It may have less than a hundred selected great works of art from Adam Sender’s personal collection of well over 1,000 fabulous and quite valuable pieces. It happens suddenly and at random private locations. And it is curated by Frank Benson and Diana Al-Hadid, heavy hitters in the art world. Of course, the initiated would understand from my description, that these are the wondrous Pop-Up Gallery Shows done by Adam’s: Sender Collection.

It was Ms. Al-Hadid that selected master works by major contemporary artists, including Rashid Johnson, Richard Prince, and Cindy Sherman. These are the most revered and highly ranked artists across the whole Earth. Viewers lucky enough to get a golden ticket invitation to these private Pop-Up Gallery shows say they have never had such a heady uplifting experience at an art show before. So the question is whether Mr. Sender is attempting to incite a new trend to revitalize art viewings, or simply enjoys the beat from a different drummer. Which is it?

Adam Sender is most famous as a hedge funds wunderkind innovator. However, he has grown into the role of art expert, connoisseur, collector, and often makes direct investments in the living artists of that created many of the pieces he has already collected. Here he has found his passion in its essence. From his own perspective as well as with assistance from his curators, Mr. Sender has amassed a collection of great artworks, quite huge for a private collection in this age. These Pop-up shows have been held in one of his many spacious stately homes, so far. It would seem that a more traditional venue would have been selected if Mr. Sender was more interested in making a profit with his art intelligence. That is a jot in the “he does it for the love of it” column.