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When deciding on your next job, it can be challenging to choose a profession after considering the extensive education and requirements needed to make a living to support you and your family. Being highly educated traditionally translates into higher incomes because you are more specialized within a field. But there is one area of business that has two main components that can be utilized and continuously honed from the first day on the job. The business is sales, and the qualities are perseverance and a belief in a product.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis love to work. They tried retiring three times and it just never seemed to stick. They enjoy the interactions that come from sales and working with sales teams. This drive is what brought them to their fourth business, which is proving to be immensely successful. It is called Jeunesse Global. It researches and puts to market a wide range of health and beauty products using advances in stem cell research combined with unique combinations of natural ingredients.

This has been a winning formula for them, but especially for their sales representatives. The product representatives are seeing they are offering a product they can believe in. Using advanced science with natural ingredients is an easy sell. And the process of selling is easy too. Each individual can sell from his or her home at a time that works best. This translates to increased opportunities for sales for the company due to fewer restrictions. Also, the representatives can provide the products to customers without having to set up time consuming and expensive relationships with traditional retailers. This means more products reach the market, again with no restrictions. Sellers in every part of the globe are taking advantage of selling to their local communities and can continuously hone their skills in the process.

For Jeunesse, offering the right products is integral. They offer a wide range of products from vitamins to hair shampoo and conditioner. Each product is produced with the latest knowledge from the company’s on-board doctors and product specialists in order to provide a winning formula that works for customers. There are products such as Naara, a collagen rejuvenation formula, or M1ND, a memory enhancement gel. There is the NV, a line of makeup products geared to maintain healthier skin. There is even the energy drink NEO, a natural energy booster that uses all-natural ingredients.

These products are bringing success to Randy and Wendy and sales teams. Randy and Wendy are proud to see success in representatives from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds. They see how the right products allow people to provide for their families and have hope for a better future.

All it took was a drive to sell products they could all believe in, and the perseverance to make it happen. No college required.

Wen by Chaz: A Look at the Services & Products

Wen by Chaz is a hair care product line featuring products for all hair types and needs. Founded by Chaz Dean, a Beverly Hills stylist to the stars, the products are made using natural ingredients that protect and nourish the hair. And, each product includes an awesome money-back guarantee.


The company has a great 10-year history (see; of satisfying customers, and with a QVC available product line that includes shampoos, cleansers, conditioners, oils, and more, it is easy to understand how that’s possible. According to a definition, men and women have many great products to choose from in the Wen line, each sure to help your hair look its very best.


VIP Salon Services

If you’re in Beverly Hills, why not stop b the salon and get hair treatment that exceeds expectations? You can get a cut or a color, have a cosmetologist style your hair, or get a perm. All the traditional salon services are available, but here, your hair gets the TLC that it needs to stay healthy and look its best.


Take the Test


Use the eBay sold online cleansing conditioner recommendations to determine the best Wen products for your hair care needs. Answer a few short questions and the Wen experts provide detailed recommendations. Use this advice and you are just a few short steps away from amazingly beautiful hair.

Doe Deere is Redefining the Fashion World

From iconic portrayals of fashion, to ingenious grass roots marketing strategies, Doe Deere has secured her place as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s industry. As the founder of Lime Crime and Poppyangeloff, her unique take on fashion has only grown in demand and redefined modern feminine culture around the world. Having become an internet sensation over a decade ago, Doe Deere has made her name a staple of success within the fashion world and internet stardom.

Having moved to the United States at the young age of 17, Doe Deere soon attended the New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. With an obvious focus placed on fashion studies, she then had the bright idea to market her iconic look and style to the masses first in the form of DIY clothing. Becoming a name that every young woman would recognize was not enough, for she wanted to make a significant difference with the products she aimed to sell. That is why she chose to only sell vegan and animal cruelty free products. The idea was not only to ensure the quality of her makeup products, but to also set herself as an example for young women to keep these virtues in mind when using other types of products in life besides those based on fashion.

Most notably known for her Unicorn hair dye, the fantasy-like approach to female fashion quickly grew to unprecedented amounts of popularity. Her cosmetic lines soon featured a variety of other colors that kept true to the fantasy concept, yet always push their own boundaries into new territory. If fashion is truly a statement, Doe Deere is making it. With an authentic integral approach to expressing that which is within, she has paved the way for many other women to begin wearing their hearts on their sleeves, so to speak. It is no wonder why she has become a household name now for multiple generations, and for those yet to come.

Uplifting News from Elysium Health That We All Want to Hear

Everyone deserves the opportunity to live a healthier and happier life. Boosting NAD+ levels can be a way to reach for that goal.

The company co-founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, known as Elysium Health, has some great news in the form of a new supplement designed to support well-being on a cellular level. The supplement, Basis, is the culmination of more than 25 years of aging research and is clinically proven to increase levels of NAD+.

NAD+ is a coenzyme that is essential for hundreds of cells functions, including turning nutrients into energy, maintaining the health of DNA, and regulating circadian rhythms. But our  levels of NAD+ decline as we age, and that lead to a gradual breakdown of those functions.

Elysium Health works in collaboration with scientists and clinicians from the world’s leading institutions such as Harvard, Yale, and Stanford. These scientists guide the direction of the company and its research.

The results of a clinical trial published in November 2017 in the peer-reviewed journal npj: Aging and Mechanisms of Disease demonstrated that taking Basis daily over the course of several weeks increased and sustained higher levels of NAD+. Taking the daily recommended dose of Basis increased NAD+ levels by an average of 40 percent.

Basis is now available to purchase in individual bottles or as a subscription on Elysium Health’s website. You can simply visit the website and choose the plan that works for you. The most popular level of subscription is the six-month plan for $270 ($45 per month)There’s also a month-to-month plan for $50 per month, and a one-year for $480 ($40 per month).

An individual bottle of Basis costs $60, so the longer plans will obviously save users money. .

Taking Basis may be the easiest thing that you can do for your health today. Check it out via the Elysium Health website and subscribe to a plan  that works for you.

Jeunesse Global Product Review

When Other Wellness Solutions Fail, Jeunesse Makes the Difference

Currently one of the most rapidly burgeoning companies in the world right now, Jeunesse was originally created almost a decade ago by two aspiring entrepreneurs who had successfully gained their footing in other financial ventures up to that point. On September 9, 2009, the duo decided it was high time to realize their shared dream of delivering youth-enhancing wellness solutions that actually worked, and together they went on to create Jeunesse: the company with a nine-step solution to restoring and protecting your youth.

Nine Solutions, One Answer

Jeunesse has been known for a couple things over the years: its excellent customer service, the cutting-edge research that drives their product lines, and of course, the product lines themselves. Dubbed the Youth Enhancement System (Y.E.S.), this regiment breaks down into nine unique approaches to aging complications in the human body and seeks to address them in a uniquely optimized fashion. Because of this approach, the product categories have varying means of administration that can seem frustratingly complex at first but are well-intended as users eventually discover.

Each of the nine product categories that form Y.E.S. take the form of capsules, powder mixes, canned juices, creams that are directly applied to the skin, and other media that work to deliver essential vitamins and minerals to the skin, organs, heart and brain. The products address insomnia, chronic lethargy, persistent illness, recurring pain, trouble waking up in the morning, cognitive dysfunction and other syndromes of an aging body. It’s important to note that the products aren’t advertised to cure any particular complication outright but rather function by supplementing the body with an armamentarium to repair itself with.

The Philosophy

Jeunesse understands that contemporary lifestyle habits are contributing excessively to shortened lifespans despite the greater life expectancy that we have today. Artificial additives, free radicals, constant radiation exposure and other conditions contribute to the breakdown of the human body over the years, and Y.E.S. aims to reverse this damage by arming the immune system and organs with the necessary resources to kick the self-correcting functions into action. In this way, Jeunesse is a unique company that pays genuine homage to the brilliance of natural technology, and their all-natural formulas are a compliment to this.

Lime Crime- The Cosmetic Company Ready To Take The Internet By Storm

The internet is an unapologetic and rapidly evolving expanse of ideas and trends, especially when it comes to the online make-up industry. And with beauty gurus and trend-setters everywhere becoming more and more environmentally conscious, anyone that’s anyone is switching over to the vegan lifestyle.


The online-based and PETA certified vegan company Lime Crime is coming out with industry leading and trendy new products so that beauty doesn’t have to be sacrificed for common decency. With a Tumblr-esqe aesthetic and top-notch products like their super pigmented hair dyes -more aptly named “Unicorn Hair”– it’s easy to see how Lime Crime is on the verge of rocking the Internet’s world. Eleven different colors are included in their latest hair dye collection, with edgy names like “Sext” and “Dirt Mermaid.” The colors range from vibrant green to a subtle rose gold, so hair color enthusiasts everywhere can get in on the action.


However, don’t let the ingenious names behind the products distract from their quality. Their new Diamond Crushers top coat lip collection has no set release date (PopSugar guesstimates sometime this April), but the hype behind this line is understandably overwhelming. The collection includes three brand new colors (Black Unicorn, a purple shade; Cleopatra, a rose gold tone; and Acid Fairy, a Barbie pink hue), each looking like they crushed up diamonds and bottled them up. The innovative top coats will not smudge or transfer, and claim to wear for hours without drying. What more could one ask for? check their instagram account for more!

EOS Brings Forth Competition in Lip Balm Industry

EOS lip balm has become very popular in recent months. There is somewhat of an explosion in the lip balm in history, and EOS appears to be the leader that is ushering in a new movement.

Chapstick has been the lip balm king for a very long time. This had become the type of company that built the lip balm industry. Most people would not even consider anything else because the brand awareness for the Chapstick brand was so strong. This was a good thing for the company at one point, but it would also become problematic down the line. The leaders inside of chapstick thought that the brand was so strong that there would not be any real competition to lure customers away. This is where EOS was able to come in and create a spear shaped lip balm container that would totally rock the foundation of the lip balm industry for Chapstick.

The end result would be a change in directions for lip balm competitors as a whole. Everyone is trying to connect with customers and same bountiful flavors that are presented by EOS. This has become the company that is known for a lot of colorful spears and flavors that are fruit based.

A large number of people have discovered the EOS lip balm brand because of eBay and Amazon as it has been unofficially endorsed by other celebrities. There are a massive amount of people that have been spotted with this type of lip balm on social media. This type of mainstream publicity has been great for the US brand. It has allowed people that have never heard of the brain to discover it simply because someone tweeted about it or posted a picture that got likes on Facebook. This is how the EOS brand has managed to overshadow the competition.


The Comfort of Shea Butter

EuGenia is a company that strives in comfort. Its get its name from an individual in the family that used a secret to bring about something good. Shea butter is similar to cocoa butter but its just give a little something special to it. The vitamins in this product is A & E. The company wants the product to help women in many ways. It helps with marks, skin that is irritated to make it soft and help with scars.

The company sells this product for women to use if they need a massaging, fatigued muscle and brides before weddings to give them an beautiful shine. EuGenia believes in women being radiant with a glow and its from something natural thats from the beginning of time and pass on to another generations family members.

The company hire many women in a country that entitles them to work where they can support their family with money for health and educational support. The women that are employed by the company loves the opportunity to be able to work for someone where Shea Butter started from someone that used it and shared it with others. EuGenia Shea Butter support the well-being of women and their skin. The all natural product is for every woman to try out for herself. It is to bring the woman skin abilities to the natural content where it needs to be. Its a healing method to make you feel and look beautiful for many years to come. The women that lives in another country loves it and would like other women to try it too.

Using Beauty Products Each Day With Lime Crime

In today’s society, many people find that it makes sense for them to consider having on hand makeup as they go about their daily activities. Doing so can allow the person to have high quality makeup each day that provides them with a look that is well done, understated, modern, in touch with contemporary use of makeup and pleasant to look at as well as highly flexible all at the same time. The use of such makeup is also an ideal way for the person to have on hand items that are elegant and can be used each day no matter what the weather is outside.

The use of daily makeup is often an important part of someone’s daily routine. People want to have makeup on hand that they know that they can use without a problem each day. Many people also look to have makeup on hand that they can carry with them each day and that will not spoil or otherwise have a problem no matter where they take it. This kind of makeup can help serve as a foundation for other kinds of dress that the person chooses to wear each day such as a skirt as well as accessories that the user chooses to have on hand as part of the outfit such as shoes and scarves to create a look that is unified and pleasing to the eye each day.

A company that understands the needs that people have to have such a look on hand during the course of the day is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is one of the world’s most important makeup sellers, specializing in the provision of contemporary makeup to user who want a look that is ideal for work, play and anywhere else they have in mind without losing a beat along the way.

People can buy products from Lime Crime on tumblr that are know to be strong enough and long lasting enough to get them through the day without the need to constantly reapply the item or to worry that it will smudge their clothing or other items they are using that day. Many users also find that the look they can pick out from this company is also one that is often ideal for the need to have makeup that will not irritate their skin in some way or cause any other kinds of problems as a result of repeatedly daily use.

The customer can buy products from this company in order to make sure that they have the products they need on hand each week to allow them to use the makeup each day without the need to worry that they are goign to run out. Each product shipment is delivered quickly and when the person needs to have it on hand. Company officials here carefully watch each shipment to make sure that it contains exactly the items they wnat in the exactly quantities they need to use each for work and any other occasion they want.