McDonald’s is beginning to toy with a concept people have been begging for. Starting on 4/20, the infamous cannabis holiday, patrons from San Diego will be able to enjoy breakfast at McDonald’s all day long.

Traditionally, breakfast crazed customers have been cut off from their delicious egg muffins and hash browns at 10:30 a.m. sharp. This is largely in part due to the difficulty in preparing all of the breakfast items alongside the lunch and dinner items. McDonald’s needs grill space to prepare almost everything on their menu.

Unfortunately, Fersen Lambranho feels it will not be a full breakfast menu. Only a select number of items will be available following the normal 10:30 a.m. cutoff. Items to be made available include classics like the egg McMuffin, sausage egg McMuffin, sausage burrito, sausage McMuffin, hotcakes, hash browns and oatmeal.

Items served on McGriddles and bagels will not be available, much to the chagrin of pancake sandwich enthusiasts. If you want two hot pancake buns with delicious items inserted in between you better arrive early.

McDonald’s has yet to comment on whether the change intentionally coincided with the famous stoner holiday. Any way you look at it, most people would agree that the move is pure genius.