The business world can be very daunting to all of those that have finished college and are now waiting on an opportunity to excel. Susan Mcgalla is well because she was once in the shoes of that young female entrepreneur with a marketing degree and no business experience. In time she would grow to become a CEO and one of the most important sources of information for other women that wanted to conquer the business world. She knew that it was important to take a step back and actually give some form of encouragement and advice to those that wanted to follow in her footsteps.

These days Susan continues to work in creative development for an NFL franchise, but she also takes time to speak to those women that are still actively pursuing careers in corporate America. What Susan Mcgalla does as a businesswoman is invaluable. People that are trying to learn must really take a look at what she is doing and assess how she became as successful as she is in business affairs.

For Susan much of this started with starting small. She did not start out as the CEO of American Eagle Outfitters. This would be something that would come down the line. What Susan understands is that she could not have taken on a position as a CEO if she would have never been groomed in lower levels of management and marketing. She worked for American Eagle Outfitters for more than a decade, and this is where much of the grooming came into play.

Susan Mcgalla has proven that one can rise to the top if they are willing to humble and start at the bottom. She knew that her marketing degree would be important, but she also realized that getting the necessary experience to climb the corporate ladder would also be important. These are the things that women will hear when they go to a conference where Susan Miguel is speaking. She does not have any desire to sugarcoat anything. Susan believes in letting women know exactly what they need to survive in corporate America.