The world of marketing would never be what it was a couple of years ago. That was the time when image recognition technology was still in the fetal stage and not as popular as it is now. It was also the time when private labels were unheard of. However, in the current times, both these things are demonstrating the changing face of fashion, food and other industries. National brands are falling behind while private labels are slowly inching into consumers’ hearts, winning loyalty with their quality products and affordable prices.

How do these two trends feature together and why should private labels care for this technology? Read on to know more –

Retailers Choose Private Labels Because Of Bigger Margins, Image Recognition Can Help To Deliver Them To End Customers – As compared to 25% margin with big brands, food retailers tend to make around 35% with private labels. This is the reason why more retailers are pushing to include private labels in their fashion and food collection. However, in order for the word to reach far and wide, retailers need image recognition technology that can effortlessly let the consumer know about the retail stores housing these labels.

Consumers Want Variety In Fashion That Both Private Labels and Image Recognition Can Offer – It is not a secret that private labels have less obstructions in their communication flow because of their small size, and as such, they are able to innovate much faster than big, national brands. Image recognition can aid such consumers in this quest to find the private label with the most variety. This technology can also ensure that private labels get the popularity they deserve.

Affordability and Marketability Works In Favor Of Both Private Labels and Image Recognition Technology – Ultimately, private labels are preferred because they satisfy the cost criteria and image recognition technology too is extremely affordable at this stage. This partnership is, thus, made in heaven and is bound to work for everyone.

Slyce is a leading company in image recognition and has the support of various big and small brands. Bigger brands that want to reestablish brand loyalty and small brands that finally want to get a chance to compete with the big names can use the superior technology of Slyce to make a mark on the industry. This company has the professional expertise and, most importantly, imagination to make marketing a dream with their app of image recognition technology. Reaching the end consumer has never been this easy.