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Jason Hope Provides his Outlook on the Future

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the next big in the tech industry. He has already distinguished himself as one of the knowledgeable futurists in the world. The Internet of Things applies to when various devices are connected and can communicate with each other. It will essentially include all appliances, devices, cars, and even street lights. Hope believes that some of the biggest investments that various companies will make will involve the Internet of Things. This is because the market is huge and has the potential to become a trillion dollar industry and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

The technology has many advantages. This is why many enterprises are looking into it. Hope envisions that smaller companies will be pulled in because of the significant shift that major companies will undergo. Many devices will be connected. They will be able to send and collect data. There will be fierce competition in the industry over the next few years. Companies will try to outwit each other and see who can come up with the best Apps for consumers. Everything will eventually be automated as consumers begin to adopt this technology and more information click here.

Jason Hope said that the biggest reason for embracing the Internet of Things is the elimination of waste. The connected devices will be aware of the amount of energy that they use. They will only consume energy when it is needed. It also has the potential to make us safer by improving public transportation. It has helped in the maintenance of trains and the mapping of routes so that buses avoid dangerous roads and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope is a futurist, a technology investor, and a philanthropist. He went to Arizona University and graduated with a Finance degree. Hope has an MBA from the Carey School of Business at the same university. He runs a program that funds high school and university students who have business ideas but do not have the capital. His philanthropic initiatives are directed towards programs and charities that improve the community. Hope is a supporter of the SENS Foundation. The foundation seeks to improve life by developing anti-aging therapies.

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Jeffry Schneider: A Successful Investor Who Believes in Helping People

There is a lot that can be said about a brilliant and giving man like Jeffry Schneider. Not only is he a successful investor who has built a billion dollar company from the ground up, but he is also one of the most giving people anyone might ever know. As CEO and founder of Ascendant Capital LLC., he heads up the company and focuses on alternative investment opportunities. He believes that alternative investments are a great way to reduce volatility and diversify holdings and his company has grown rapidly from only two employees to now having over thirty. By working with 250 investment advisors, countless family offices, and over fifty broker dealers, the capital raised by Jeffry Schneider and team is used to purchase auto dealerships, tech companies, real estate, and more.

Before Ascendant, Jeffry Schneider, who has over 24 years now in the financial services industry, spent time with high-class firms, such as, Merrill Lynch, Alex Brown, and Smoth Barney. He also worked for Paradigm Global Advisors and Axiom Capital Management, and while there he built relationships with hedge fund managers to make sure that they were the right kinds of clients for the firms he worked for. He also learned a lot about alternative investments and became the go-to-guy for them.

Jeffry Schneider is a philanthropist of epic proportions and has supported a long list of charitable organizations and causes that lift people up and help them in their greatest times of need. Jeffry feels that life is meaningless without helping other people, and he wants to use the profit he makes to its fullest by investing in people’s happiness and well being. Among the many organizations that Jeffry has donated his time and money to are the Gazelle Foundation, Gods Love We Deliver, Wonders and Worries, Camp Honey Creek’s Summer Dream Program, and Cherokee Home for Children. He plans on continuing to give to people whenever and wherever he can and, in fact, enjoys traveling around the world to do so. His interest in people includes the travels he takes to learn about different cultures by being involved in them. Jeffry Schneider is a wonderful man and contact him.

Bruce Levenson: A Man With Multiple Hats To Wear

If there’s anyone that can be said to be wearing a few hats on his head, with a several feathers attached, it’s Bruce Levenson. Moreover, it looks as if he is acquiring more hats as each passes goes by.

More commonly recognized as the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, Bruce Levenson is one American entrepreneur extraordinaire, several times over, and a world-renowned philanthropist.

Bruce Levenson’s Early Trajectory

Having founded several enterprises from his own apartment living room, his amazing trajectory began with the publication of a simple newsletter, Oil Express, that had a primary focus on the latest developments in the oil industry.

Resulting in the founding of the United Communications Group (UCG), along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977, UCG later acquired other additional newsletters and launched other databases as well. Making all the right moves, Bruce Levenson also became a founding board member of the publicly traded media-oriented TechTarget company.

UCG, a privately held business IT company specializing in the distribution of data for healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology and telecommunications, also owns another company named Gas Buddy.

As an industry achievement, Levenson and Peskowitz received recognition from the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 for their joint work and production results under the UCG banner.

Philanthropic Endeavors

According to Time Magazine, Levenson, along with his wife Karen, and their three sons, all reside in Atlanta and Potomac, Maryland and have dedicated themselves to developing various charitable organizations. Among the organizations is the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, the SEED Foundation, Seeds of Peace and various other Jewish causes.

Levenson and his wife have also spearheaded the development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland by providing seed funding on several occasions. In addition, they also admirably engage in projects to teach students how to manage nonprofit organizations.