There has been a lot of speculation of late about the future prospects of Phillip Rivers the San Diego QB with more passion for winning than virtually all of the other 52 players on his team. However, he has never proven to be the leader that will get them over that proverbial hump and this has led some of the fan base to believe it’s time to move on. Now with the loss of the RB Ryan Mathews going to the Saints it would seem the 12 year veteran will once again be leading a backfield that is only mediocre. Which means Dan Newlin thinks that the team will have to rely on his arm and their legitimate Wide Receivers of Johnson and Floyd.

Of course it is fun to speculate about the future of the bolts, and let the rumor mills fly with the new NFL stadium being built up the road in Los Angeles. Couple that with the other teams possibly wanting to move in i.e. the St Louis Rams and Oakland Raiders and now you have three teams not happy with their current location and all wanting a bigger market and really bigger stadiums to generate revenue. But let’s get back to Rivers and his future…the truth is he will not stay around forever, he has been unable to reach the Promised Land, and it is unlikely the current understudies are long term solutions for his replacement. Maybe drafting Mariota and starting to groom him for a couple of years may not be so bad…maybe even in their new stadium!