It is hard to deny the various social, political, and environmental issues that exist in our world today. To make a real and positive difference requires action, and that is exactly what Avaaz is all about.

Avaaz was founded in January 2007 by Ricken Patel, Tom Pravda, and Tom Perriello. It has spent the past 10 years at the forefront of positive change. In many Asian and European languages, Avaaz means “Voice,” and has become the voice of thousands of individuals who make private donations to the organization. Avaaz encourages diversity by the many walks of life that rally to their cause. Supporters of the organization can sometimes campaign in as many as 15 different languages. Many practices within Avaaz can range from petitions to online email chains to raise awareness on a given issue and read full article.

Avaaz has a very democratic approach to what issues to prioritize by posting member based polls to vote on. Issues with the highest amount of votes are focused on more than issues with a lower amount of votes. The belief behind this approach is to keep out external funding from bigger corporations government organizations to avoid becoming dictated into shifting their priorities to top donors. This keeps the focus on the needs of the average individual.

There have been numerous achievements and victories that Avaaz has played a crucial role, such as the fight against internet censorship and decreasing the use of fossil fuels across the globe. Ten years and going strong, Avaaz has only scratched the surface of what is possible and continues to strive for the change that will lead to a better tomorrow and more information click here.