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Dr. Mark McKenna – Bulding Business, Building Communities.

Licensed surgeon and medical doctor, Dr. Mark McKenna, is not only an accomplished doctor, perseveringly building his career, taking intelligent decisive risks and accomplishing advantageable success in the medicine and surgery field, but also an avid supporter in his community.

Dr. Mark McKenna, from New Orleans, was raised by two entrepreneurs, his father, who ran his own surgery practice and his mother, who owned a publishing company. Together the two consistently encouraged Mark that he can do whatever he puts his mind to and were always there to support and motivate Mark through every part of his life growing up. Mark took his parents words to heart, but, like father like son, Mark would go on to become a doctor.

After graduating from Tulane University Medical School, Mark would go on to work at his father’s practice. The support would continue for Mark from his dad, continuously building his son up to be even better than he was before. Besides surgery advancements, the two had other significant plans for the family`s name – real estate. The two started a real estate development firm called, McKenna Venture Investments. The interest was considerably there for Mark and after success with the business and further understanding of it, Mark would go on to start two other related businesses called, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title, Inc., where he would expand business to over 50 employees.

In 2005, when Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Most of the real estate business was destroyed, Mark then moves to Atlanta, Ga to get a fresh start. In 2017, he would only advance his career and become founder/CEO of OVME.

Through the ups and downs of Dr. Mark McKenna, he motivates and graces his knowledge on anbitious individuals who are willing to listen and apply such informtion to better the community. He has been a motivation to hundreds of aspiring doctors and real estate professionals and has been a responsibility to numerous students pursuing a medical degree throughout Atlanta Georgia.

Visit the OVME website today for a detailed look into the brilliance of Dr. Mark. McKenna.

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Anthony Petrello Restores Historic Name of Nabors Industries to Prior Glory.

If you live in the contiguous 48 states, you have probably never heard of Nabors Industries. However, if you live in the state of Alaska, the name is probably as familiar to you as that of major sports stars.

Throughout the 1950s, Nabors Industries was one of the first companies involved in the opening of the oil fields in Alaska’s North Slope. It was during this time that the state first became one of the largest oil-producing states of the union, generating billions of dollars for the state and its residents. Even today, the money produced from Alaska’s expensive oil extraction activities goes to fund each resident of Alaska, yielding them up to $5,000 in additional income every year. All of this was started by Nabors Industries back in the 1950s. Without their insight and technological expertise, it is likely that Alaska’s North Slope would never have been exploited to the extent that it has been.

However, throughout the decades of the 1960s and 70s, the company’s fortunes begin to wane. By the 1980’s, the company was on the ropes, facing the inevitability of corporate restructuring in an effort to avoid bankruptcy. It was during this time of corporate restructuring that a lawyer working on the case with corporate restructuring law firm Baker McKenzie was first introduced to the company. The lawyer’s name was Tony Petrello, one of the most prominent bankruptcy attorneys in the United States at the time.

Tony Petrello so impressed the board of directors of Nabors Industries that they decided to hire him in an executive role. Throughout the decade of the 1990s, their decision on their new executive proved to be one of the best that the company had ever made. Petrello was able to lead the company through a time of many acquisitions of companies that would prove to be highly profitable to the firm over the long term.

Petrello also focused intensely on the creation of new technologies. One of these was the introduction of new oil drilling platforms that were able to operate on a nearly entirely automated basis. These rigs would ultimately prove to be one of the main models deployed to the Bakken Shale formation throughout North Dakota and Canada. This would prove to be a huge windfall to the company, with the majority of drilling equipment in North America being supplied by Nabors Industries by the year 2010.

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Tony Petrello: A Big-Hearted Executive.

Anthony Petrello, the current president of Nabor Industries Ltd. is a big-hearted company executive who goes out of his way to give back to the community. He helped Houston with Hurricane Harvey Supplies. Houston was hit hard by Hurricane Harvey in 2017 and lives and properties were lost. Supplies were limited and people needed help. Businesspeople stepped in to help and Nabors Ltd was quick to act. Nabors employees volunteered to assist with relief efforts and relieve site workers off their duties. Nabors also made financial contribution to help victims of Hurricane Harvey. He also contributed thousands of dollars to support education-related charities in memory of his late university mentor, Professor Serge Lang.

Professional and Academic Background

Anthony Petrello is the President of Nabors Industries Limited. He was appointed to be the President of the company in 1991, and later became the Chief Executive Officer in 2011. His experience has enabled him to serve the company in various positions. He is also the Chief Operating Officer for Nabors. He is popularly known as Tony by his colleagues. Petrello holds positions in other companies like Nabors Blue Sky, Harvard Law School, and Yale University. To highlight his excellent leadership and management skills, he was one of the highest paid company executives in the American corporate sector. He was rewarded by Nabors for the good work he did and how he helped to improve the company.


Anthony Petrello owns a successful oil company, which he established from scratch. He was not born into a rich family and had to struggle to get to the top. He grew up in Italian neighborhood in New Jersey, where he nurtured his dreams to be a successful businessman. The community, where he grew up is known to value hard work and this informed Tony’s character. From an early age, he knew there is no short cut in life. He studies academic books for several hours after joining school. He was brilliant in Mathematics and other subjects. He was given a scholarship to join Yale University and excelled and became a mathematics scholar at Yale University. Petrello argues that people are quick to condemn Wall Street millionaires for greed, while other big thieves roam the streets. He believes in justice and fairness and has worked hard to ensure that he operates in moral principles. Tony is a business strategist and a manager who believes in treating others how you would like to be treated.

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Jason Hope Provides his Outlook on the Future

Jason Hope believes that the Internet of Things will be the next big in the tech industry. He has already distinguished himself as one of the knowledgeable futurists in the world. The Internet of Things applies to when various devices are connected and can communicate with each other. It will essentially include all appliances, devices, cars, and even street lights. Hope believes that some of the biggest investments that various companies will make will involve the Internet of Things. This is because the market is huge and has the potential to become a trillion dollar industry and Jason’s lacrosse camp.

The technology has many advantages. This is why many enterprises are looking into it. Hope envisions that smaller companies will be pulled in because of the significant shift that major companies will undergo. Many devices will be connected. They will be able to send and collect data. There will be fierce competition in the industry over the next few years. Companies will try to outwit each other and see who can come up with the best Apps for consumers. Everything will eventually be automated as consumers begin to adopt this technology and more information click here.

Jason Hope said that the biggest reason for embracing the Internet of Things is the elimination of waste. The connected devices will be aware of the amount of energy that they use. They will only consume energy when it is needed. It also has the potential to make us safer by improving public transportation. It has helped in the maintenance of trains and the mapping of routes so that buses avoid dangerous roads and learn more about Jason.

Jason Hope is a futurist, a technology investor, and a philanthropist. He went to Arizona University and graduated with a Finance degree. Hope has an MBA from the Carey School of Business at the same university. He runs a program that funds high school and university students who have business ideas but do not have the capital. His philanthropic initiatives are directed towards programs and charities that improve the community. Hope is a supporter of the SENS Foundation. The foundation seeks to improve life by developing anti-aging therapies.

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How Jeff Schneider Occupies His Time

jeffry schneider smileFather of 3 kids and 3 dogs, Jeffry Schneider is devoted to taking care of others around him. Fatherhood showed Jeff just how much every child needs a role model, and Jeff is willing and happy to be there for other kids. Because Jeff knows that kids hold the key to the future, he has dedicated himself to bettering the lives of children everywhere. Whether he’s reading to kids at local events, taking part in wellness events, or spending his time at centers for abused and neglected children, Jeffry’s mission of helping kids is incredible.

As a business leader and a parent, Jeff Schneider is a busy man. It’s easy for people with busy schedules to come up with excuses why they can’t give back to their communities or devote time to their health, so Jeffry Schneider stands out in a crowded world of successful professionals. Even with all the responsibilities of leading a company, Jeffry Schneider still finds time to live a healthy lifestyle. Admirably, he takes the time to exercise every day and has completed several marathons across the country. It’s amazing and inspiring to see how much time and energy he devotes to his health especially when compared to others in his industry. Jeff feels that choosing fitness comes easily to him as it leaves him consistently fulfilled and rejuvenated.

Jeffry Schneider also participates in charity work as a means of growth and personal fulfillment. As a philanthropist, Jeffry observes that it is not sufficient to simply make a contribution to a charitable organization; it is equally important to participate in its core activities. Throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others in need while utilizing his leadership skills to make an impact.

Jeffry as an avid fitness buff has made wellness one of his main areas of focus in life and has been increasingly concerned with the plight of today’s kids, many of which are considered obese at shockingly early ages. Realizing the future of our world depends largely on what today’s kids are taught, Jeffry works to help kids of all ages and backgrounds improve not only their physical health but their emotional health as well. By working with nonprofit organizations that focus on enriching the lives of children, Jeffry strives to teach children, including his own, how making healthy choices today can positively impact the future.

Along with personal fitness and nonprofit work, Jeffry dedicates his time to helping individuals from all backgrounds live healthier lives. He believes that the best way to teach an individual is by example, so he strives to embody as healthy of a lifestyle as he can. Throughout the last decade, Jeffry Schneider has spent time focusing on giving back to others that are less fortunate while utilizing his leadership skills to make a positive impact. A strong supporter of health and wellness programs, Jeffry implements these programs in his and his children’s lives and helps the less fortunate implement wellness programs in their lives too. Whether he’s volunteering his time at one of the many local, charitable organizations that he’s a part of, participating in fitness runs, health seminars, or other community events, Jeffry is always leading by example and strives to uplift others around him.

Jeffry Schneider

As he continues to do all he can to assist others, Jeffry Schneider stays engrossed in and dedicated to strengthening communities. By helping kids realize their dreams can become reality and by helping individuals understand the value of health, Jeffry exemplifies daily what it takes to be a community leader.

Bruce Levenson: A Man With Multiple Hats To Wear

If there’s anyone that can be said to be wearing a few hats on his head, with a several feathers attached, it’s Bruce Levenson. Moreover, it looks as if he is acquiring more hats as each passes goes by.

More commonly recognized as the former co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks LLC, Bruce Levenson is one American entrepreneur extraordinaire, several times over, and a world-renowned philanthropist.

Bruce Levenson’s Early Trajectory

Having founded several enterprises from his own apartment living room, his amazing trajectory began with the publication of a simple newsletter, Oil Express, that had a primary focus on the latest developments in the oil industry.

Resulting in the founding of the United Communications Group (UCG), along with Ed Peskowitz in 1977, UCG later acquired other additional newsletters and launched other databases as well. Making all the right moves, Bruce Levenson also became a founding board member of the publicly traded media-oriented TechTarget company.

UCG, a privately held business IT company specializing in the distribution of data for healthcare, energy, mortgage banking, technology and telecommunications, also owns another company named Gas Buddy.

As an industry achievement, Levenson and Peskowitz received recognition from the Software and Information Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 1997 for their joint work and production results under the UCG banner.

Philanthropic Endeavors

According to Time Magazine, Levenson, along with his wife Karen, and their three sons, all reside in Atlanta and Potomac, Maryland and have dedicated themselves to developing various charitable organizations. Among the organizations is the U.S. Holocaust Museum in Washington, the SEED Foundation, Seeds of Peace and various other Jewish causes.

Levenson and his wife have also spearheaded the development of the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland by providing seed funding on several occasions. In addition, they also admirably engage in projects to teach students how to manage nonprofit organizations.