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Products That Make Money

When deciding on your next job, it can be challenging to choose a profession after considering the extensive education and requirements needed to make a living to support you and your family. Being highly educated traditionally translates into higher incomes because you are more specialized within a field. But there is one area of business that has two main components that can be utilized and continuously honed from the first day on the job. The business is sales, and the qualities are perseverance and a belief in a product.

Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis love to work. They tried retiring three times and it just never seemed to stick. They enjoy the interactions that come from sales and working with sales teams. This drive is what brought them to their fourth business, which is proving to be immensely successful. It is called Jeunesse Global. It researches and puts to market a wide range of health and beauty products using advances in stem cell research combined with unique combinations of natural ingredients.

This has been a winning formula for them, but especially for their sales representatives. The product representatives are seeing they are offering a product they can believe in. Using advanced science with natural ingredients is an easy sell. And the process of selling is easy too. Each individual can sell from his or her home at a time that works best. This translates to increased opportunities for sales for the company due to fewer restrictions. Also, the representatives can provide the products to customers without having to set up time consuming and expensive relationships with traditional retailers. This means more products reach the market, again with no restrictions. Sellers in every part of the globe are taking advantage of selling to their local communities and can continuously hone their skills in the process.

For Jeunesse, offering the right products is integral. They offer a wide range of products from vitamins to hair shampoo and conditioner. Each product is produced with the latest knowledge from the company’s on-board doctors and product specialists in order to provide a winning formula that works for customers. There are products such as Naara, a collagen rejuvenation formula, or M1ND, a memory enhancement gel. There is the NV, a line of makeup products geared to maintain healthier skin. There is even the energy drink NEO, a natural energy booster that uses all-natural ingredients.

These products are bringing success to Randy and Wendy and sales teams. Randy and Wendy are proud to see success in representatives from all walks of life and all economic backgrounds. They see how the right products allow people to provide for their families and have hope for a better future.

All it took was a drive to sell products they could all believe in, and the perseverance to make it happen. No college required.

An inside look at Fortress’s principal, Peter Briger

The fortress investment group is highly successful due to its impressive panel of leaders. For instance, ever since he joined the company in 2002, Peter Briger has done nothing but bring good riddance to the finance firm.

Currently heading Fortress’s credit and real estate business, Peter Briger had a lot to offer to the company when he joined its table in 2002. He was appointed as co-chairman in 2009 and has been a member of its management committee since he first joined.

View Peter Briger’s profile at Equilar

How he got here

Peter Briger’s success is not a result of sucking on the proverbial silver spoon, but as a result of years of hard work and due diligence. Peter started his career at Goldman, Sachs& Co, where he spent close to two decades handling illiquid properties. Here Mr. Briger and his colleague would purchase unwanted assets, for instance, washed-out buildings and cars renovate them and then sell them at a profitable price.

This equipped him with firsthand experience on how to make profits where other investors wouldn’t dare go, hence preparing him for his role at Fortress as the head of its credit and real estate businesses. He has been instrumental in the growth of this department, resulting in overall growth for the company. For instance, when he joined Fortress, this department had a few employees, but today it has about 300 staff members who hold him in high esteem. Also within his first four months at Fortress, Peter raised approximately $4.7 billion for the firm’s credit fund. His hard work, however, has been rewarding to him as well as he now has a net worth of $2.3 billion which is quite an accomplishment at the age 43 and is also listed on Forbes list.

The other side of Peter Briger

Aside from his business ventures, Briger is dedicated to making the lives of others better. As an entrepreneur who had to work his way up, he understands the essence of giving other entrepreneurs a head start which is why in conjunction with two other alumni of Princeton, he set up the Alumni entrepreneurs’ fund. The fund is dedicated to helping startups from the University make their ideas a reality, by providing with as much as $100,0 00 to use as capital.

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How to Stay Productive With Unroll Me

Unroll Me is a free app that helps better organize your life by unsubscribing you from those subscriptions that you no longer want or need. By staying on these email lists, you only clutter the email box, diminish productivity, and add unnecessary security risks to the day. This app is easy-to-use and lets you control what is removed and what stays. Since its 2011 inception, thousands of people around the world have used the app and enjoy the benefits that it offers.

Along with unsubscribing you from the lists that you no longer wish to receive, Unroll Me subscribers can rollup all the subscriptions they keep so it is placed into a file that is accessible when you want to see the information. This minimizes the clutter in the email box as well as the potential loss of productivity as you get lost in the mail that doesn’t really pertain to your workflow. This app takes care of many services at once, saving you considerable time and headache.

Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenthal started the Unroll Me app in 2011. Jojo got the idea after he was bombarded with emails that took a lot of time from his day and depleted his productivity level. Although he knew that other unsubscriber services were out there, he knew that he could create one that did things a little bit differently and a whole lot better. Many people agree that the app is unique and better than many of the rest out there.

There are many other ways to add productivity to your day and save time. For instance, you can schedule one time per day to check your email rather than have it open all day long. You can use VPN to browse the net as well, which protects the anonymity of the software your company uses. But, it is essential that a program like Unroll Me is a part of the way that you do things. It’s helped so many people break free from cluttered email and can do the same for your needs, too!,2817,2492112,00.asp

Serge Belamant, Father Of Blockchain

With the rise in popularity of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, people are becoming more aware of Blockchain technology and the possibilities it presents. But many people are not familiar with Serge Belamant, a founding patent holder of blockchain technology. Although he ultimately did not graduate from college, Serge Belamant began his career at a civil engineering firm where he created applications to analyze water levels in dams. He spent several years using technology to aid in civil engineering products before pivoting into the financial industry. Once in this new industry, he began to develop technology allowing banks and financial institutions to process all financial transactions from deposits to payments faster and more securely. This technology is what allows cryptocurrencies to create their general ledgers.

One of his crowning achievements occurred while working at SASWITCH. At the time, the company relied on Christian Rovsing’s computer system which failed massively when the two companies unexpectedly stopped doing business. SASWITCH was unable run their system let alone maintain or update the system. Serge Belamant created a new system that utilized parallel processing systems, he came up with the idea of reversing communication protocols which eliminated the need to write new programs, and he invented a new Point-of-Sales system.

As a result of all this success, Serge Belamant started his own business Net1 Technologies. Despite a slow start, the company has had some big name clients and created some impressive new applications. In 1995, Visa hired Net1 Technologies to create the Chip Offline Pre-authorized Card, technology Visa still employs to safeguard against fraud and misuse. First National Bank of South Africa hired him to modernize their Cash Payments System, which disbursed welfare grants to over 1 million people. Then, in 2012, South Africa Social Security Administration contracted with Net1 Technologies for a new system to distribute welfare grants, but this time to nearly ten million people, which required several new inventions, including morphing, a variable PIN, and the Biometric Comparison Engine. For seven years, this technology operated without a single negative incident.

Today, Serge Belamant leads Zilch Technology Limited which continues to make advancements, using blockchain technology, in the banking sector.

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Learning From Gareth Henry – One Of The Most Sought After Investment Account Managers

Gareth Henry has a global portfolio in the management of investment accounts. Gareth has a background in mathematics from the Heriot-Watt University which he furthered to incorporate investment accounts. He also has a keen interest in customer service.

Gareth is renowned and respected for his wealth of experience in the finance sector. As an investment accounts manager, he has been active in several markets such as Europe, the United States, Asia, and the Middle East.

Gareth Henry’s Career Profile

Gareth Henry has held key positions in various organizations. The most notable ones are his positions in the Fortress Investment Group. He started out as the head of their international investor relations and then quickly rose ranks to become the Global head of international investment relations. Upon leaving Fortress, he moved to head the same department in Angelo, Gordon & Co. Here he managed a portfolio of about $28 billion.

Insights and Lessons from Gareth Henry

Gareth has been featured in many interviews. During one of this talks with IdeaMensh, he gave insights that have contributed to his success. He attributed most of his achievements to mentorship which for him started back when he was in college. Today, Gareth has about 20 mentors who are experts in different fields. To him, it’s not about knowing everything. It’s identifying experts in these areas and heeding their counsel. Gareth admits that it takes humility to accept support and leadership from mentors. He adds that these people have been instrumental to his success and they have equipped him with winning formulas that he applies to date.

When it comes to serving clients, he says that he only serves clients once he has understood what they need. This includes organizations that he works for. He says that it takes both communication and dedication to understand clients and deliver. Gareth also advises that to make it in the investment accounts you need to be aware of market realities. This he learned both through formal training, through mentors and also participating in different markets.

Gareth Henry has had nothing short of a meteoric career. He continues to inspire many, and there is a lot to learn from him.

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, the Man behind CAOA’s Success

Latin America hosts the largest automobile manufacturing and distribution corporation, CAOA. The company traces its origin back to 1979 when it was founded by Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a Brazilian businessman, and physician. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, through innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit, steers the company as the company’s chair of its board of directors.

Over the years since its inception in 1979, the corporation has marked several milestones. In 1979, Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade bought Ford’s dealership in Campina Grande. At the time of purchase, the Ford dealership was bankrupt after selling their Ford Landau to Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade, a sale that was never delivered. The dealership was passed onto Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade as compensation for the pre-payment made for the Ford Landau. The purchase marked the birth of the CAOA (Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade) brand. Six years later, the company became Brazil’s largest Ford Dealership.

Changes in the regulations in the Brazilian car import sector in 1992 opened doors for CAOA to import vehicles. The company was the official and exclusive importer of the Renault brand of cars. CAOA led other players in the sale of imported cars. It was ranked fifth in the auto industry in Renault sales. CAOA, however, terminated their contract with Renault and Subaru came knocking. Subaru cars went into the Brazilian market in 1998. Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade became the exclusive Subaru importer in Brazil. In less than a year, Subaru tripled its sales.

The company’s prowess in the industry landed them distribution rights to the Hyundai brand for the Brazilian market in 1999. That year was particularly good for the Hyundai brand as it became the market leader in sales in Brazil through its Hyundai Tucson model. CAOA would, later on, set up Hyundai’s first Brazilian factory in Anápolis, Goiás. This was Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade dream come true. He spent $600 Million in the venture earning him the title, “Entrepreneur of the Year in Industry.”

Carlos Alberto de Oliveira Andrade earned several awards including “Distributor of the Year” as he led CAOA through its successful path. Currently, CAOA has operations in all Brazilian regions maintaining exclusive rights to import Subaru, Ford, and Hyundai auto brands.

Dick DeVos and the FAA

Most people do not realize how important the DeVos family has been to the Republican Party in Michigan and beyond. Betsy DeVos is now the 11th US Secretary of Education, which has been her lifetime goal since she was a little girl. For Dick DeVos, his path has led him into political circles as well. Although he was not able to secure governorship in Michigan in 2006, he has always helped build Michigan as an education leader and business-oriented state.


For many, Dick DeVos is still the face of Amway. However, he left the company in the 2000s to focus on his own endeavors, which mostly include politics and charity. In fact, the DeVos Family Foundation has given away almost $140 million to education, culture and the arts, healthcare, and community organizations in Michigan. For DeVos, it’s also been about the growth in his hometown.


In the 1990s, DeVos saw a lot of opportunities for his hometown to grow. He worked with business leaders to change the face of the downtown area as well. He wanted to see Grand Rapids grow as big as some of the other business destinations in America, and he had a strategy for how he would get that done. It all started with building up the downtown area to be more entertaining and conducive to business travelers. This included the creation of the DeVos Place Convention Center, Andel Arena, and DeVos Performance Hall.


Then, he saw another opportunity and one of the best strategies to bring business travelers to the city. He began working with the local airport to build up the airlines in place as well as the flight destinations. He made one phone call to the CEO of AirTran Airways, and the airline added four new flights in the early 2000s. This would be a spring board for the airport to start making real ticket sales.


Before this point, the airport had been a small executive airport that many didn’t realize existed. Now it’s an international airport with a new name. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport tripled in growth and even expanded. In fact, the $45 million expansion was completed in 2018 and included an all new business traveler center, as well as food court upgrades.


It was these types of strategies that the FAA saw as important to its own growth in 2018 and beyond. The agency unveiled new policies and regulation changes, as well as a $40 million renovation for the GSO Tower recently. While DeVos and the council cannot make decisions for the FAA, they do meet with the agency once per quarter to go over new changes and future growth. DeVos has been quintessential to the council’s success.


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Who Benefits From Softbank’s $3.3 Billion Acquisition Of Fortress Investment Group?

Established two decades ago, Fortress investment group has made the biggest impact in the alternative investment markets. It would especially make most of its fortune by investing in distressed markets and credit markets as well as real estate. Softbank, on the other hand, was established close to four decades ago, and only centered it operations around investing in technological startups.


Its acquisition of the New York-based Fortress investment group was therefore unprecedented. Investment industry players can’t even tell who stands to benefit most benefits from the deal. Here are some pointers that the transaction may be mutually beneficial:


Softbank takes Fortress shares of the market


Soon after fortress investment group listed become the first private equity firm to trade publicly, pressure from investors started mounting. In their first decade of operation, the principals made most of their business investment decisions based on instincts and the size if returns expected from the investment. Read more on



With the listing, however, came the need to please the investors. They had to consistently post positive returns during the earnings calls, making it hard to invest in the more rewarding but long-term investments. By taking these shares off the market, Softbank helps bring back some level of investment sanity to the hedge fund.


Fortress presents a new investment avenue


Softbank rarely invests in non-technology companies. Since its establishment, it has concentrated its investments efforts in the technology startups and struggling technological companies scene. It has however embraced a global diversification strategy with the ultimate goal of becoming the biggest alternative investment firm in the world. The highly diversified Fortress Investment Group, therefore, presents the banker with a great avenue of penetrating the different markets.


Exchange of expertise and tools


Softbank has access to an unrivaled pool of technological tools relating to data collection, tabulation, and forecasting. Deploying some of these to Fortress investment group would help the hedge firm simplify some of its operational tasks thus achieving more operational efficiency and productivity.


Fortress on the hand has access to some of the most experienced and widely exposed research analysts. Their ability to evaluate industry trends and tell off good from bad investments early on would go a long way in helping Softbank achieve its mission of conquering the global alternative investment industry.



Why Alex Hern Is Optimistic About The Future

The Future Of The Tech Industry

Alex HernThe recent wave of innovations is going to change the tech industry. GPU computing techniques will provide a better way to develop software, and virtual reality will change the way people interact. Alex Hern is a tech veteran with decades of experience in software, and his new company is showing the world what he knows. He is optimistic about the future of technology because he believes a paradigm shift is ahead of us. His new company Tsunami VR is trying to introduce these trends into the business world.

The Emergence Of Virtual Reality

Alex Hern is introducing his new startup Tsunami VR to the world. He wants to focus on developing communication solutions for a professional clientele. Businesses need to communicate with each other, but there are limitations to the effectiveness of current communication methods. Tsunami VR is going to fix these issues by giving professionals an immersive way to interact. Remote communication is an essential aspect of creating an international business. You need to communicate with people who live in distant locations, and virtual reality is the perfect medium for immersive solutions.

The Direction Tsunami VR Goes From Here

Tsunami VR has the potential to change the way we communicate, and investors believe Alex Hern understands what he’s doing. The world wants to see virtual reality become a powerful medium for communication. Innovation is going to be essential to moving the tech industry forward, and recent trends seem to suggest Alex Hern has the mindset to make that happen. Entrepreneurs succeed when they are willing to consider new ideas. Virtual reality developers see VR as a form of entertainment, but Alex Hern believes it can become more important. He wants to prove that with Tsunami VR’s communication software.

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The Work and Future of the HGGC Agency

With the large number of company owners needing a private equity firm they can trust, the HGGC agency has been able to fill this gap. Created and launched in 2007 for entrepreneurs and company owners alike, the agency has since worked with thousands upon thousands of clients who need high-quality private equity investments. This allows companies to receive the investments that they require to stay afloat while showing interest to customers and investors within the industry. HGGC was designed for both private equity needs as well as investment assistance and wealth management.

The HGGC agency works primarily with companies earning over a million dollars in revenue annually. This ensures that investors are putting their funds into businesses that harbor great potential and that already have quite a backing when it comes to their finances. Recently, HGGC hired six new members to join their team and they are responsible for the company’s daily operations as well as the overall successful management of the firm. Due to the large number of clients that HGGC works with, these new employees come at an amazing time for added assistance.

There are quite a lot of benefits to utilizing the agency and you can find out more about the company by visiting their site or contacting them directly. The firm has over $4.3 billion in assets thanks to the large number of companies they have worked with over the years and the potential investment opportunities that are readily available to those needing financial assistance. The company is proud to offer their services to many different people and this can help an otherwise struggling business to thrive in an ever-expanding market. Despite the fact that the agency is headquartered in California, they are able to work with clients on a global and international basis. This allows people to easily make use of their services even if they are struggling to find investment opportunities on their own or are finding that they are falling behind on finances and bills. The agency is there to help with just about any financial-related task that you will need to have done.