir critical thinking. Soros also did philanthropy work with numerous former Soviet Union states.