Andy Wirth

Andy Wirth, The Founder, And Owner Of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Manages To Prevent The Olympic Valley Incorporation.

The Squaw Valley Ski Holdings boss, Andy Wirth is in a celebration mood after he successfully managed yo have the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion dropped. He says that he had dedicated a lot of his tome and money fighting this Olympic Valley Incorporation motion dropped, and it is a relief that he has finally succeeded. He says that he and the Lake Tahoe community who depend on the Olympic Valley for economic support would be greatly affected. The Olympic Valley is among the top tourist destination in North America. The valley is prominently known for it’s great skiing terrain. Most of the tourists who visit the valley are skiers looking for a place to enjoy their holidays while skiing.

Andy Wirth says that the Olympic Valley Incorporation was going to subject the region to higher taxes. The higher taxes imposed on the areas p businesses would be reflected in the rise of goods and service in the area. Andy Wirth says that an increase in prices of goods and services would not put them in a competitive position with other destinations. He also said that most tourists in the area would be scared off by the high prices and would opt for cheaper destinations. The incorporation was going to cripple the economy of this area. This motion was also going to cut the area off services like regular road maintenance and snow road clearing.

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, Andy Wirth adds that they opposed the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion as it came at a time when the region was facing a four-year drought. This drought had greatly affected business in the Lake Tahoe region. Resorts and other supporting businesses that depended on the resorts and tourism, in general, were forced to close down. The economy of the region had crashed as very few tourists were visiting the area, and they were not enough to keep the region’s economic fire burning.

Andy Wirth is a great man who is very successful in various aspects of his life. He is a great sportsman with a big heart for skydiving. He is also a great philanthropist who has founded many charity organizations in his life. He focuses his philanthropic efforts on supporting and helping Navy Seals servicemen. He is the founder of an Ironman team charity organization known as Wounded Warrior Support. This Ironman team is made up of his Navy Seals friends whom he met during their training at Olympic Valley. He is also the founder of the Crowdrise campaign, a charity organization that raises money to support the Navy Seals Foundation in its philanthropic course.

Source: the Reno-Gazette Journal

Any Wirth And The Lake Tahoe Community Manage Successfully Fight Of The Olympic Valley Incorporation Motion.

According to Andy Wirth, the Olympic Valley Incorporation motion was a recipe for disaster to the Lake Tahoe area. The community and business around this area solely depend on Olympic Valley as their economic pillar. The Olympic Valley. The Olympic Valley harbors North America most prestigious ski terrain. The area is a favorite destination for most ski lovers around the world and a hotbed for winter sports. The Olympic Valley is also home to several resorts that cater for tourists who visit the area and other local businesses that provide supporting services to this resorts. Most of the residents of this area work in the tourism industry and other supporting industries. This literally means that the Lake Tahoe community and businesses around the area totally depend on tourism.

Andy Wirth says that the incorporation of Olympic Valley would have crippled the economy of this area. The incorporation meant that the businesses in the area would be subject to higher taxes thus their operations would be affected. On top of this, it meant that the area would have reduced access to social services and such as ice clearing and road maintenance. Andy Wirth and the Lake Tahoe community stood firm and protested against the incorporation motion. Andy Wirth had to dig deep into his resources to fight against this motion until it was dropped. This success against the incorporation motion means that businesses in the area would continue their operations normally.

Even as normalcy returns to Olympic Valley, the Lake Tahoe community and businesses in the area have more than one reason to smile. This is because the four-year drought that had hit the area just came to an end. In fact this season, business seems to have started on a good leg as the seasonal winds have come early. Most of the businesses and resorts in the area have already opened which is not always the case at this time. Andy Wirth expects that now that the drought is over tourists will flock the area in their thousands. He is positive that this season they might be able to recover what was lost during the drought. On his side, he is ready as his Squaw Valley Ski Holdings purchased the adjacent Alpine Meadows. The two resorts joined their ski terrains to come up with the longest ski terrain in the world. This is expected to pull more tourists in the area to their Squaw Valley Ski Resort.

Andy Wirth is the founder, owner, president of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings which owns the Squaw Valley Ski Resort and the Alpine Meadows resort in Olympic Valley. He is very successful in business and also in his philanthropic efforts. He is the founder of the Wounded Warrior Support, a charity dedicated to helping Navy Seals veterans. He is also the founder of the Crowdrise charity campaign that raises funds to support the Navy Seals Foundation.

Published through the Reno Gazette-Journal.

Good News and Big Moves for Andy Wirth

Residents and the skiing community in the Lake Tahoe area share the memories of a tense but ultimately good past. The tension comes from the difference between proposed futures for the area. The conflict circles around supporters of incorporation and Squaw Valley LLC. The point man for the incorporation is Fred Ilfield, and at the wheel for Squaw Valley is CEO Andy Wirth. Naturally, both sides believe their proposed idea is better for business and residents in the community. For the side of incorporation the position rests on the notion of accountability. For Wirth and Squaw Valley, it is more about growth and service.

It turns out the Squaw Valley CEO has more will than the competition. Because even though both sides have substantial amounts of cash invested in their proposal, those wanting incorporation throw in the towel. Ilfield has thoughts as to why Wirth opposes incorporation. To these expressed concerns, Wirth remains firm that incorporation itself costs the community in the long run. With the tug-a-war between the sides over, a plan for growth that includes Squaw Valley and her sister resort Alpine Meadows gets the green light. This plan comes in the form of a gondola.

The plan to join and grow the resorts together comes after Wirth’s appointment to the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board. This appointment comes from the Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitor’s Authority. Wirth is not alone in his appointment. There are two other members to the board appointed by the county. Wirth serves as the Chairman. This good news follows a few years after a particularly annoying drought. It also brings together two great organizations without the need for all the rigors of transporting between the two resorts. The change for the area is big, but in the long run definitely beneficial to the ski goers.

Source: the Reno Gazette-Journal

Andy Wirth Supports Clean Power Plan And Wants More Action

Prominent businessman and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Resorts, Andy Wirth is ecstatic that the Reno City council has voted in favor of the Clean Power Plan. The plan’s goal is to create an economy in the United States that is built on and powered by clean energy. The city council has come on board as a proponent of the Clean Power Plan, joining powerful companies in the Reno-Tahoe area of Nevada and California as the latest backer of the plan. Together the council and major businesses in the area can push local utilities and citizens towards cleaner energy and a better future. Mr. Wirth applauds the actions of these companies and government council and sees it as a stepping stone forward in bringing renewable energy to the Reno-Tahoe region.

Mr. Wirth firmly believes that renewable energy is needed right now, and the sooner the better. “We can’t wait for clean energy to come to our area at some distant time in the future” Wirth states. “It should be developed here right now” he goes on. Andry Wirth is a firm believer that creating renewable, clean energy will stimulate the local economy and create jobs. Major companies are backing renewable energy projects all over the country, and going along with their lead can only speed up the process of creating reliable clean energy infrastructure in Reno-Tahoe where Wirth resides. The full article on Andy Wirth’s opinion on clean energy and its effects was published in the Reno Gazette-Journal and can be seen there.

Andry Wirth is a major business figure in the Reno-Lake Tahoe area of California and Nevada. He runs Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, a company that includes multiple top ski resorts of Olympic caliber in the mountains of California. Wirth is also a chairman of the Reno Tahoe Airport Authority Board, a council dedicated to promoting travel to the region. Wirth is an avid supporter of bringing clean energy to his place of residence and supports wounded warriors who served their country abroad.

Andy Wirth – Fights For The Clean Power Plan

The environment is finally becoming an important topic for politicians, and the way to change how big industries affect the environment is through law and policies that create rules that need to be followed in order to prevent further pollution. One such plan is the Clean Power Plan whose purpose is to move us away from the dependence on dirty coal power toward clean and renewable power sources.

As a major supporter and contributor to environmental and community service organizations, including the Humane Society of Tahoe Truckee, The Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation Community House, High Fives and others, Andy Wirth spoke about his views on the Clean Power plan in a recent op-ed for the Reno Gazette-Journal. He states how it is important to act now and not wait until some distant point in the future. Furthermore, he holds the view that the subject of clean energy is apolitical, and that it is on us to change how we treat our surroundings. Despite the fact that the region has access to some of the best solar and geothermal energy in the nation, coal is still being used to make electricity at the Valmy coal plant.

Andy Wirth is well-known for his work at mountain resort and hotel industry. He is currently the President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings, which is the parent company of Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley ski resorts in Olympic Valley, CA. But most notably, he is known for all the work he has done for the community and his fight for clean energy sources. This actually led him to be a recipient of multiple community service and professional awards.

In 2012, Wirth was awarded the Chairman’s Outstanding Service Award from the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board of Trustees. In 2009, he was granted a spot on the HSMAI’S Top 25 Minds in Hospitality and Travel Sales and Marketing list. Later in 2014, he was named Citizen of the Year by Disabled Sports USA and received the Community Five Award.

This is how it begins: region by region, state by state. The process of change is long and hard, and people like Andy Wirth are very important to the cause. In fact, we need more people like him: people who are successful at what they do but also fight for their community and try to improve the world we live in.