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Do You Want To Find Some Clients Through Social Media? Edwin Miranda Can Help

The world is filled with people say they want help. However, there is a difference between someone who pretends to want help and someone who needs it. Edwin Miranda can help you find the people who do want help on social media with some expert advice.

1) Start monitoring the situation. The first thing to notice is the hashtag, according to Edwin Miranda. Anyone who genuinely needs help from a consultant will use right hashtag. You should familiarize yourself with hashtags and how people use them. It should be pretty easy to sort of the right people once you know which hashtags are correct. Hashtags play a big role in social media. However, sometimes people overuse them, sending out a mixed message. Pay attention to clear messages, and not the mixed bag.

2) You have to treat social media as a cocktail party, according to Edwin Miranda. Send out a message with someone who is looking for help. Establish a dialogue with them before you go for the “hardcore sell.” Cold-calling is a dead end, whether on the phone or online, according to Edwin Miranda. You might turn someone off before you can establish if they need help or not. That is why you need to engage in simple dialogue before going to the main course.

3) LinkedIn is a great place to start your search too. I have seen a lot of people posting adverts detailing the help they need. Create an account and start looking. Some people are going to be too shy to ask for it out loud. That is why you sometimes have to bait the fish, as it were.

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Talkspace Gives Clients a Better Therapy Platform

Talkspace is unlike any other type of therapy available for people who are in different situations. The Talkspace app gives people a chance to talk with a therapist, but they can do it in a situation where they feel comfortable. As long as Talkspace does what they can to help people, they feel they’re making a difference for the world of therapy. It’s important to the company to always try different things so people can learn more about the therapy that’s available. Instead of the company worrying about different options patients might not like, Talkspace knows they can help them understand the positive interactions that come from the way they talk to therapists. It’s important to the company to give back to people who need help since their main focus is giving people the chance to feel better about their mental health.

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Talking with a therapist is an important part of the therapy process. People who want o feel better from their mental health issues can try different things to make them have a better experience. They can also do what they need to do to make things better and that’s what allows Talkspace the chance to continue helping patients. The idea behind the app isn’t to make things harder for patients. Instead, it’s a chance for more people to try to get the help they need.

Instead of people worrying about the issues that can come from therapy, they can have a chance at a better experience with a therapist. Talkspace uses therapists who are trained in text therapy and that’s what helps them connect with patients. Since they have the chance to help even more people, they feel good about giving them the right solutions to their issues. By doing this, they focus on how they can help and what they need to give back. Everything that happens is what makes things easier so more people will continue experiencing the positive affects of a therapist. It is helpful for people who want to make the most out of their lives and live a happy, normal life despite mental illness.

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Agera Energy Offers Consumers Smart Energy Plans

Agera Energy has been a proud member of the Frederick County Chamber of Commerce since 2018. The Chamber of Commerce has consistently worked hard to help improve local businesses, education, government, nonprofits and other organizations within Frederick County in hopes to encourage more positive community growth. Agera Energy has provided many local businesses in Frederick County with the right choice of energy plans for their everyday business needs. The reputable company has also serviced over 1.8 million customers across the United States with cost-effective electric, natural gas and renewable energy plans.

Established in 2014, Agera Energy is a privately held company based in Briarcliff Manor, New York. According to Bloomberg, Agera Energy is currently led by Mr. Jeremy E. Schupp, who serves as the new chief executive officer after departing Aspirity Holdings back in 2016. The retail energy supplier is well-known for offering smart energy solutions for residential, industrial and commercial customers nationwide. Over the years, many homeowners and businesses have opted for the company’s smart LED Lighting Solutions plan. This plan allows for their customers to receive a full installation of efficient LED lighting that is conveniently funded through their monthly energy bill.

Agera Energy’s LED fixtures can reduce carbon dioxide emissions and are also entirely free of mercury, glass and heavy metals. By utilizing this cost-effective solution, consumers can help reduce energy usage by up to 20 percent, as well as increase sustainability efforts for their businesses. The company offers rewarding careers to many driven individuals that are looking to forward to be a part of their ever-growing team of professionals. Some of the wonderful positions they are offering include marketing, finance, legal and compliance, the IT department, supply and sales. As of today, Agera Energy is one of the fastest-growing retail energy suppliers in the United States.

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Fortress Investment Group Acquisition Deal

Softbank was founded in the 1990s it majorly dealt with the selling of pc software. From those decades the firm has been venturing from one business to another while progressively growing and gaining global recognition as one of the leading players in a wide range of industries.

Softbank has hit the news highlights again by making a clear move that nobody saw it coming by acquiring 3.3 billion investment of Fortress Group which is one of the largest asset management firms. The deal is a remarkable big deal from Softbank which is yet to fuel the Fortress Investment for its next stage of development.

Besides striking the big acquisition deal, it’s unfortunate that Softbank will not be able to have control over Fortress Investment day to day operations. As a matter of fact, and also to clear out conflicts Softbank has agreed to stay away from issues concerning management activities of the Fortress Investment Group.

By doing this, the soft bank has shown prudence and also the firm recognizes the fact that Fortress Investment Group paved its way to success by having their room for setting objectives and making own decisions.

This formulae of self-management by Fortress Group has proven to be effective over the years, and it is also for the same reason Softbank has shown interest to work with the leading investment group by making the 3.3 billion purchase which is yet to appreciate immense returns. Fortress Investment Group got its fame back in 2007 when the first public traded private equity firm in the US.

The achievement created waves in both the private equity world and the financial industry. After the acquisition deal has gone through, Fortress Investment Group has become the first private equity firm to be removed from the New York stock exchange.

Many firms regard this delisting as a loss of status, but things turn out to be different for Fortress Investment Group since its top management is reported to claim its return to the private organization will create room for pursuing their long-term goals.

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Edwin Miranda The Marketing Guru

Edwin Miranda was born in 1981. The retired footballer from Salvadoran is the current CEO and founder of KOI IXS. Edwin Miranda heads a marketing agency that provided all marketing services. When giving an interview at ideamencsh, he said that a normal for him begins at 5.30 when he wakes up to check his news feed and messages from his clients and employees.

He then takes light breakfast and proceeds to run for thirty minutes on his stationary bike. After this, he spends time with his wife and then takes his kids to school before attending his daily meetings at 7.30 am.

Edwin Miranda stated that what brought KOI alive were the passion he had and the immense desire to see his dream come into reality. He started company KOI when he was only twenty-one. According to him for success to occur one must be passionate about what they are doing. Edwin Miranda also added that he has always been a fan of attribution and predictive marketing since it enables him to deliver bottom-line results for his clients.

Edwin Miranda is also a big fan of programmatic advertising. He says that this is a trend that is growing faster even compared to social media and phone marketing. This trend enables marketers to approach every customer differently and also send them messages that are personalized by the customers’ interests and likes.

The challenge with this type of advertising is actual humans might not view that marketer’s digital ads. This is a massive problem since the marketers will be wasting their budget and time. At times marketers find themselves in a position where they do not know the different sites their ads are on due to lack of transparency.

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Stream Energy Cares About its Community

Stream Energy never fails to jump in and help out when they can. They have used money that they have acquired from its successful business sales to invest in helping others. Corporate philanthropy is a big part of their philosophy, and they recently launched their “Stream Cares” foundation to reach out to those in need. When Hurricane Harvey struck in Texas, they used their resources to help those who had lost everything, including their hope.

Stream Energy is just one of many examples of corporate companies with a heart and America overall is very generous and giving. In 2016 alone, nearly $19 billion was donated to charities in America as well as in other countries. However, according to WalletHub, Texas is one of the least generous states so this is a good way to get the ball rolling.

Stream Energy has partnered with Hope Supply Company, and together they have covered the entrance fee and meal costs for over 1,000 homeless children in Dallas with the annual Splash for Hope. Hope Supply Co. provides essentials such as diapers, clothing, school supplies, and more to homeless children in the Dallas area.

Stream Energy is all about helping others, and they also support the veterans and their families in the Dallas-area. With Operation Once in a Lifetime, Stream Energy provides financial and moral support to the veterans and hosts a December meal fit for a king at a high-end Texas restaurant. They also co-host the American Girl Doll Experience for ten lucky daughters of military members.

Stream Energy loves their community and is doing all that it can to lift Dallas up through passion, generosity, and by helping the disadvantaged and less fortunate. Philanthropy and leadership play a very big role in the business of the company, and they’re aware of the problems that plagues the Dallas area such as homelessness. Instead of turning a blind eye, the company has decided to make a difference in the lives of those who need the most help. Homelessness has increased by 24% in Dallas, and Stream associates are always looking for ways to help.

New Residential Investment Corp. Has Experienced Impressive Growth Over The Past Five Years:

A focus on investment into residential mortgage loans, mortgage servicing rights of an excess nature and servicer advances has been the guiding focus for real estate investment trust New Residential Investment Corp. New Residential Investment Corp. is notably for the fact that it actively manages its investments as well. The expertise that the active team members at New Residential Investment Corp. possess is leveraged in order to bring strong investment returns to the company’s shareholders. Bringing shareholders growing dividends is also a primary focus. In order to accomplish this, the company is noted for targetting assets that have proven to consistently generate a stable and long term cash flow by employing capital structures of a conservative nature. At the head of the New Residential Investment Corp. business model is its esteemed Chief Executive Officer and President Michael Nierenberg. Michael has held these titles since 2013. The 2016 calendar year also saw him named as the New Residential Investment Corp. Chairman of the Board of Directors.

New Residential Investment Corp. has its origins as a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp. but 2013 saw the company move to the status of a separate publically-traded firm. Renowned alternative asset management operation Fortress Investment Group provides management services for New Residential through one of its affiliates. The company has been on a steady and upward trajectory of success since the 2013 date that it became a separate, publically traded entity.

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OSI Group CEO Sheldon Lavin : The Man In Charge Of Your Food

Food industry leader and Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin is considered to be one of the most revered and successful businessmen in the world. OSI Group led by CEO Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald is the fastest growing food provider in the world. OSI under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin is stationed in 17 countries and employs over 200,000 employees all across the globe. The international growth seen lately is considered to be the result of the leadership of Sheldon Lavin himself. We recently sat down with Mr.Lavin to speak a little more about the attributes that made him such a success as well as his vision for the future of OSI Group.

How did you get involved in the food industry?

Mr.Lavin states that his involvement came in the form of a hired consultant for OSI Group when the company was planning on establishing a plant in the Chicago area. Quickly becoming one of the most trusted and knowledgable advisors would lead him to become Chief Executive Officer of the company.

Can you elaborate on the Family culture within OSI Group?

The family culture is deeply rooted within the company, says Mr.Lavin. furthermore. for the company this isn’t simply a phrase, Mr.Lavin states that he informs his employees to call him by his first name and when it comes time for lunch, everyone has lunch together, from executive to lower level employees.

What is your hopes for OSI Group in the future?

Mr.Lavin comments that if he ever chooses to retire he hopes that the company goes to the “Nth” degree in relating to operations. He further states that he is confident that the company holds some of the best leaders and most talented employees.

Mr.Lavin ended our interview by stating that first and foremost the focus of the company will always be the wellbeing of their employees.

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Products That Make Money

When deciding on your next job, it can be challenging to choose a profession after considering the extensive education and requirements needed to make a living to support you and your family. Being highly educated traditionally translates into higher incomes because you are more specialized within a field. But there is one area of business that has two main components that can be utilized and continuously honed from the first day on the job. The business is sales, and the qualities are perseverance and a belief in a product.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis love to work. They tried retiring three times and it just never seemed to stick. They enjoy the interactions that come from sales and working with sales teams. This drive is what brought them to their fourth business, which is proving to be immensely successful. It is called Jeunesse Global. It researches and puts to market a wide range of health and beauty products using advances in stem cell research combined with unique combinations of natural ingredients.

This has been a winning formula for them, but especially for their sales representatives. The product representatives are seeing they are offering a product they can believe in. Using advanced science with natural ingredients is an easy sell. And the process of selling is easy too. Each individual can sell from his or her home at a time that works best. This translates to increased opportunities for sales for the company due to fewer restrictions. Also, the representatives can provide the products to customers without having to set up time consuming and expensive relationships with traditional retailers. This means more products reach the market, again with no restrictions. Sellers in every part of the globe are taking advantage of selling to their local communities and can continuously hone their skills in the process.

For Jeunesse, offering the right products is integral. They offer a wide range of products from vitamins to hair shampoo and conditioner. Each product is produced with the latest knowledge from the company’s on-board doctors and product specialists in order to provide a winning formula that works for customers. There are products such as Naara, a collagen rejuvenation formula, or M1ND, a memory enhancement gel. There is the NV, a line of makeup products geared to maintain healthier skin. There is even the energy drink NEO, a natural energy booster that uses all-natural ingredients.

These products are bringing success to Randy and Wendy and sales teams. Randy and Wendy are proud to see success in representatives from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds. They see how the right products allow people to provide for their families and have hope for a better future.

All it took was a drive to sell products they could all believe in, and the perseverance to make it happen. No college required.

How to Stay Productive With Unroll Me

Unroll Me is a free app that helps better organize your life by unsubscribing you from those subscriptions that you no longer want or need. By staying on these email lists, you only clutter the email box, diminish productivity, and add unnecessary security risks to the day. This app is easy-to-use and lets you control what is removed and what stays. Since its 2011 inception, thousands of people around the world have used the app and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

Along with unsubscribing you from the lists that you no longer wish to receive, Unroll Me subscribers can rollup all the subscriptions they keep so it is placed into a file that is accessible when you want to see the information. This minimizes the clutter in the email box as well as the potential loss of productivity as you get lost in the mail that doesn’t really pertain to your workflow. This app takes care of many services at once, saving you considerable time and headache.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenthal started the Unroll Me app in 2011. Jojo got the idea after he was bombarded with emails that took a lot of time from his day and depleted his productivity level. Although he knew that other unsubscriber services were out there, he knew that he could create one that did things a little bit differently and a whole lot better. Many people agree that the app is unique and better than many of the rest out there.

There are many other ways to add productivity to your day and save time. For instance, you can schedule one time per day to check your email rather than have it open all day long. You can use VPN to browse the net as well, which protects the anonymity of the software your company uses. But, it is essential that a program like Unroll Me is a part of the way that you do things. It’s helped so many people break free from cluttered email and can do the same for your needs, too!,2817,2492112,00.asp