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The Working Spirit of Betsy DeVos

From what you hear about Betsy DeVos in the newspapers or on television, you can clearly see an agenda opposed to the Secretary of Education.

I took the initiative to further conduct research on Mrs. DeVos and what I discovered was a woman who’s committed her lifelong career to propel the excellence of young minds.

Secretary DeVos’s career in education has spanned for nearly 30 years. Her source of inspiration comes from her mother, who was an educator, and the number of educators that continually push for school-choice. Visit Betsy’s profile page on

For a large portion of her educational career, DeVos mentored disadvantaged children in the Public-School System to which she credits being the root to all her successes. Her main fight has been to push states to allow freedom of choice for parents and to try and break the common core initiative.

DeVos first began working towards her goals of implementing school choice by creating a foundation which offered scholarships to poor families. Though marginally successful, DeVos knew that she could apply these methods in a larger frame of mind.

DeVos was a member of American Education Reform Council and Children First America, charities that aimed to expand school choice via voucher programs and tax credits.

DeVos is the husband of Dick DeVos whose father founded Amway. Both Betsy and Dick have been central figures in the Michigan state-legislature helping to pass the State’s first charter school bill. They also unsuccessfully tried to allow tax credit scholarships or vouchers in the State.

Dick DeVos also ran unsuccessfully as the Governor of Michigan on the Republican ticket. The spouses have been Staunch Republicans supporters and have been influential in the state of Michigan for years.

They also formed a Political Action Committee called the American Federation for Children (AFC). At the height of DeVos’s influence she has seen many great advancements in states such as Florida, Louisiana. and Indiana whose policies have implemented tax-credit scholarships for parents to have school choice.

Throughout President Trump’s campaign he had been openly critical of Common Core and threw support around the idea of school choice to which Betsy DeVos soon became the ideal candidate. She secured the position as the 11th Secretary of Education in the United States by a narrow margin in the Senate. Read more articles at MLive about Betsy.

For most of DeVos’s detractors, it is easy to evade one’s rich story when they are inclined to focus solely on one’s policies. The idea behind Betsy DeVos’s mission could not have been framed overnight.

I am personally more inclined to trust a public servant who has a deep ambition in carrying out their vision, whether I agree with them or not than someone that speaks only to appease the masses.

Jeffry Schneider: A Successful Investor Who Believes in Helping People

There is a lot that can be said about a brilliant and giving man like Jeffry Schneider. Not only is he a successful investor who has built a billion dollar company from the ground up, but he is also one of the most giving people anyone might ever know. As CEO and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC., he heads up the company and focuses on alternative investment opportunities. He believes that alternative investments are a great way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings and his company has grown rapidly from only two employees to now having over thirty. By working with 250 investment advisors, countless family offices, and over fifty broker dealers, the capital raised by Jeffry Schneider and team is used to purchase auto dealerships, tech companies, real estate, and more.

Before Ascendant, Jeffry Schneider, who has over 24 years now in the financial services industry, spent time with high-class firms, such as, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smoth Barney. He also worked for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management, and while there he built relationships with hedge fund managers to make sure that they were the right kinds of clients for the firms he worked for. He also learned a lot about alternative investments and became the go-to-guy for them.

Jeffry Schneider is a philanthropist of epic proportions and has supported a long list of charitable organizations and causes that lift people up and help them in their greatest times of need. Jeffry feels that life is meaningless without helping other people, and he wants to use the profit he makes to its fullest by investing in people’s happiness and well being. Among the many organizations that Jeffry has donated his time and money to are the Gazelle Foundation, Gods Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, and Cherokee Home for Children. He plans on continuing to give to people whenever and wherever he can and, in fact, enjoys traveling around the world to do so. His interest in people includes the travels he takes to learn about different cultures by being involved in them. Jeffry Schneider is a wonderful man and contact him.

Andy Wirth, The Founder, And Owner Of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Manages To Prevent The Olympic Valley Incorporation.

The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings boss, Andy Wirth is in a celebration mood after he successfully managed yo have the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion dropped. He says that he had dedicated a lot of his tome and money fighting this Olympic Valley Incorporation motion dropped, and it is a relief that he has finally succeeded. He says that he and the Lake Tahoe community who depend on the Olympic Valley for economic support would be greatly affected. The Olympic Valley is among the top tourist destination in North America. The valley is prominently known for it’s great skiing terrain. Most of the tourists who visit the valley are skiers looking for a place to enjoy their holidays while skiing.

Andy Wirth says that the Olympic Valley Incorporation was going to subject the region to higher taxes. The higher taxes imposed on the areas p businesses would be reflected in the rise of goods and service in the area. Andy Wirth says that an increase in prices of goods and services would not put them in a competitive position with other destinations. He also said that most tourists in the area would be scared off by the high prices and would opt for cheaper destinations. The incorporation was going to cripple the economy of this area. This motion was also going to cut the area off services like regular road maintenance and snow road clearing.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, Andy Wirth adds that they opposed the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion as it came at a time when the region was facing a four-year drought. This drought had greatly affected business in the Lake Tahoe region. Resorts and other supporting businesses that depended on the resorts and tourism, in general, were forced to close down. The economy of the region had crashed as very few tourists were visiting the area, and they were not enough to keep the region’s economic fire burning.

Andy Wirth is a great man who is very successful in various aspects of his life. He is a great sportsman with a big heart for skydiving. He is also a great philanthropist who has founded many charity organizations in his life. He focuses his philanthropic efforts on supporting and helping Navy Seals servicemen. He is the founder of an Ironman team charity organization known as Wounded Warrior Support. This Ironman team is made up of his Navy Seals friends whom he met during their training at Olympic Valley. He is also the founder of the Crowdrise campaign, a charity organization that raises money to support the Navy Seals Foundation in its philanthropic course.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal

The Most Admirable Man in Michigan state: Dick DeVos

“Wealth comes from how much that you give.” I am one of the believers of such a saying. The society appreciates people who give to the less fortunate or for a good cause such as education. The amount of money that you can contribute to a charitable cause shows the kind of man that you are. Dick DeVos is one of the most charitable men in the state of Michigan. I admire his works and his ability to donate through his foundations. Together with his wife, Betsy, they have been able to donate funds into their organizations that help various people in Michigan and out of the state. During 2013, an IRS report indicates that he donated $7 million through his foundation. The donations were ranging from $250 to $1 million. Moreover, it was going to help people in schools, art centers, hospitals and the community and in faith based organizations. The money from his foundations has helped improved some of the public schools in the district. Additionally, it has made an impact at Great State Valley University where he has been donating for a few years. I think his charitable works makes him an admirable man in Michigan. He is the first to celebrate his community’s advances and has supported them throughout the years financially, and in turn the community loves him back.

Congratulations to all the local residents and businesses who work hard to make West Michigan an incredible place to live, work, and visit!

Posted by Dick DeVos on Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dick DeVos comes from Michigan and is the son of Richard Devos (who was the co-founder of Amway Corporation). He is married to Elizabeth DeVos and they have four children. He has worked for Amway Corporation since 1974 to early 1990s where he performed various duties within the organization. In 1984, became the Vice President for the company. He helped to spearhead it into an international corporation with presence in 18 countries. However, when the family acquired National Basketball’s Association in 1991, he moved to the company and became the president and CEO. However, his stay was short-lived when he left his position at the association and rejoined his father in his company. He became the new president and CEO in 1993 before leaving to start his own business. Learn more about Dick’s career by connecting with him on his LinkedIn profile.

He has played a significant role in the politics of Michigan. Considering he is a wealthy man, he ran his own campaigns when he was vying for the governor for the state. Unfortunately, he lost to Jennifer Granholm in 2006. 
After the elections, he has continued to play roles in donations and the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation. One of his foundations offers scholarships to students who wish to pursue MA, MBA or MSc. He focuses more on students who hail from developing nations.