Brazil provides great investment opportunities, and before you can invest in the country, there are different factors that you must consider. Igor Cornelsen, an investment banker, has advised on the three things that you need to do;


– Make a local connection


It is important for you to connect with the local business owners. Did you know that one in every four people is a business person? That means that the country is surrounded by people who have a wealth of information that you can use to help you in your investment.


– Be aware of the potential regulations


Igor Cornelsen advises that as an investor you need to gain knowledge of the different regulations that are present in the country. You need to be conversant with the tax and the labor market laws.


– Be conversant with the foreign currency restrictions


There are restrictions when it comes to the foreign currency rates, and they are authorized financial institutions. You need to, therefore, find a financial institution that has been authorized to deal with the foreign exchange advises Igor Cornelsen. Keep in mind that there is no single exchange rate. The rate is determined by the nature of your transaction. The rates are determined by the Central Bank of Brazil.


About Igor Cornelsen


Igor Cornelsen is a retired banker and investor. He is currently involved with the Bainbridge Group which deals with the stock market, foreign exchange and commodity.


Igor Cornelsen rose to fame as one of the country’s top bankers. He helped in managing a great percentage in the economy of the Nation’s Gross economy.


He is also a consultant and provides advice on how to invest on the stock market and making intelligent decisions in volatile markets.


Cornelsen spends time in South Florida doing what he loves; investing and playing golf.