American billionaire Eric Lefkofsky launched the medical collection company Tempus in Chicago back in 2015 as a start-up. The technology-based company was based ont he idea of personalizing cancer treatment plans through the use of data collected from patients and doctors.

This data can be used to improve the efficiency of cancer treatments and allows doctors all over the United States and the world to see each others’ results. This will allow them to revise and improve their treatment plans in hopes of having greater success in fighting disease.

Lefkofsky initially raised $130 million to start Tempus in 2015 and a recent $80 million investment round has pushed that number up to $210 million. This recent investment has pushed the value of Tempus to over $1.1 billion, giving the company “unicorn” status. The recent round of investing included contributions from previous investors and new investors that have come on board.

Tempus has been in constant growth to the tune of 30 employees being added per month, a trend that Lefkofsky says will continue into the near future. This growth will allow the company to further its efforts to use the clinical data that it collects to find recognizable trends in cancer treatment and replicate successful treatments in other patients.

The company will continue to stress the importance of establishing relationships with doctors, hospitals, organizations, and pharmaceutical companies. These relationships will be vital to collect the amount of data needed to create more effective cancer treatment plans with the ultimate goal of saving lives.

Eric Lefkofsky has seen success in whatever venture he has been a part of. Aside from founding Tempus, he helped found Lightbank and uptake Technologies. He is also the co-founder of Groupon, where he is currently the Chairman. He has also established many other technology companies over the past 20 years. Eric is a graduate of the University of Michigan as well as received his law degree from the University’s School of Law.

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