Bruno Fagali, corporate integrity manager at his advertising agency. Bruno Fagali was born and raised in Brazil that’s where he got higher levels of studies, he attained his Degree in Administrative Law at the University of Sao Paulo in 2009 because Bruno Fagali is a die hard man, he didn’t quit Bruno Fagali continued, and now he has masters by the faculty of law of USP. In his firm, Bruno Fagali deals with issues like anti- corruption but deeply he his into issues like regulatory laws, federal civil actions, and administrative contracts.

His business specializes in the public interest communication in line with operations at the advertising agency. His firm is a dream come true, and he has always put effort toward it to make it better his passion drives his motives to push always for the best.

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Bruno Fagali has that facial expression that expresses great personality he has given a chance to participate as an active member in campaigns related to health and law procurement and attending seminars and Congress related to the themed aspects.

It’s been quiet a long journey for Bruno Fagali he has experienced many ups and downs but also the way he has dealt with many cases associated with domestic violence, consumer law, and family law in 2006. A man with good faith did a miraculous thing he used his wisdom wisely in 2007 and ruled on the advisory public law contract that amazed the public. On the other hand as 2008 approached he dedicated himself to work on regulatory law and administrative process.

His career has been some time a surprising joke during his profession Bruno Fagali published, and an article raised a lot of concerns to the public and brought confusion and while the public was gazing at the article, on the other hand, the man his gaining the public figure and become more famous.

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