Andy Wirth Says Just Breathe

Andy Wirth used Just Breathe, the song by Pearl Jam, as a mantra that quite possibly saved his life. Wirth was skydiving, a sport he had recently taken up and became passionate about when a series of circumstances caused him to experience a near-fatal accident.

The winds had kicked up that afternoon and the pilot overshot the landing zone. While freefalling Wirth had to chose between trying to put down around a set of high-tension power lines or in a vineyard. Choosing the vineyard, another gust of wind pushed Wirth into a metal pole holding up the wires the vines anchored on. The pole tore nearly all of his right bicep off and severed the brachial artery. Wirth, who had at one time been a backcountry guide and medic, understood that the loss of blood could kill him. Tearing off a piece of cloth, he was able to slow the flow until help arrived. He kept himself calm and coherent by singing the words of Just Breathe. After forty surgeries and fifty days in the hospital, doctors were able to save Wirth’s arm.

Wirth is currently the president and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings. The resort is one of the top ski destinations in the world hosting some 600,000 guest a year. Wirth took over from the Cushing family that had owned and managed the resort since its inception in the 1940’s. Wirth was able to reinvest $70 million in the resort rebuilding and improving the facilities reestablishing it as a top resort. Wirth was also instrumental in the merger of the neighboring Alpine Meadows resort.

Starting out as a graduate of Colorado State Univeristy, Wirth began his career working as an intern for Steamboat Springs Resort. Over his twenty year career with Steamboat and their buyout from Intrawest, Wirth left as the chief marketing officer when offered the position at Squaw Valley.

In addition to his work at Squaw Valley, Wirth serves as the chairperson of the Reno-Tahoe Regional Airport Authority and Lake Tahoe Winter Olympics Committee. Recently Wirth published an op-ed piece in the Reno News-Gazette coming out in strong support of the Reno City Council’s resolution encouraging the green power initiative.

While undergoing rehab for his arm, Wirth meant a group of Navy SEALs also in rehab for injuries suffered in combat. He started a crowdfunding campaign to raise money for their medical expenses and to enable them to field a team for the Tahoe Ironman.

How Boraie Development LLC And Shaquille O’Neal Have Changed Newark

When matters related to giving back to the society are concerned, Shaquille O’Neal is a perfect example of a person who has achieved exactly that. As of August 2014, he was involved in a youth basketball tournament in conjunction with the Mayor’s office. The towering superstar who retired in 2011 after 19 years of playing professional basketball was set to spearhead the 3-on-3 tournament that was to be held on Broad Street. The unique event was set to feature separate tournaments for both girls and boys, and registration and preliminaries were set to be held one weekend prior to the main event day, as reported on

Shaquille has been very instrumental in projects that involve his home city though he left in his youthful days for Texas to play professional basketball. In the year 2012, he was very instrumental in helping open the Cityplex movie theatre on the city’s central Ward on Springfield Avenue. On that project worth $7 million, he partnered with Boraie Development LLC based in New Brunswick. He was later to be involved in groundbreaking ceremony for a modern rise apartment block in conjunction with the same company. The $60 million project was expected to be the highest in the city.

Around the same time, he was also involved in planning a series of other development projects in Atlantic City that included a retail center, a movie theater and market-rate housing tower. In the projects, he plays part as a partner who receives an equity stake while Boraie Development takes the role of developing and seeing the overall project become a success.

He believed that his involvement in the development projects was his unique way of helping the society that molded him become a star. The star was at the time involved in a soda partnership with Arizona Beverages was also involved in a lot of other projects in other sectors and not real estate.

Boraie Development, LLC is a construction well known for its role in improving urban communities around New Jersey. The company has a sound development strategy that is well known for its sound investing in neighborhoods that are not touched by many. The company has also developed a lot of commercial, residential and retail establishments. The company is also involved in maintenance, leasing and accounting services.

Led by Omar Boraie, the company is well known for its connections in political circles and matters related to real estate. The company has done many development activities over the last three decades that have been very successful. Deeply rooted in building modern designs that can last for decades, the company has also been involved in a partnership with basketball superstar Shaquille O’Neal that was set to change Newark’s image.

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Defenseman Matt Landis Leads the Way for Notre Dame

matt landis pads

Via Inside Lacrosse

Did you watch the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals and nearly hold your breath the entire time? It was a stirring game, for sure, and it was exciting because of one player in particular – defenseman Matt Landis. Without Landis, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish couldn’t have pulled off their heart-crushing 14-10 win over The University of Albany’s Great Danes. The Fighting Irish ended the hopes of the Great Danes advancing for now two years in a row, and that couldn’t have happened without the strength and strategy of this team.

Inside Lacrosse reports that Matt Landis had a lot up against him. He was challenging a star player, Kyle Thompson. But what Landis did for his team is that he didn’t back down. He played an extremely physical game that really put Thompson to the test. Landis made it quite challenging for Thompson to get through and his reward for his effort was to be the first defenseman of the year name the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis yellow tee

Matt Landis won the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

In part, that’s because Landis knew what to expect from Thompson. Landis is known to study his opponents, and he knew he couldn’t go up against Thompson without being as prepared as possible. Landis really stepped up for the Fighting Irish by playing a strong, physical defense that even the Great Danes noted was a challenge to them throughout the game. 

matt landis headshot

Matt Landis makes us all want to watch more college lacrosse – and we’ll be doing it quite soon as the Fighting Irish advance to the Final Four game. There are other Notre Dame players to look out for too – including Segio Perkovic, who made four goals during the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals and Connor Doyle (Gilman) who had three goals. Look out for the powerhouse that is Landis and his teammates to help his team go after their first NCAA Championship title.

Matt Landis Tops ACC Defenders

matt landis lacrosse

After capping off a successful 2015 regular season, members of the Notre Dame Lacrosse team are starting to receive a number of accolades. Chief among them is one of the team’s mainstays, Matt Landis. Last week, the Conference coaches honored the Notre Dame’s junior by naming him the Atlantic Coast Conference’s Defensive Player of the Year in Men’s Lacrosse. The New York native had twice been named conference defensive player of the week and started all twelve games on a team that has allowed opponents a miserly 9.1 points per game. Notre Dame’s coach Kevin Corrigan praised his defenseman saying “Since his sophomore season, he has developed into a complete and multi-faceted defender and has been a consistent and steady player all year long for us. Matt plays with a relentlessness that has been a key for our success throughout the season.” Landis is also a finalist for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award which goes to the nation’s top collegiate lacrosse player.

This is Landis’ second year as a starter for the Irish who are looking to return to the NCAA finals again this year. Landis’ award follows the Irish being crowned the ACC regular-season champions and receiving a number one seed in the upcoming NCAA Lacrosse Tournament. This will make the Irish men’s tenth straight appearance in the tournament. Landis and the Irish will play Townson University this Saturday, April 10th. Landis, a finance major with a 3.4 GPA, will return as a senior leader for the Irish next year.

This article originally appeared on the PR NEWSWIRE

Johnny Manziel Released from Rehab after 10 Weeks

It has been reported that Johnny Manziel has been released after being in rehab for 10 weeks due to substance abuse and addiction to alcohol. He will be returning to Cleveland and joining his team for workouts on April 20th. He is expected to be competing with Josh McCown for the starting Quarterback job in next season. Fans like Christian Broda know that McCown is the 11 year veteran the Browns have brought in from Tampa Bay to bring some experience to the position of quarterback. However, with these two guys now looking to square off over the next few months, it does not mean the team will not make some moves to draft one of the two star-hopeful QB’s coming out in this year’s Draft.

Manziel was unable to prove his worthiness of the starting job last season and only worked to become a distraction in the locker room and off of the field. The 2012 Heisman Trophy winner from Texas A&M would not be the first professional dud to have achieved great collegiate accolades. But if he is to overcome his recent past, he must continue to put his personal life in order and focus on becoming the QB that the Browns were hopeful he would be when they drafted him with the 22nd pick in the first round of last year’s draft. Otherwise, the team will once again move on from a failed drafted quarterback and will continue to struggle to get out of the bottom of the AFC.

Why Lacrosse Is An Ancient Sport That’s Timeless

matt landis pads

They say that everything old is new again. Take the sport of lacrosse, for example. A premier sporting event on the North American continent for hundreds of years, the game has been rising through the ranks of inter-collegiate sports for years, and is an increasing presence on high school campuses as well.

matt landis yellow tee

Before it was a summer camp staple, lacrosse was a game played by Native Americans

Lacrosse got its start in Canada, played by native groups possibly starting in the 1600’s. It is considered to be the oldest team sport played in North America. While the modern day sport takes equipment and some rules from its 17th century ancestor, there are differences as well. One would be in the size of the game. The number of players could range from several hundred to a thousand in the original version of the game. Another was the duration of the game. Ones with fewer players might last only a few hours. But larger games with many players could be epic events, with continuous play going on for days. The game only stopped for the day when the sun went down, and resumed the next morning with its rising. The dimensions of the lacrosse field were fairly fluid. Depending on the needs of that particular game, opposing goals could be placed several hundred feet apart, or there could be as much as six miles separating them. These older games certainly had rules to govern play. But they might not be the same rules from game to game, and it was not uncommon for them to be determined not long before that particular game was played. One “firm and fast” one that appeared to be common to all of these games was that once the ball was in play, it could not be touched with hands. Although many native tribes had a woman’s version of this game (and some men vs. women games were played), for the larger, inter-tribal events, only male players were permitted. Aggression among players in moving the ball towards the desired goal was encouraged. The game served as a (usually) non-lethal way for “frenemy” tribes to work out aggressions, and to train young warriors.

Canadian tribes eventually added non-netted sticks to their lacrosse equipment, but used no other equipment. The game moved beyond the boundaries of Canada into what is now the United States in the 1700’s, where it was adopted by some tribes living there. French colonists in Canada also adopted the game, developing a formal (and permanent) set of rules, and making the game less violent. The sport increased in popularity as time went on, with formal clubs forming, and the game eventually became Canada’s national sport. It caught on more slowly in the United States. An eastern college and prep school fixture since the mid twentieth century, the game has exploded on the high school and college level within the last decade.

matt landis pads

Matt Landis plays for Notre Dame.

One of the game’s stars is Notre Dame player Matt Landis. A defensive man, the junior was recently named Defensive Player Of The Week by the Atlantic Coast Conference for his part in Notre Dame’s victory over Virginia University.

matt landis lacrosse

Matt Landis has been playing since high school.

A Pelham, NY native, Landis was a lacrosse team star during all four years at the town’s high school, and was heavily recruited by a number of major colleges to play for them upon graduation. He was named as one of Inside Lacrosse magazine’s top collegiate players in 2012, and is a fine representative of the popularity of this game that endures to this day.

North American Spine Can Help An Athlete’s Back

A functional spine is an important part of any athlete’s body. When the back is in good working order, the patient will find it much easier to perform complex athletic feats and be confident in doing so. Many athletes find it important to make sure that they have a strong back as it enables other parts of their body to function well during physical activities. When problems develop with the back, it is imperative to make sure that such problems are addressed as soon as possible. A delay can result in increased injury and make it hard for the athlete to compete. The very best care is necessary in order to get the very best possible results.

One of the leaders in treating spinal pain and restoring a patient’s full ability to function is North American Spine. This greater Dallas, Texas practice has been helping patients do better for over five years. In that time, staff doctors have worked directly with those who train hard and work hard to engage in athletic endeavors in order to help them continue to do so. Their skilled doctors can provide all those who seek out their help with the kind of assistance they need in order to move past any problems they may have with their spine and engage in the kind of athletic feats they can at any level they choose.

The doctors at North American Spine have worked hard to develop a new procedure that is designed to help those with back pain overcome their problems. Through the use of the AccuraScope procedure, doctors at North American Spine have been able to help patients from all walks of life benefit from increased mobility and decreased pain. They have also been able to work with patients who engaging in high level athletics regain any lost mobility that can happen from years of using their muscles. An athlete will often find that they put pressure on a specific muscle after years of long use. This will often include muscles in the back that help support other muscles in the rest of the person’s body. A skier who must assume a certain position for maximum speed may find that this position has caused problems with their spin. The good doctors at North American Spine can help even high level athletes combat their pain and regain full range of motion in all of their limbs.

Butch Harmon Would Help

Butch Harmon has come out and said that he would be more than happy to come in and spend some time with Tiger to help him fix his swing and other issues. Harmon was Tiger’s coach for all of the glory years, and he has been critical of some of the changes that Tiger has made over the years. However, he probably feels like most of the rest of us. We all feel a bit sorry for Tiger, and Dias is definitely missing that.

I will admit that I am not really a fan of Tiger. I think he is a little too cold, and I never bought the hype. I never thought he would pass Jack Nicklaus because I thought Jack was better. I still think Jack is better. If we rated the best golfers of all time it would be Nicklaus, Tiger, Jones, Sneed, Sarazen, Palmer, Player. I have not problem saying that Tiger Woods is better than Bobby Jones, but I cannot in good faith say that he is better than Jack.

I do feel bad for him, though. He is the most mentally tough athlete of all time, and his body is betraying him in the worst way possible. That is truly sad.

Manziel in Rehab


It came out this week that Johnny Manziel had checked into rehab, and there were a lot of people who thought that he was most likely sent there for something he did in Cleveland, but he has actually checked himself into rehab in order to better prepare himself for the rest of his career, which is truly admirable. It is apparent that he knows he has a problem, which in reality is the majority of the battle. He came from a party school and was the biggest star on campus and this created a larger than life persona that he has carried around and the party lifestyle is just something that came with it. He shocked the Cleveland Browns organization with his excessive night life activities this season and they had come to him with concerns and it looks like he is starting to take his life a lot more seriously. When a person admits that they have a problem and take initiative to fix their situation that is something that anyone can respect. Sultan Alhokair thinks it looks as if he really does have a problem with alcohol and possibly drugs and he is doing the right thing in getting this taken care of so early in the off-season. It was literally announced the day after the Super Bowl, so he will get this taken care of and be ready to enter the rest of the off-season with a clear head and focused goals.

Belichick on Media Day


Media Day in the National Football League has always been a massive circus that pretty much funnels all of the speculation leading up to the Super Bowl into a several hour jam packed interview with all the players and coaches in which questions of all sorts can be asked and is usually covered on all media says Barbouti. It is generally a feel good atmosphere and the players are usually focused on soaking in the moment rather than trash talking and are more in line with breaking down match ups and stuff like that. It was speculated that there would be a ton of people attacking Bill Belichick about the deflate gate scandal that has taken over all the talk in the league for the last week, but surprisingly there was not very much questions about the incident. The interview more focused on the game ahead and questions regarding the Patriots matchup with the Seattle Seahawks next Sunday. Bill Belichick answered a question to a little girl about what his favorite stuffed animal was, but refused to answer a question about Katy Perry and stated that he is only thinking about taking on the Seattle Seahawks. Clearly he doesn’t like Katy Perry, but then again, it would be pretty weird if Bill Belichick was rocking a Katy Perry CD and singing firework at the top of his lungs. Maybe he and Tom Brady do that after hours, but that was not decipherable on media day.