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Doe Deere is Redefining the Fashion World

From iconic portrayals of fashion, to ingenious grass roots marketing strategies, Doe Deere has secured her place as one of the most successful entrepreneurs in today’s industry. As the founder of Lime Crime and Poppyangeloff, her unique take on fashion has only grown in demand and redefined modern feminine culture around the world. Having become an internet sensation over a decade ago, Doe Deere has made her name a staple of success within the fashion world and internet stardom.

Having moved to the United States at the young age of 17, Doe Deere soon attended the New York City’s Fashion Institute of Technology. With an obvious focus placed on fashion studies, she then had the bright idea to market her iconic look and style to the masses first in the form of DIY clothing. Becoming a name that every young woman would recognize was not enough, for she wanted to make a significant difference with the products she aimed to sell. That is why she chose to only sell vegan and animal cruelty free products. The idea was not only to ensure the quality of her makeup products, but to also set herself as an example for young women to keep these virtues in mind when using other types of products in life besides those based on fashion.

Most notably known for her Unicorn hair dye, the fantasy-like approach to female fashion quickly grew to unprecedented amounts of popularity. Her cosmetic lines soon featured a variety of other colors that kept true to the fantasy concept, yet always push their own boundaries into new territory. If fashion is truly a statement, Doe Deere is making it. With an authentic integral approach to expressing that which is within, she has paved the way for many other women to begin wearing their hearts on their sleeves, so to speak. It is no wonder why she has become a household name now for multiple generations, and for those yet to come.

Wengie’s 12 Things to Know Before Prom 2017 to Survive

Wengie’s 12 things to know before prom 2017 is a helpful recent vlog she made. This vlog is a must see for all the girls who need tips for surviving the prom. She recommends beauty, dress, emergency, and personal care tips in the video to make your prom the best ever.


Wengie recommends that you should exfoliate your skin and wear a moisturizing mask to prepare skin the night before prom night.


Always wear a makeup primer, because it hides your pores and keeps your skin matte.


Bring a little bottle of foundation/concealer for touch-ups to put in your purse.


Bring blotting paper to keep your skin from becoming shiny in pictures.


Make sure you keep your lips pigmented. Wengie recommends applying a Korean lip tattoo on your lips before putting your lip color on. This will give you extra color if your lip colors rubs off


Carry some makeup remover in case your makeup goes smudgy and needs to be cleaned off. Wengie says you should put a few cotton pads into a plastic bag and pour a little makeup remover into the plastic bag. This is a more affordable option than makeup remover wipes.


Put band-aids into your purse in case your heels get hurt by your shoes. Wengie says to test out your prom heels before to make sure they will be comfortable before the prom


Bring along painkiller pills in case you get a headache or suddenly you get your period. Take along allergy tablets as well.


Wear deodorant to stop sweating. Get a mini perfume to put into your purse too. This will help control sweat and body odor.


If you have bad vision, bring spare contact lenses.


Bring a little bottle with mouth wash in it, so your breath will be fresh all night long.


Pack along extra bobby pins to ensure your hair is perfect all night long.


In case of dress ripping, you should put a few safety pins into your prom purse too.


For extreme emergency situations if you lose your purse, put money inside your phone case. Take off your phone case and place some emergency cash inside the case. No one will see it if you don’t have a clear case. Make sure it’s enough cash for a taxi or for food and drink.


The full video is available on Wengie’s Vlogs YouTube channel. It is definitely a must see. If you want to be “on fleek” all prom night long, check out Wengie’s video and other survival tip videos too.


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Best hair ideas fashioned by Wengie.

I admire that Wengie encourages us her viewers to eat a healthy diet and take vitamin supplements in efforts to ensure a healthy hair texture and growth. Wengie is fantastic in creating numerous simple hair hacks for everyday living. Her hair hacks are fun, beautiful, creative hassle-free and time saving manner. I really find it amazing how she creates a beautiful pull out braid in 5 minutes with just a few clear rubber bands and parting her hair evenly. I liked the fact that she reminds us that we should avoid sulfate shampoos which can damage our hair plus wears out the dye in our hair easily. She recommends sulfate free shampoos for better results. I love her creative ways to store Bobby pins in a tic-tac container or placing a magnetic stripe on the edge of an accessory holder, in order to find them easier. Wengie also demonstrates how not having a curling iron doesn’t have to impede you from having those curls that you desire. She recommends taking a metal utensil and allowing the hot hair from a blower to blow on it for a while. Then wrap your hair around the utensil and wait a few seconds, then instantly you will have curls. I liked the idea of parting your hair in a zigzag formation in order to diminish the regrowth look and giving her hair look more like an umbrae affect. I also enjoyed the idea when she put hot glue on the inside of the hair clip and let it cool. This prevented the clip from falling off when the hair is clipped up. You can also appreciate those original hacks that Wengie designs just click the following link and enjoy.