Beautiful Nine9 Stories of Success

Endless amounts of talented and creative individuals are having amazing experiences of success with Nine9 Unagency. This agency helps propel success and expose talents of every age, color and or background. There is no spark of talent that goes unnoticed with this special agency. What sets Nine9 apart is their modern, innovative and caring touch.What truly makes Nine9 different from other Talent Agencies is the range of industry professionals that have a mindset of no project is too big or too small to handle. Each talented and unique individual is worth having a shot at their dreams. As Nine9 offers a FREE serviece to find talent to book, the passion and possibilities are completely boundless.

A vibrant young lady by the name of Kennay M.(Talent ID:129443) shares her success of how on her very first day of signing up, finds a wonderful surprise that even within a few hours Kennay already had a few auditions. She felt she was “off to a great start.”Bobby L.(Talent ID:1125055) shows how grateful he is to the Nine9 Unagency giving them a ten star rating out of five, although he admits to being skeptical about signing up initially due to his experience with other casting agencies and having no success and the professionalism was not at all there. Bobby says, however Nine9’s personnel was completely professional also having the passion and spirit to always want to help move everyone on to the next step of dreams.

The cutest little fashionista named Lorena C. (Talent ID:119304) says she is very happy with her projects and looks forward to many more and excitedly announces she has been hired by Black Fashion Week U.S.A and continues to say “I keep working to make my dreams come true”.These success stories and many more were shared on Nine9 Unagency home page where you just might be surprised of how many countless inspiring stories you may encounter.You can also follow them on twitter: Click here.

How the Brown Agency Grew to Work with Thousands of Brands

Located in Austin, Texas, the Brown Agency has been working with some of best talent in Texas. Created by Justin Brown, President of the Brown Agency, his dedication to finding great talent has led to great success. This agency primarily looks for talent that can work in modeling, in addition to print advertisements. Brown’s past would help him to form the legacy created by the Brown Agency.

The Brown Agency prides themselves on obtaining the best talent that Austin and surrounding cities have to offer. Justin Brown should know a thing or two about finding modelling talent, considering he used to be a model. Brown would study business administration in college but had more of an interest in the behind the scenes world of modeling. This desire to learn would lead him to create the Brown Agency, one of the biggest agencies in Texas. The Brown Agency was built from a combination of two agencies, Brown’s former agency, Wilhelmina Brown, and Heyman Talent South.

Talent from the Brown Agency has been proudly featured in elite fashion events all over America. You’ve likely seen his talent grace the stages of many big city fashion shows, including locations in: Austin, Dallas, New York City, and Miami, to name a select few. A good agency can say that they have their talent working hundreds of different companies. The Brown Agency has proudly worked with thousands of different brands, including: Louis Vuitton, Toyota, Dell, and Loreal.

In summary, Justin Brown went from learning how a business works to starting one of his own. Taking his past experience and passion for the modeling industry, Brown would go on to create Wilhelmina Brown. However, Brown would go on to create the Brown Agency to grow his passion even further. Many of the talent that works with the Brown Agency has gone on to appear in fashion shows and advertisements for major brands. The future certainly looks bright for Justin Brown.