Austin, Texas, is one of the most eclectic cities in the world. It’s not just the capital city of Texas, but also the live music capital of the world, as well as a city with an exciting and thriving arts scene. In addition it features some really cool BBQ places to enjoy good grub while listening to great music as well.

So, along with Longhorn football (Hook em’ Horns!), music, and the cultural scene, BBQ is a topic that’s discussed often in Austin. According to s -essential-barbecue-spots (June 2015), “Everyone has their own take on what constitutes the city’s finest barbecue.” is doing a survey on what are the best establishments to eat in such a cosmopolitan city such as Austin.

Over the last ten years, Austin has experienced a barbecue revival, with a plethora and a variety of joints rivaling…no…bettering the scenery in cities such as Memphis and Kansas City. You have the world-famous Texas barbecue, of course, centered in Austin, focused on dry-rubbed beef brisket using Mesquite woods. Then there are the St. Louis-style ribs, which can be found in just about any restaurant locally.

In addition, according to the Thrillist (July 2014), they did a survey where, “We turned the voting over to a distinguished panel of chefs, bartenders, sommeliers and service industry pros with discriminating tastes…” La Barbecue and Freedmen’s are among the consensus choices among experts who surveyed Austin barbecue places.

While the lines can be long and the food a little spicy for some tastes, you can’t go wrong with any barbecue place in Austin. The city is endeavoring to be the best BBQ experience for locals and visitors alike. Representatives from The Aspire New Brunswick have even traveled down to Austin with hopes of bringing that home-grown flavor home with them.