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Fortress Investment Group Acquisition by Softbank.

Fortress investment group is an alternative asset investment manager that was established when there was a contraction of funds or loans originated by banks to business in 1998. This contraction was brought about by regulations by banks to limit or withhold their funds from businesses due to a number of factors. Other factors that led to the deficit in funds and finances were regulations requiring companies to disclose their financial transactions to the public. Fortress investment manager deals with alternative asset investments like private equity, private credit and liquid hedge funds among others. Over the years fortress investment group has had its fair share of success and challenges. It has grown and spread over the United States and Europe due to the unending need for financing and funds by businesses. Current the alternative investment group manages over $ 70 billion dollars in private equity, real estate, and private credit.

Acquisition by Softbank.

In an effort to become the world’s leading investment group, Softbank acquired fortress investment group for 3.3 billion dollars in 2018. Softbank is one of the world’s leading technological giant from Japan led by Masayoshi Son. In terms of the acquisitions, the fortress is set to work independently within Softbank. It is to 8.08 dollars for each share which totals to 39%, excluding dividends, above the closing price, while Softbank gets a larger financial platform to go ahead with its technological and communication advancement. Since the company’s, Softbank, funds have increased to about 100 billion dollars, it plans to speed up technological transformation and put its investors and the company at the frontline of technological advancements in artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), and machine learning.

Fortress is led by Randy Nardone as the CEO, Wes Edens, and Pete Briger. These executives will still head fortress after the acquisition. The fortress investment group was the first private credit investment firm to sell its shares to the public in 2007. Softbank is almost certain it can increase the firm’s assets within the next few years due to Mr. Masayoshi Son’s network of global billionaires and sovereign funds. Masayoshi Son is a renowned business person and is the best known for bold acquisitions moves.

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Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and their Coming Comedy Show on ABC

Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are about to make their own comedy show titled “Work Wife”. This program is about working spouses who have few boundaries with their co-workers and how these relationships impacts the office. This show is scheduled for a pilot and it is something that Seacrest and Ripa have been contemplating since earlier in 2018.

Seacrest has always been in front of the camera as a host. That is his specialty. He has his own radio programs and he also hosts top rated shows such as American Idol. He also does the Dick Clark Rocking New Years Eve party in New York on an annual basis. Seacrest knows how to produce programs since he created Keeping up with Kardashians. He produces this show. His production company is taking a leading role with producing this show.

Kelly and Ryan might not seem like comedy actors but apparently, they have what it takes to pull this off. ABC has green lighted the project for a pilot. Seacrest and Ripa are both looking forward to the start of this show. No official word has been given as of yet for the pilot’s start date or when the show is scheduled to begin.

Ryan Seacrest is a big name in the media industry. Besides his hosting duties he also appears at various functions related to this industry. He has worked with big name talent in the past and is familiar with the world of acting. Once again, Seacrest is not known for comedic talents, but that doesn’t mean that he does not have a sense of humor. On his show Kelly and Ryan Live he does have some witty things to say and he often makes humorous comments with co-host Kelly.

Of course, there will be writers on the program who will create the material for the actors. Seacrest and Ripa will also have to follow the producers and directors lead. Veteran writers have been assigned to the show. This should give the cast some good material to draw from when acting out the show. If Work Wife is a successful show, Seacrest and Ripa will definitely have another hit TV program to their credit.

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Wen by Chaz: A Look at the Services & Products

Wen by Chaz is a hair care product line featuring products for all hair types and needs. Founded by Chaz Dean, a Beverly Hills stylist to the stars, the products are made using natural ingredients that protect and nourish the hair. And, each product includes an awesome money-back guarantee.


The company has a great 10-year history (see; of satisfying customers, and with a QVC available product line that includes shampoos, cleansers, conditioners, oils, and more, it is easy to understand how that’s possible. According to a definition, men and women have many great products to choose from in the Wen line, each sure to help your hair look its very best.


VIP Salon Services

If you’re in Beverly Hills, why not stop b the salon and get hair treatment that exceeds expectations? You can get a cut or a color, have a cosmetologist style your hair, or get a perm. All the traditional salon services are available, but here, your hair gets the TLC that it needs to stay healthy and look its best.


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Use the eBay sold online cleansing conditioner recommendations to determine the best Wen products for your hair care needs. Answer a few short questions and the Wen experts provide detailed recommendations. Use this advice and you are just a few short steps away from amazingly beautiful hair.

The Chainsmokers Smash Hit “Closer” Reaches Diamond Status

“Closer,” one of the longest running No. 1 hits on Billboard’s Hot Dance/Electronic songs chart, has now been certified diamond in the U.S., according to a article. The track has achieved shipments of at least 10 million units. The biggest hit by The Chainsmokers, dance production duo Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart, also features the vocal talent of Halsey, the stage name of singer Ashley Nicholette Frangipane. The blockbuster release had last been certified at seven-times platinum by the RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America) in March of 2017. The September 16, 2018 piece tells how The Chainsmokers and Halsey both broke the news of the advancement of their global smash hit from multi-platinum to diamond status on their Instagram pages by posting photos of themselves with their new plaques honoring the achievement. Jimmy Kimmel presented The Chainsmokers with their plaques. The surprisingly rapid rise and persistence at the top of the charts of “Closer” was described in the article. The single topped the Billboard Hot 100 record chart in late summer 2016. It dominated the all-genre singles listing for months. The successful song collected a string of awards and has helped both acts to earn Grammy nominations. The tune was nominated for a Grammy in 2017 in the Best Pop Duo/Group Performance category. “Closer” continues to gain more sales, streams and radio play. The article says the track was the longest running No. 1 hit on the Hot Dance/Electronic chart until recently being passed by Zedd, Maren Morris and Grey’s “The Middle”. For The Chainsmokers, who already had several top 10 songs, “that one tune pushed them over the edge and made them true superstars,” and for Halsey, a rising star with a large fan base, the song “was truly her breakout hit single,” says Forbes.

Oren Frank: The CEO and Co. Founder of Talkspace

As the head of Talkspace, Oren Frank envisions a healthy society that receives effective psychotherapy, and that is accessible and within the means of everyone in need of the service across the globe. For half the decade that Talkspace has been in operation, it has helped millions of patients access the most needed outpatient mental health services with much ease. The Talkspace has a messaging application that provides unlimited therapeutic messages that have significantly removed the major barriers that used to hinder people from accessing outpatients’ services.

According to Oren Frank, The OECD report indicates that the average American spends way too much on healthcare as compared to the quality of services they receive. For example, according to the said report, every American spend over two times per head while receiving less than 70% of the quality of service delivery that has led to low life expectancy.

Frank believes in value for money especially when it comes to offering health services. According to him, it is very unfair to overcharge the general American population with the most expensive and tedious healthcare delivery system that is among the least efficient. Having gone through the deprived healthcare system, Frank was inspired to be the change that he would hope to see in the world, and that’s how Talkspace came into being. He wanted to make a difference that will touch the lives of people from every corner of the world and impact their livelihood positively. He believes that his timing was perfect as the attitude towards behavioural health as well as mental health care has undergone some drastic changes in the last few years. In addition, today’s ways of living are facing dramatic challenges that have generally affected the mental wellness of the people.

Cases of mental disorder have rapidly risen with most patients complaining of receiving poor services, which is becoming a broken delivery service of behavioural service. What Frank really wants is to try the best he could to save the Americans and the world at large from elevating human suffering and pain. Introducing Talkspace came to save the world from helping people fight depression among other mental health issues that people are struggling with. Besides, the program is helping cushion the huge damages done to the economy from other insanely expensive but inefficient healthcare systems.

Sheldon Lavin’s Hard Work At OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the man who lead the charge of OSI Group become more invested in sustainable food production. Which is a necessity if the company wants to continue to grow and expand. Sheldon does a remarkable job of drawing on the company’s history of innovation. A major reason the company is where it is today is due to its ability to evolve with the times through the years. This is how it has managed to remain a staple in the food industry for several decades.

OSI sets the bar high when it comes to modern food processing. Its humble beginnings as a small butcher shop nearly 100 years ago helped build the character of the now global corporation. OSI Group is a company basically synonymous with that of the McDonald’s network of chain restaurants in the American Midwest. As the fast food giant grew so did OSI as its primary meat supplier in the Midwest. Over the years the business relationship between both companies has continued to flourish and now OSI is its primary supplier globally. Sheldon Lavin has helped make sure the relationship remains mutually beneficial for both parties involved.


Sheldon Lavin has guided OSI as CEO to being a company that embraces new technology and changes in approach in order to keep moving forward and not stagnate. OSI has also become more environmentally friendly and less wasteful significantly reducing its affect on the environment. The company’s new direction calls for it to pay more attention to the importance of sustainability.

OSI has always been a company dedicated to meeting the needs of it customers. It is also doing its best to meet the global need for more sustainable and eco-friendly food production. Lavin and OSI have received many prominent accolades for sustainability. For instance, the Global Visionary Award and the North American Meat Institute’s Environmental Award are two of such accomplishments.

Sheldon Lavin is honored to be recognized for his hard work at OSI.


The Successful life, Dr. Shafik Sachedani

He was born in 1950 in Dar –es- Salaam, Dr, Shafik is among the renowned dental surgery in Europe. He Studied Dentistry at Guy’s Hospital Medical School in the University of London, England.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is a qualified and experienced dental surgeon expert. He is committed to his profession, and this has assisted him to work for most reliable healthcare sectors in England. Also, Dr. Shafik is a current chairman at Sussex Health Care which has more than 20 homes. Sussex offers excellent facilities for old people and people living with disabilities. Moreover, he is the leader of Department at of Jamati Institutions and is authorized to coordinating the programmes and all activities of Ismail community. He is also the leader in the partnership of Aga Khan Development Network and Ismail institutions. Read more on

Shafik Sachedina has also been able to lead a delegation of the Aga Khan Foundation to meet Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bogdanov. The delegation was discussing a focused on the present situation in the Middle East stressing on the development in Afghanistan and Syria. Dr. Shafik Sachedina applauded Russia’s regular and honorable position of quick and peacefully resolving conflicts in the region and fighting an uncompromising war against extremism and terrorism.

Additionally, Dr. Shafik is a committee of Aga Khan Development Network and chairperson of Humanitarian Assistance International Coordinating Committee. He worked in Britain’s Dentistry Companies for more than ten years before developing the interest in residential care. He is a good philanthropist. He has worked to through voluntary services to Europe’s major healthcare organizations. Dr. Shafik also volunteered to work as the president of Ismail Council for the United Kingdom. He topped up the rich industry service experience to Sussex Health Care.

Additionally, throughout the leadership of Shafik Sachedina, at Sussex Healthcare, he has developed a distinctive mission to offer the highest level of personal-focused care to all the client. He has strived to develop other plans based on improving the health, maintaining fitness, gaining movement, and building strength. The gym offer group training session that assists the people living lone lives to desire for more social interaction.

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Infinity Group Australia Creates Fitness Plan for Your Finances

Premier Gazette recently dove into the annual Australian Financial Review’s list of the Top 100 Most Innovative Companies in Stephen Ray’s article “Graeme Holm, Founder of Infinity Group Australia, Accepts AFR 2018 Award.” The article reviews how AFR comes to their conclusion on which companies should be included on the list and why.


Australian Financial Review looks at the most innovative companies in both Australia and New Zealand. They want to find the companies that are improving their community with innovative solutions to common problems and by innovating company culture to the point where the employees love to work there. To find these companies, they use the consulting group Inventium which looks through thousands of different countries to find the best of the best. Inventium judges the companies on a variety of criteria, including innovation in the company culture, innovation in the internal process, innovation in the strategy, and innovation in the use of resources.


Infinity Group Australia landed a place at the top in the 58th position. They won the coveted position despite being a relatively new company. However, Inventium saw their potential impact on the Australian community by their ability to help people achieve their financial dreams.


Graeme Holm founded the company in 2013 after working in the financial district for almost 17 years. He saw many problems while he was working for the top four financial institutions in Australia, namely that the companies would abandon their customers after they signed the loan. This left Australian families to continue living paycheck to paycheck without really paying down their debt or saving for their futures. Graeme Holm created Infinity Group Australia with Rebecca Walker after spending six months in research and development to create a financial solution. They wanted to create a company that took a client-centered approach to finances. Learn more:


Their approach is to treat their customers in the same way that personal trainers treat theirs. He recognized that personal trainers don’t just tell their customers how to eat or work out once. Instead, they create individualized diet and exercise plans for each customer and then continue to work with them until they achieve their goals. Infinity Group Australia reviews the client information in the same way. They create a detailed individual plan for each customer and then provide resources and support throughout the entire repayment period. This way each customer makes clear goals to achieve their financial dreams of independence.


Papa Johns CEO Listens to His Team Members

Steve Ritchie, the CEO of the nationwide Papa Johns chain of pizza restaurants, recently went on a tour of many of the company’s outlets to listen to employees and get their perspectives on work and the direction the company is heading firsthand. The tour was consistent with the Papa Johns corporate philosophy that success comes from putting the job satisfaction of its employees as a top priority.

Visiting stores from Atlanta to Los Angeles, he listened to the concerns and comments of multiple employees and absorbed their thoughts on the topics of customer interaction, charitable giving, community involvement and many more.

One theme that came out his listening was that many employees consider Papa Johns to be an extension of their family, and he was heartened to learn that the job is much more than a paycheck to many team members. In an article from USA Today, he said that he clearly understands that Papa Johns is more than just a collection of restaurants making and delivering pizzas; the people in the stores are representative of their communities and are important as such.

While Steve Ritchie acknowledged that some of the conversations were difficult, he wanted to get his information firsthand and form his opinions based on what employees on the front lines of the operation were saying, and he came to the conclusion that, overall, the Papa Johns team is upbeat and ready to make a new start. He points out that Papa Johns is an operation that is much larger than a single person and that the importance of teamwork is paramount going forward.

Steve Ritchie Papa Johns believes strongly in the importance of getting accurate feedback – even when it’s not necessarily what he wants to hear – and this tour shows how he is willing to do whatever it takes to get an accurate picture of the company he leads. Overall, this tour should serve Steve Ritchie well as he guides Papa Johns forward.

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The Successes of Brian Torchin

Brian Torchin is currently the CEO and President at HCRC Staffing. At HCRC staffing their mission is to find the best professional for the customer. The benefits of using this company is they take into account what kind of employees your company is looking for and find that employee. One of the benefits of using this company is if you decide to chose a person who wasn’t presented by the firm you don’t have to pay for their services. The firm is a consulting firm that consults for health care and legal industry. Brian Torchin created this firm in the year of 2007. Brian Torchin’s education history includes a medical degree.

Brian Torchin’s education includes a degree from New York Chiropractic college, university of Deleware and JFK. After gaining his chiropractic degree he went on to open his own clinic and helped people relieve their pain and problems, alike HCRC. Read more at about Brian Torchin

One of the many ways the company recruits workers is Dr. Torchin’s personal Facebook page. There are multiple post concerning job openings in certain areas. Also on his Facebook page it includes the many websites where he has a profile. In the companies Facebook page it consists of tips from their website ranging from how to keep your employees calm to keeping the staff focused and many more. However, on the companies page there is no posts for job openings but there is plenty of links to their website.

The companies website is very thorough with their information. The website is very organized and easy to use. It also has plenty of amazing reviews from loyal customers. They have many links including to their blog which consists of tips on how to keep your employees happy and many more. The website is very impressive for how organized, neat and informative it is.

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