How Boraie Development LLC And Shaquille O’Neal Have Changed Newark

When matters related to giving back to the society are concerned, Shaquille O’Neal is a perfect example of a person who has achieved exactly that. As of August 2014, he was involved in a youth basketball tournament in conjunction with the Mayor’s office. The towering superstar who retired in 2011 after 19 years of playing professional basketball was set to spearhead the 3-on-3 tournament that was to be held on Broad Street. The unique event was set to feature separate tournaments for both girls and boys, and registration and preliminaries were set to be held one weekend prior to the main event day, as reported on

Shaquille has been very instrumental in projects that involve his home city though he left in his youthful days for Texas to play professional basketball. In the year 2012, he was very instrumental in helping open the Cityplex movie theatre on the city’s central Ward on Springfield Avenue. On that project worth $7 million, he partnered with Boraie Development LLC based in New Brunswick. He was later to be involved in groundbreaking ceremony for a modern rise apartment block in conjunction with the same company. The $60 million project was expected to be the highest in the city.

Around the same time, he was also involved in planning a series of other development projects in Atlantic City that included a retail center, a movie theater and market-rate housing tower. In the projects, he plays part as a partner who receives an equity stake while Boraie Development takes the role of developing and seeing the overall project become a success.

He believed that his involvement in the development projects was his unique way of helping the society that molded him become a star. The star was at the time involved in a soda partnership with Arizona Beverages was also involved in a lot of other projects in other sectors and not real estate.

Boraie Development, LLC is a construction well known for its role in improving urban communities around New Jersey. The company has a sound development strategy that is well known for its sound investing in neighborhoods that are not touched by many. The company has also developed a lot of commercial, residential and retail establishments. The company is also involved in maintenance, leasing and accounting services.

Led by Omar Boraie, the company is well known for its connections in political circles and matters related to real estate. The company has done many development activities over the last three decades that have been very successful. Deeply rooted in building modern designs that can last for decades, the company has also been involved in a partnership with basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal that was set to change Newark’s image.

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The Cavaliers Must Press on Without Love

The Cleveland Cavaliers dispersed of the Boston Celtics in four games, yet it came with a price. Kevin Love is likely out for the remainder of the season due to a dislocated shoulder, torn labrum, and bone bruise. Initially, it was thought that Love would be available for the conference finals if the Cavaliers defeated their next opponent in the semi-finals. However, General Manager David Griffin noted that it seems unlikely that Love will be able to overcome the injury incurred when he and Celtics center Kelly Olynyk got tied up in the second quarter in Sunday’s clinching game–kevin-love–highly-unlikely–to-return-during-playoffs-172346441.html.

Fans like Gianfrancesco Genoso ( know that this puts the Cavaliers in a precarious spot headed into a likely match up with the Chicago Bulls. All signs point to LeBron James moving to the power forward slot to replace Love. This will have pluses and minuses with James creating mismatches for the likes of Pau Gasol as he will have to leave the paint to defend James. Yet, the added punishment to James’ body will not bode well for future matchups Shawn Marion immediately becomes a focal point in Love’s absence. In Marion, the Cavaliers will become better defensively since he is stronger and a smarter defender than Love. Yet, Love’s size will be missed which includes the 10 to 15 rebounds that he consistently pulled down. The week the Cavaliers gain with the Bulls and Bucks still going at will be beneficial as Coach David Blatt works at strategizing his line up without Kevin Love.

Howard Back and Ready To Get Back To The Speed of The Game

The Houston Rockets made it very obvious that they would not push their eight-time all star center, Dwight Howard, who has just returned from an ailing knee injury to the limits again the explosive, young, and MVP candidate, Anthony Davis. Even if he was provided a few opportunities to play a lengthy game, Howard’s first game back from injury can certainly be considered as being a success.
Howard played and started as expected with 16 minutes of play in the Rockets’ win over the Pelicans with a score of 95-93. Howard logged four points, two assists, seven rebounds and a block in what was seemingly a secondary role to get him back into the flow of NBA game speed. The fact that he played in an actual game is great news for the Rockets as they are certainly destined to make an impact in the playoffs. Although he is currently working on getting back to game speed, this game may serve as a reminder that he may not be getting back to his typical level of play at any point in time of the regular season or playoffs. However, that aspect of the team shouldn’t necessarily be considered as too much of a bad thing. Fans at Anastasia Date ( have learned that Howard has expressed publicly that he is absolutely fine with Harden continuing on with his prowess and style of play as he has clearly dominated through his level of play this season.