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Robert Ivy’s Successful Career As An Architect

Robert Ivy was born in Mississippi where he attended his high school and college. He is an experienced architect who is serving as the American Institute of Architects CEO. He graduated from the Tulane University as well as Sewanee University where he received his master’s and bachelor’s degrees respectively. Because of his expertise, he has received several awards over the years.

His accomplishment

As the current CEO of AIA, the architect has accomplished so much. Through his leadership, the institute has been able to expand and grow in capacity and members. First, he is known to be an innovator and a team leader. Because of his innovative skills, he has fostered unique projects that have attracted thousands of members at the institute. He has always ensured that the team works collaboratively towards a particular goal.

Robert is also known for being an advocacy representative of architects. Because of his leadership abilities, he strengthened the bond within the association through public outreach, education initiatives, and advocacy. Furthermore, he has always helped members offer quality services to communities and clients.

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His contributions at AIA

As a leader, Robert Ivy has greatly contributed to AIA. He ensured the organization obtained a rich legacy accompanied with responsive generation of influential platforms that enhance service delivery. Part of his objectives has always included improving the value of services offered by architects as well as creating awareness on the value of architecture in general. He also improved the decision-making process at the institute and has focused resources towards addressing social issues such as sustainability, climate change, and public health.

About Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy graduated from the University of Tulane with a master’s degree in Architecture. He also attended the South University to attain a bachelor’s degree in English, Art. He has been working at the American Institute of Architects as the Chief Executive Officer since 2011. He had been awarded the Master Architect title in 2010 March by the fraternity of national architecture. He is also a Crain Award recipient as well as the Management Excellence award winner. Currently, Robert Ivy is the Editorial Director and the Vice President of McGraw Hill Construction.

Robert Ivy: Award-Winning Architect And Editor

Robert Ivy is the American Institute of Architects CEO and executive vice president. He was promoted to CEO in 2011. Born in Columbus, Mississippi, Ivy has a bachelor’s degree in English from The University of the South and a master’s from Tulane University in Architecture. In 1981 he was hired as a principal with Dean/Dale, Dean & Ivy. He remained with the company until 1996. During that time Ivy also served as a critic for a large number of national publications.

In 1996, Robert Ivy became Architectural Record’s editor-in-chief. During his time with the publication, Ivy helped it to grow tremendously. He did such a good job that Architectural Record became the architectural journal that was more widely read than any other in the world. After having developed a reputation for incredible work, Robert Ivy was hired by McGraw-Hill Construction Media as editorial director and vice president. Their stable of publications included SNAP, GreenSource: The Magazine of Sustainable Design, HQ Magazine, Architectural Record: China, ENR, Sweets and Constructor.

Robert Ivy was so well respected in architectural circles, he was selected as part of the jury panel that chose architect Frank Gehry to be the one to design the National Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial. He’s also a Design Futures Council Senior Fellow. Plus, in 1998 Ivy was given the McGraw-Hill Award for Management Excellence. He was given the Crain Award in 2009. It’s the highest recognition the American Business Media gives to an individual.

Ivy’s work also garnered Architectural Record a number of very prestigious publishing industry awards. They include an National Magazine Award for General Excellence from the American Society of Magazine Editors, the premier magazine journalism award. The publication also won 7 Ozzies: Folio Design Awards, over 2 dozen Jesse H. Neal Awards, along with being voted 2008 Website of the Year by MPA Digital.

Since the American Institutes of Architects hired Robert Ivy as executive vice president and CEO, the registered architect and well-respected corporate executive has helped heighten the 87,890 member organization’s value and relevance through ambitious projects that are repositioning it for the 21st century.