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Alex Pall on Their Musical Journey, Identity and New Single ‘Closer’

The Chainsmokers are an energetic DJ/Production duo composed of Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, who has been making headlines the entertainment industry with their top singles like ‘Don’t Let Me Down’ and ‘Closer.’ The latter is a particularly an exciting track because unlike in their previous songs where the duo have solely relied on other vocalists, Andrew Taggart is also included on the vocals. This is a unique entry in the electronic dance music genre by the DJ duo from their DJ counterparts who focus on beat making.

The Chainsmokers desire to be acknowledged as real artists with feelings and have been putting in a lot of effort to alter their style to suit their ambitions. The pair talked to Mathias Rosenzweig from Interview Magazine on their aspirations and plans to develop their unique style and grow with their audience. In the interview, Alex Pall disclosed that he enjoyed deejaying from a young age, but he decided to pursue dance music fully when he realized it was taking up much of his time. It was during this time that their current manager introduced him to Taggart and the duo immediately hit it off.

Mathias was interested in finding out their experience in collaborating with Halsey on ‘Closer.’ Alex pointed out that it was an amazing experience and they have always wanted to work with her on a project. He added that he admired her personality and strong vocal abilities. He also added that Taggart’s inclusion on the vocals was an essential step in defining and revealing their identity. Alex told Mathias that they had come up with the song while on tour.

Alex Pall also disclosed that social media had played an essential role in promoting their music and helping them connect with their fans. He noted that he was thrilled by the fact that their music cut across different age groups and they had fans from all over the world. Alex also disclosed that they were striving to introduce new concepts to their live shows to entertain their fans. He assured their fans that they would work relentlessly to give them new experiences.


Sergio Cortes; Michael Jackson Reborn

Michael Jackson performances were of an unmatched brilliance and as such, millions of his fans would treasure seeing his live performances again. Unfortunately, death does not offer mankind second chances and we are forced to move on regardless. However, fate has a rather humorous way of giving people what they want most back to them. In this case, fate has thrown quite a great surprise for many of Michael Jackson’s fans through a very unique individual fondly referred to as Sergio Cortes.

Sergio Cortes is a young man with a pure Spanish bloodline. Born and raised in Barcelona, Spain, this exhilarating performer has definitely made a name for himself among the millions of Michael Jackson’s all over the world that would do anything to see a live MJ performance again. Many people consider him simply as some MJ impersonator. This is hardly the truth, and after attending Sergio’s live concerts, MJ fans definitely come to terms with the fact that he is not just a simple MJ impersonator but rather an MJ incarnate.

For a Michael Jackson diehard fan, it is at first eerie watching Sergio Cortes perform live on stage. This is not because he is some scary figure but rather, the opposite. He has been naturally endowed with a physical resemblance, vocal cords and perfected Michael Jackson’s dance moves in a way that one almost believes he is the late entertainer’s ghost! He performs Michael Jackson songs with a vocal semblance that is almost an exact replica of Michael Jackson when he was alive. There are indeed thousands if not tens of thousands of Michael Jackson imitators all over the world. However, Sergio Cortes stands out from this crowd.

He credits his near perfect MJ performances to his innate adoration for the fallen pop icon and dedication to hard work fate for his good fortune. He now enables MJ’s millions of fans relive experiences of watching Michael Jackson perform live on stage again and is also able to earn a wonderful income from his exploits. He is now the leader of a touring entertainment outfit known as ‘The Live Project” which travels the world offering MJ fans with a chance to see the King of Pop live on stage again. This entertainment outfit is composed of backup singers, dancers, band and costumes which enable even the staunchest MJ fan to enjoy Sergio’s live performances.

Irish/American Baritone Brian Mulligan Hits All the Right Notes

Although famed baritone Brian Mulligan has performed in opera houses around the world to wide-spread acclaim, the Irish/American singer always enjoys returning to the peace and quiet of his Pacific Heights home and neighborhood.
As he prepares to debut in the title role in the San Francisco Opera’s production of “Sweeny Todd” in September, the New York native is thrilled that his long-time dream of playing the psychotic barber is being fulfilled.
“It’s a brutal role,” he says. “With a range emotion of joy to despair, it the kind of role you long for.”
Mulligan studied voice at Yale University before moving on to the prestigious Julliard School of Music. While still a Julliard student, he debuted at the Metropolitan Opera in December of 2003 in Die Frau ohne Schatten (The Woman Without a Shadow), an opera in three acts by Richard Strauss.
The baritone is a perfectionist when it comes to learning his roles, interpreting the musical score, and rehearsing endlessly to hit each melodic note perfectly.
The range of roles Mulligan has appeared in is astonishing for such a young performer. From his critically acclaimed performance of Richard Nixon in Nixon in China with the San Francisco Opera to debuting in Pique Dame in Zürich and in the Frankfurt Opera’s production of Lucia di Lammermoor, Mulligan has more than proven his versatility as a world-class baritone artist.
Mulligan doesn’t limit his performances to operatic settings. He is a popular soloist on the domestic symphony orchestra circuit. He has performed in sold-out concerts with the Cleveland Orchestra, the Chicago and Houston Symphony Orchestras and the Los Angeles Philharmonic in recent years.
Not limited to live stage appearances, his performance of Mahler’s 8th Symphony in Los Angeles was recorded by Deutsche Grammophon and released on DVD in 2012.
Mulligan credits his primary voice instructor, W. Stephen Smith, for much of his success. Always one for hard work and total effort, Mulligan shies away from listening to the recorded voices of yesterday and today and prefers to get his musical inspiration directly from the composers through their written scores.
Although bestowed with numerous awards for his singing talents, Mulligan says that being named one of the top 100 Irish Americans by the Irish America Magazine is one of his favorite honors.

Crystal Hunt’s Television and Film Career

Crystal Hunt is an American actress who is best known for her soap opera roles on network television. Her most famous role was that of Lizzie Spalding on the long-running CBS daytime drama “Guiding Light.” Hunt played the fictional character from 2003 to 2006 and was nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award in 2005.

In 2009, she originated the fictional character Stacy Morasco on the ABC daytime drama “One Life to Live.” She played the role until 2010 and reprised it during the 2012 series finale. Unlike her “Guiding Light” character, Hunt as Morasco never clicked for viewers and critics, according to “Soap Opera Digest.”

Hunt’s Early Career

Hunt was born in Clearwater, Florida on February 5, 1985. With acting as her talent, she entered her first pageant when she was 2 years old. She starred in several television commercials as a child. One promoted a Walt Disney 25th anniversary celebration, and another featured an anti-drug campaign with the Orlando boy band NSYNC.

Television and Film

Her role on “Guiding Light” and her Emmy nomination for “Outstanding Younger Actress in a Drama Series” opened the door to film roles. In 2005, Hunt starred with Zac Efron in “The Derby Stallion.” In 2007, she appeared in the teen comedy “Sydney White and the Seven Dorks” featuring Amanda Bynes.

Moviegoers can catch Hunt right now in “Magic Mike XXL,” where she stars opposite Channing Tatum. She recently produced her first movie, a horror film called “Talbot County,” which is set to release later this year. Apart from acting and producing, Hunt once owned an upscale pet boutique in her Florida hometown.

Full House Star Caught Driving Under The Influence

If you are a big Full House fan then you are going to be disappointed in one of the character’s actions recently. John Stamos, who plays Uncle Jesse on the show, was recently arrested for driving under the influence. Reports say that he was drunk, and that he was rushed to the hospital.

What do you think this means for John Stamos? What does this mean for the Full House reunion that is planned to come out on Netflix next year? Do you think that this is a one time occurrence for John Stamos, or do you think that we’ll be seeing more of this kind of behavior from him in the future like Adam Sender thinks after reading the Observer? Does something like this affect your opinion of the upcoming premier of Fuller House? Do you think that it will make some people less likely to watch the new show?

It is disappointing that John Stamos would get himself into a situation like this, especially with the new show coming out soon, but, hopefully this is a turn around point for him. Hopefully he will never let anything like this happen again in the future.

Lisa Turtle Marries Facebook Boyfriend – Twice

Lark Voorhies has stayed out of the spotlight since her role as Lisa Turtle on Saved by the Bell ended. Now, the actress is almost unrecognizable from her earlier role, but is making headlines again after she married her Facebook boyfriend twice in April of 2015. Voorhies and her new husband Jimmy Green, a music producer, met on Facebook and have never lived together. The couple had a commitment ceremony April 1, 2015, and a Las Vegas wedding on April 30, 2015. But neither of them is ready to stop at just two weddings.


The eccentric newlyweds are already planning a huge traditional wedding for sometime in 2016. Flavio Maluf thinks it will be more official then. Now that the unusual couple have committed themselves to each other and officially tied the knot in Vegas, it’s safe to say they should start hunting for a house and living together like a traditional husband and wife.

Ryan Gosling Has A Perfect Marriage

Ryan Gosling is extremely handsome, a great handy man and talented Hollywood actor. He has appeared in several romantic films, but women love him for his role in the ‘Notebook.’ In real life, Ryan Gosling is married to superstar actress Eva Mendes, and both men and women are jealous of the power couple. Nonetheless, it appears that Ryan and Eva have a perfect relationship, and they seem to be fall in love with each other every day.

Ryan Gosling was recently interviewed by an Australian magazine, and he was asked about his personal life. Ryan Gosling revealed that he was not a ladies man in high school, but some women find that hard to believe. However, Ryan Gosling swears that girls wanted to be just friends with him, and that used to make him very upset. Nonetheless, Ryan Gosling is one of the most desired men on the planet right now, but he is currently married to a perfect woman.

Ryan Gosling’s interview with the Australian magazine became even more personal, and the superstar actor was asked about his relationship to Eva Mendes. Ryan said that Eva Mendes is the most caring person that he’s ever met, but he also said that she never takes credit for her contributions. Ryan Gosling revealed that Eva Mendes has helped him so much on his current film, but she does not want to be mentioned in any of his speeches. Some people will find it very strange that Eva Mendes does not want to be mentioned by her husband, but that’s because she is a very selfless woman. E! recently published the entire transcript of the interview, and after reading the publication, Ryan Gosling fans will love him even more.