College Sports

SC State Shutting Down


The athletic programs at SC State along with the rest of the school are shutting down. The state house has voted to shutter the school because it is essentially bankrupt. There was no willingness for the school to make the cuts that needed to be made, and an appalling 14% of students graduate on time. That is not the formula for a good school, and it is certainly not the formula for a school that is going to have any athletics at it.

There are many ways to look at this, but the most obvious one is through the lens of HBCUs said Marc Sparks. Many of these schools are struggling to stay afloat, and their cherished athletics programs may have to go. There might come a time when Grambling cannot sustain the program that Eddie Robinson won all those games with. There may be a time when FAMU will not be able to sustain any of their teams including the marching band. This is an epidemic that is going to sweep across all these institutions if they are not willing to make changes, and it seems as though SC State was not willing to make those changes soon enough to save the school.

Stanford Wins Foster Farms Bowl


Stanford was able to trounce Maryland 45-21 in the Foster Farms Bowl to cap another good season. The Cardinals were not the best team in the Pac 12 this year, but they still has a good year under David Shaw who has managed to maintain the level of success Jim Harbaugh brought to the table.

Maryland has been adjusting to moving to the Big Ten, and this game did not go well for them as they ran into a Pac 12 opponent that knows how to score. Anyone who watched the game knows that Stanford has their foot on the gas all day, and they never let up at any point. Maryland has a brilliant return for a touchdown, but there was not much else they could do to stop Stanford. The team was able to keep pushing for 60 minutes, and they quickly scored their 45 points while simply holding Maryland at bay.

Stanford fan and supporter Dr. Rod Rohrich thinks that Stanford University has proved that they are a team to be reckoned with, but no one can tell what Maryland wants to be. They have improved, but they are not back to levels that they were at under Ralph Friedgen. They need to come up with a new identity for the 2015 season.

Tide Doesn’t Roll

Alabama and the Crimson Tide have been called a college football dynasty that is currently still operating in that dynasty time period. They have clearly been the best team in football over the last handful of years, taking championship after championship with head coach Nick Saban.

However, those times have come to an end, as they lost last night to the Ohio State Buckeyes, who will now be going heads up against the Oregon Ducks to determine who takes the title. There has been a ton of controversy this year around the league as they have adopted a new mini playoff series that will elect a National Champion, rather than just a bowl game to determine the winner, as I learned for the first time on ImgFave. It has proven to be effective already, as the fourth seed Ohio State Buckeyes shocked the world last night and took down Alabama by a touchdown that left them ecstatic and hoping to bring the championship back to the state of Ohio, and that’s who Igor Cornelsen has been rooting for.

Although it was a very good game that looked like Alabama was going to win early on, the Buckeyes fought back hard throughout the game and started to capitalize on the forced and unforced turnovers that were plaguing Alabama in the second half. In the end, the Buckeyes sat a touchdown ahead of Alabama as the clock ran out, putting them in the driver’s seat to win a National Title in the final game of the season.

A&M Cans Assistant Who Hit West Virginia Players

A student assistant who was once on the A&M team was hitting West Virginia players as they came off the sideline on plays during their bowl game. This assistant was caught on video throwing multiple punches at these players, and A&M let him go yesterday. This was a necessary measure for Kevin Sumlin as he tries to recover from his worst season as head coach at A&M. The team did not perform up to expectations, and they were not able to cash in on the buzz they got from Johnny Manziel. Also, the team has shown that it has a hard time keeping itself under control when it is off the field.

Lawyer Sam Tabar comments that these off the field problems came on the field, and they involved someone who was on the coaching staff. The problems at A&M seem to go deeper than people making bad decisions. The team looks like it had a complete lack of self control, and this is something that Sumlin will have to address if he wants to have a good season next year or even keep his job. No one should be throwing punches in a football game, and those punches should never come from someone who is standing on the sidelines.