Alex Pall on Their Musical Journey, Identity and New Single ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers are an energetic DJ/Production duo composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who has been making headlines the entertainment industry with their top singles like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Closer.’ The latter is a particularly an exciting track because unlike in their previous songs where the duo have solely relied on other vocalists, Andrew Taggart is also included on the vocals. This is a unique entry in the electronic dance music genre by the DJ duo from their DJ counterparts who focus on beat making.

The Chainsmokers desire to be acknowledged as real artists with feelings and have been putting in a lot of effort to alter their style to suit their ambitions. The pair talked to Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine on their aspirations and plans to develop their unique style and grow with their audience. In the interview, Alex Pall disclosed that he enjoyed deejaying from a young age, but he decided to pursue dance music fully when he realized it was taking up much of his time. It was during this time that their current manager introduced him to Taggart and the duo immediately hit it off.

Mathias was interested in finding out their experience in collaborating with Halsey on ‘Closer.’ Alex pointed out that it was an amazing experience and they have always wanted to work with her on a project. He added that he admired her personality and strong vocal abilities. He also added that Taggart’s inclusion on the vocals was an essential step in defining and revealing their identity. Alex told Mathias that they had come up with the song while on tour.

Alex Pall also disclosed that social media had played an essential role in promoting their music and helping them connect with their fans. He noted that he was thrilled by the fact that their music cut across different age groups and they had fans from all over the world. Alex also disclosed that they were striving to introduce new concepts to their live shows to entertain their fans. He assured their fans that they would work relentlessly to give them new experiences.


New Year, New Sound: The Chainsmokers Offer Something Different for 2018

“Sick Boy”, the newest single from The Chainsmokers, marks a darker turn for the Grammy-winning duo that gave us “Roses” and “Don’t Let Me Down”. The single was released in January after a nine-month drought of new music from the pair and is distinct both in that it is clearly a Chainsmokers creation yet is like nothing we’ve heard from them before.

Drew Taggart, one half of the duo, says that the new sound is a reflection of how he and partner Alex Pall have grown as entertainers, and is also reflective of our social-media driven culture. As he recently told Forbes Magazine, “We think about how we relate to the world now with social media, and how much you’re projecting. You can only tell so much of a story there, too. Then, everything else is left up to their interpretation, and that’s not something that just we artists go through. Everybody does.” Alex Pall reiterated this idea in an interview with Ryan Seacrest: “[Narcissism] is just something that we all see every day and live with now that everyone has a social media platform… it’s not necessarily a bad thing—you kind of have to figure out… the way you’re presenting yourself to the world … it’s self-inflicted, but also a necessary evil in communicating in today’s world.”

These ideas are clear in the song’s lyrics:

And don’t believe the narcissism When everyone projects and expects you to listen to ’em Make no mistake, I live in a prison That I built myself, it is my religion

Taggart and Pall are betting that the new sound will be well-received by fans, as the group plans to release further songs that are different lyrically and musically from what they’ve previously created. They also plan to collaborate with other producers, something they’ve never done before. However, true fans need not worry that the duo will stray from its roots – Taggart and Pall assure that they will stay within the pop and EDM sound that has rendered them such huge success.


Crystal Hunt: From Soaps To The Big Screen To Primetime Drama

It was karma for Crystal Hunt,at only 17 years old, to be noticed by an agent while she was attending a workshop for actors in New York. The agent offered Crystal the role of Lizzie Spaulding on the daytime soap, The Guiding Light. Crystal was nominated for an Emmy while she played this part and enjoyed working for the soap for four years.

Crystal’s charismatic personality, fully evident on her Instagram profile, gave her the opportunity for her first motion picture role while she was still working for The Guiding Light soap. She played the female lead in the movie, The Derby Stallion, opposite a young Zac Efron.

After leaving The Guiding Light, Crystal costarred with then teen favorite, Amanda Bynes, in the movie Sydney White. A movie about being an outcast, (Bynes), on the college campus and conflict with campus queen, (Hunt). The movie was cute, funny, and typical good girl versus bad girl.

Crystal was given the chance to play Stacy Morasco, in 2009, on daytime TV soap One Life To Live. Enjoying her role as sexy, troubled teen she played “Stacy” three years before she was cast in another film.

NYC Underground, a movie about a group of teenagers on their way to a concert in Brooklyn when one of the guys decides to get involved in a drug deal. The deal turns bad and the kids are on the run. The film, released in 2013, gave Hunt a chance to work with Dania Ramirez, Arielle Kebbel, and Evan Ross.

IMDb shows that next on the agenda for Hunt was film, 23 Blast. The film was a true story based on a high school football star who goes blind after getting an infection in his eyes. Crystal plays the “older” woman who takes an interest in the blind football star. Dylan Baker not only played in the movie but it was also his first time directing a debut feature film. Released in 2014, Hunt starred with Baker, Stephen Lang, and Timothy Busfield.

2015, looks to be an enterprising year for Crystal if her website can be any judge. Hunt and an all-star cast of some of the most powerful women to work on TV, star and work behind the scenes in this drama….with all of them hoping for a shot at more stardom, but on THEIR terms.

While filming Queens of Drama, Crystal was also flying back and forth to Savannah, Georgia, where she was filming the sequel Magic Mike XXL.

Reconnecting with best friend, Dania Ramirez, Hunt has also co-produced her first feature film, Talbot County, a horror film that was inspired by a true story.  Crystal’s birthday is coming up as well, so make sure to celebrate with her!

MJ Impersonator Sergio Cortes Sheds Light About The Life Of An Impersonator

They embrace their mode of dressing, mimic their voices, walk, behave, and most importantly, their looks. This is the life of most look-alikes around the world that have taken up the identities of musical and movie stars. They have adopted these similarities and made a career out of it.
An article by R7, highlights the life of such An impersonator, Michael Jackson’s look-alike, Sergio Cortes. In his Facebook profile, Sergio posts that being an artist with a great composing, singing, dancing, and acting is not for everyone. He further says that possessing great resemblance for an artist as famous as Michael is not just a career is not easy and considers his resemblance of Michael Jackson not a career but a privilege.
Sergio is a Brazilian born Spanish speaker introduced to the world of look-alikes at a young age and later following it and making a career out of it. He confirms that at a young age, his mother revealed to him how much he resembled Michael who was at the time starting his career with the Group Jackson 5. This is how his interest for Michael’s singing, dancing and general behavior before his fans and the press.
His interest for Michael was further heightened when one day in his teenage years got a photo shoot invite. In this, he was to dress up like Michael and have some photos taken of him that would later be sold in the name of Michael. This single was the basis of his major break-through; it gained him enormous popularity and saw him booked into various shows and especially the American Idols international tours as well as a massive following in his Twitter and over 160,000 fans on his Facebook page.

It is on these social media platforms that he interacts with his fans, discusses and receives promotions from potential promoters on new shows. He, nevertheless, expresses how deeply traumatized he was by the death of the pop icon in 2009 in Los Angeles, USA. He says it was especially difficult for him given how deeply he had incorporated pop icon’s life into his life. He notes that his performances are one way of overcoming his loss and that of the late singer’s fans.
Sergio’s impersonation of Michael is not an isolated case. Various look-alikes all across the world continually imitate their favorite stars. In Brazil especially, the most idolized and impersonated figures include Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas and Ronaldinho.

Sergio Cortes Is Considered The Greatest Music Impersonator In The World

Sergio Cortes is a marvel within the world of professional impersonators. He was fortunate enough to have been born with the physical features, vocal patterns, dance moves, body shape and compassionate spirit of his music idol – Micheal Jackson. Ever since Cortes was a child in Spain, people would pay him to sing and dance to Micheal Jackson songs. He has always had an uncanny ability to sing Jackson’s songs with skill and to mesmerize crowds with his impressive dance moves. During Cortes’ teenage years, he decided to use his talents to become a professional Micheal Jackson impersonator and to entertain MJ fans worldwide.

Ever since Cortes made the decision to become an MJ impersonator, he has been fulfilling his dreams by touring the globe and bringing joy and inspiration to MJ fans everywhere he goes. When Cortes steps on a stage or enters into a room, his fans go into a frenzy as they snap his picture, touch his garments and ask for his autograph, for his resemblance to Jackson makes his fans feel like they are enigmatically closer to the late and great King of Pop.

Cortes is a master performer with natural dance talents and a beautiful singing voice. His live shows are filled with high energy, loud cheering and tears of joy as MJ fans clap to their favorite Jackson songs while Cortes dazzles them with the dance moves that made Micheal Jackson the most famous entertainer on the planet. Cortes’ shows are professional exhibitions that are choreographed with backup dancers, vivid costumes and props that reflect themes from famous MJ videos and performances. When Cortes performs, he does more than moonwalk and spin on his heels, for he has captured all of the gestures and subtle motions that are considered signature Micheal Jackson moves.

The world of professional impersonators is one that is challenging because fans expect the performer to capture nearly every attribute of a particular artist. Some impersonators are able to reflect an artists’ appearance, fashion style or vocal patterns; however, very few are born with the physical characteristics of the artist they impersonate, and even fewer have the inherent talents of their target. Cortes defies all of these obstacles, for him and Jackson share so many non-tangible and physical qualities, such as their jawline, lips, eyes, body type, voice, gentleness and humility. Many critics have labeled Cortes as the greatest impersonator in history, and Cortes reaffirms their claims as he is received with open arms by millions of Micheal Jackson fans worldwide.

Sergio Cortes Looks So Much Like Michael Jackson

When most people think of an impersonator, they’ll generally turn their noses up and snub them for not being as good as the person they’re imitating. Many have bad things to say about impersonators, especially ones who impersonate big stars like Michael Jackson. It’s been a running joke over the years that there are too many Michael Jackson impersonators, and these impersonators range in colors from black to white. Some impersonators have nailed Michael Jackson’s style and look while others are dismissed because they don’t favor Michael at all. Over the many years that Michael Jackson has been performing, he’s had impersonators from all over the world.

Although there may not be an official Michael Jackson impersonator in every country around the world, many countries have their own imitator of Michael Jackson, and the best imitator is Sergio Cortes, who currently lives in Brazil. Brazil is well known for the Amazon, the sunshine, the beaches, and the girls, but now Brazil is also well-known for having the best Michael Jackson impersonator. Sergio Cortes doesn’t just impersonate Michael Jackson; he embodies Michael Jackson completely. Sergio looks and acts exactly as Michael did, and Sergio is even reclusive and shy like Michael was.

Those who have never seen Sergio perform can easily go to one of his social media pages and watch videos of his performances, and it will be difficult to declare that it’s not Michael Jackson performing in the videos. Sergio has studied Michael so well over the years that he can dance just like Michael, and Sergio even re-created some of Michael Jackson’s dance moves and songs for the public. Many people around the world love Sergio Cortes, and he’s been on enough television shows to where people all over the world now know who he is. Sergio is an amazing Michael Jackson imitator, and Sergio looks exactly like Michael too.

Looking like Michael Jackson isn’t enough, so Sergio made sure to learn every single dance move that Michael performed, Michael’s choreography, Michael’s mannerisms, and he even studied all of Michael’s songs. With all the songs that Michael has had over the years, it’s unbelievable that one person would know so much about the star, but Sergio Cortes wants to be the best Michael Jackson impersonator alive. Although we’ll all miss Michael Jackson forever, Sergio can help us all to remember Michael fondly, especially when he performs on stage.