2015 Season

Roots Returns to Television

Laurence Fishburne has signed on for A&E’s remake of Alex Haley’s Roots. In 1977, ABC produced a mini-series adaption of Haley’s book Roots: The Saga of an American Family. What character will Fishburne will be playing? The actor will play Alex Haley, himself.

Haley’s work was based on his ancestors and spanned the 18th century to the late 1960’s. The history of Roots on television is quite interesting.

In the 1970’s, the concept of a television mini-series was new and networks generally prefer established TV formats. Fred Silverman, then the head of the network, had a lot of faith in scheduling Roots as a mini-series airing during the week of January 23 – January 30, 1977. He did not want to air Roots as a series running one hour a week for an entire season. His instincts were correct and Roots was a massive ratings hit. Along with Rich Man, Poor Man (1976) and Shogun (1980), Roots helped establish the mini-series as a viable and popular form of television entertainment.

Two sequels continued the events of the original series reports Shaygan Kheradpir. Roots: The Next Generation (1979). Years later, a Christmas-themed television movie was produced entitled Roots: The Gift (1988). After nearly 30 years, Roots is being revisited in the form of a remake.

How different will the new version of Roots be from the original mini-series? Will the new version tell the tale of both the first and second mini-series? The answers to these questions depends on how the screenwriters choose to adapt the book.

Likely, the totality of the book is going to be adapted and the new version should cover the complete narrative.

Defenseman Matt Landis Leads the Way for Notre Dame

matt landis pads

Via Inside Lacrosse

Did you watch the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals and nearly hold your breath the entire time? It was a stirring game, for sure, and it was exciting because of one player in particular – defenseman Matt Landis. Without Landis, the Notre Dame Fighting Irish couldn’t have pulled off their heart-crushing 14-10 win over The University of Albany’s Great Danes. The Fighting Irish ended the hopes of the Great Danes advancing for now two years in a row, and that couldn’t have happened without the strength and strategy of this team.

Inside Lacrosse reports that Matt Landis had a lot up against him. He was challenging a star player, Kyle Thompson. But what Landis did for his team is that he didn’t back down. He played an extremely physical game that really put Thompson to the test. Landis made it quite challenging for Thompson to get through and his reward for his effort was to be the first defenseman of the year name the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

matt landis yellow tee

Matt Landis won the Epoch/LM Player of the Week.

In part, that’s because Landis knew what to expect from Thompson. Landis is known to study his opponents, and he knew he couldn’t go up against Thompson without being as prepared as possible. Landis really stepped up for the Fighting Irish by playing a strong, physical defense that even the Great Danes noted was a challenge to them throughout the game. 

matt landis headshot

Matt Landis makes us all want to watch more college lacrosse – and we’ll be doing it quite soon as the Fighting Irish advance to the Final Four game. There are other Notre Dame players to look out for too – including Segio Perkovic, who made four goals during the NCAA Lacrosse Quarter Finals and Connor Doyle (Gilman) who had three goals. Look out for the powerhouse that is Landis and his teammates to help his team go after their first NCAA Championship title.

Dallas Cowboys Receive 2015 Schedule

The Dallas Cowboys as well as the rest of the teams in the NFL received their official schedule for games for the 2015 season. As winner of the NFC East last year Dallas will play a tough scheduled which will include the other division winners from their conference. In addition the Cowboys will play the tough AFC East which includes the reigning Super Bowl Champions New England Patriots. The Cowboys also face the Miami Dolphins, the New York Jest as well as the Buffalo Bills from the same division.

The Cowboys will open the season against their NFC East rival the New York Giants in Dallas on September 13th. They play the Carolina Panthers as their traditional Thanksgiving Day game and they play their arch rivals the Washington Redskins twice within the last six weeks of the season. Cowboys Look Forward to 2015 NFL Season

The entire Dallas Cowboys organization is looking forward to the challenge of the upcoming season. The Cowboys fell one game short, and some may say one pass catch short of being in the Championship Game and heading to the Super Bowl last year. With great improvements to their defense and injured players returning, the Cowboys are expected to be a prime contender for the NFC crown this year and a serious top four team for the Super Bowl.
Diehard fan Ricardo Guimarães BMG plans on going to buy his tickets to the Cowboy’s games when they go on sale today and fans are already making their travel plans for their favorite away games.