Paragon Biosciences is a company that help build innovative companies that produce or enhance much needed drugs for patients. The innovative companies are headed by leadership of healthcare industry’s elite and biotech entrepreneurs. These leaders are innovators that are committed to making medicine better to give patients a much better outcome. Currently Paragon has an impressive track record of thirteen FDA approved drugs spanning from the past ten years to now. A success rate that is competitive to larger companies in the same field. Paragon’s expert experience guides and develops biotech companies to increase their major scientific breakthroughs in medicine.


Devoted Leader

CEO and Chairman, Jeff Aronin, and his prestigious staff provide portfolio companies with great and no the typical, financial and technological resources. Plus with the backing of Paragon Biosciences, the companies can easily connect with innovative clinical professionals and entrepreneurs for strategy advice and support. Paragon’s reach is long, so with their help these biotech scientists and entrepreneurs can make sure that the enhanced or newly created medicines can reach the massive amount of patients in need.

Jeff Aronin’s team at Paragon functions on all aspects of clinical trials; from development to collaboration with top medical professionals. Aronin’s company’s motto is look for the best efficient medication and delivery it the fastest way we can to patients that need it. In order to accomplish this, research is used to determine and identify disease where treatment is scarce and the much needed medicine is not available. This research aids in Paragon’s development of companies and placing these companies within the area of where patients need it the most. Some of the companies that are backed by Paragon include: Castle Creek Pharma, Harmony Biosciences, and Precision BP are just a few.

Besides being CEO and Chairman for Paragon Biosciences investment firm for eight years, Jeff Aronin is chairman of several Paragon portfolio companies including Castle Creek Pharmaceuticals. Prior to Paragon he was President and CEO of Ovation Pharma Inc. When Ovation was acquired by Lundbeck, he continued his position as President and CEO. His experience in leading biopharmaceutical companies is unmatched.

Jeff Aronin is an expert strategic business developer with finance and branding experience. He has an extensive knowledge and experience in corporate mergers and acquisitions. His career spans over 20 years in the healthcare industry, which include rare diseases, drug development and complex science. Surely Paragon will continue to grow and bring forth more innovative medicine in the future for patients around the world.