Eva Moskowitz founded the largest charter school network, Success Academy Charter Schools, which is producing outstanding results in terms of education and co-circular activities for the children. Out of the total schools in New York with the highest proficiency scores, 50% are from the Success Academy network. These numbers have greater importance since most of the students from Success Academy come from low-income families.

Eva Moskowitz was born and brought up in Manhattan. She went to the Stuyvesant High School and realised during her last years that most of her teachers were incompetent to teach the students. She found out that most of her friends passed the exams by cheating and the principal used to cover it up. She then went to the University of Pennsylvania to earn her B.A. honors in History and then received her Ph.D. degree in America History from the prestigious Johns Hopkins University. She started her career as a professor at the University of Virginia, Vanderbilt University and the City University of New York. She later ran for city council in New York City which she won. She then joined the education committee to bring changes to the system and spend years to transform the public schools for the betterment.
Eva Moskowitz started Success Academy not just to provide kids from low-income families with an opportunity to get a quality education, but to provide the parents with a better parental choice when it comes to the education of their children. The education program that she runs at Success Academy is not entirely academic. She wants to ensure that the students have high morals and can improve their public speaking, art and sporting skills. She intends to make the curriculum more engaging so that the students can enjoy the time that they spend in school learning. She is of the belief that the entire country needs to raise the standard of education to produce successful men and women.
Eva Moskowitz has supported the need to provide parents with the freedom to choose what is best for their kids. It is her belief that parents are not given enough credit by the government and should be given the opportunity to pick the school that can offer their children well all round education. Eva already has 41 schools with 14,000 students under her Success Academy but aims to expand to at least 100 more schools in the coming decade. She wants to travel to those areas where there are no good schools, not just for education but also for extra-circular studies.

In one of her recent interview, Eva Moskowitz spoke about the need for better teacher training programs in the country. She thinks that the current teacher training program is not appropriate to provide proper education to the students and prepare them for the real world. It is not just about the content that is taught to the children; it should also be about child development. The teachers should be taught to understand their students, not just academically, but also emotionally and socially. Only then, will they be able to do a fantastic job with the students. Eva wants better reforms in the teacher’s programs in the country.