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Health and Wellness Expert, Dr. Johanan Rand, Talks About his Title ‘The Anti-Aging Guru’

“There is something significant to be said about us as a culture, when we all agree to make a change that feels impactful and healthy and honest but then we go on behaving in roughly the same way that we did before.” Dr. Johanan Rand talks about the people who come to him who are fed up with status quo. “My patients don’t want to be the norm. They want to break out of the rut and do something healthy and most importantly, lasting.”

Dr. Johanan Rand is the founding member of the New Jersey company Healthy Aging Medical Centers, which is dedicated to providing health and wellness programs to all of their patients. “Our patients have an assortment of age-related issues. We deal with the entire spectrum of preventative medicine as well as anti-aging protocols.” Dr. Rand however is the first to say that he and his team of experts are more about changing the way people view aging. “We are not a cosmetics company and we are not selling the Fountain of Youth. What we are is a health and wellness institute that wants to educate, empower and re-define how we see ourselves. Every day we are aging and we cannot stop it nor should we want to. We can, however, be healthy and feel strong and alive in this process (Newjerseybio-identicaldoctor).”

Healthy Aging Medical Centers considers themselves to be an educational facility. They have many different programs and treatments that are designed to help people get proactive in their lives. “The people that come to us are usually those people who feel that they have been asleep most of their lives and that life is happening to them, rather than them living fully. We help them shed old beliefs and embrace new empowering beliefs.” Dr. Johanan Rand laughs at being called an Anti-Aging Guru. “I think people see me as this guru mainly because of my passion and me belief in them. But I am always quick to add, if I believe in you then you must believe in you too, otherwise we are both wasting our time.”


Chicago Pediatrician, Dr. Mark Holterman, Helps Vietnamese Children

Dr. Mark Holterman is a pediatric physician who graduated from Yale with honors. He was a Director of Surgery at the University of Washington and also did pediatric surgery at the Children’s Hospital of Seattle. Dr. Mark Holterman is also very interested and involved with scientific research; specifically with his Mariam Global Health Fund (Twitter).

Mariam Global Health Fund is a business that was brought up by Dr. Mark Holterman along with the help of others to continue research on autoimmunity and stem cell topics. They have contributed to many organizations, including the International Pediatric Specialists Alliance for the Children of Vietnam. The goal of Dr. Mark Holterman and the Mariam Global Health Fund is to advance medical technology on a global scale (

Although Dr. Mark Holterman loves working with patients one on one, he has always been inspired in making a global impact with a much larger difference. Dr. Mark Holterman as a businessman has learned much along the way. One piece of advice he offers to other businessmen, no matter what business it is, is to alway have financial control and to spend money wisely. Dr. Holterman also encourages those who are starting a business to not be discouraged by ideas that do not work. There will be times when certain investors will not approve of your ideas, so it is okay to let go of them and bring in new ones. Old ideas may get revisited in the future, but roadblocks are never a reason to get discouraged.

Dr. Mark Holterman has been successful as a scientist, doctor, and entrepreneur by allowing advice from others as well as seeking it. When individuals do not seek for advice or help in some form, it can be easy to fail. Business is a teamwork effort. Dr. Mark Holterman believes that the best way to not be overwhelmed by having so much on your plate is to focus all your time and energy on one task at a time. That is why it is good to have other trusted employees helping you out; so you can still get work done by dispersing the work load. One last piece of advice for entrepreneurs is that technology can be both good and bad, which is why it is important to be aware and guarded.


Graham Edwards Propels Telereal Trillium Forward

Leadership comes from the top down and Graham Edwards’ commitment to understanding what drives value is readily apparent after witnessing his accomplishments at Telereal Trillium. Since he has been CEO of the company, he has presided over immense growth and success. Driving his success is a fundamental principle of eliminating the complicated aspects of real estate for the customer. Simplicity creates the best environment for this type of business.

Telereal Trillium is a company that utilizes the potential and talent of all its employees. A tremendous amount of value is placed on the attribute of awareness. The company cultivates and nourishes the aspirations and goals of its workers ( They service a variety of companies including Barclays, Virgin Media, BT, Royal Mail, the Department for Work and Pensions, and the Birmingham City Council. In 2006, the company was awarded the Investors in People award, and in 2009, they were given the Norwood Property Lunch Property Deal of the Year award. The Corporate Supporter of the Year award was given to Telereal Trillium in 2016 by the Tomorrow’s People Awards. Diligence and a steady pace of stable growth is the only way to describe the path that this company has taken. With an enormous wealth of holdings, Graham Edwards Telereal has positioned this company well to prosper indefinitely.

Graham Edwards studied economics at Cambridge University and went on to manage funds at Merrill Lynch. He was also the Head of Finance for BT Group PLC’s property department. Later he joined Talisman Global Asset Management and became their Chief Investment Officer. In 2001, Edwars became the Chief Executive of Telereal and eight years later they acquired Trillium and became Telereal Trillium. They now hold a portfolio worth around $6 billion and have now become one of the UK’s biggest and most successful property companies.


Dr. Walden Advice on Cosmetic Surgery

We all have that small physical thing that we are always trying to hide from everyone. This is the part that we feel is embarrassing and we see as a ‘’disability’’. Some people are so affected by their part that they are unable to participate in public setups. They say that they tend to feel like everyone is focused on observing their imperfections instead of listening to what they have to say. Well, this may be far from the truth because people may not even notice what you think is an imperfection, in fact, others may view it as perfection.

However, the fact that it bothers you is why it needs to be attended to, for you to feel comfortable in your skin. The only way to solve the matter permanently is through undergoing cosmetic surgery. Many individuals are, however, hesitant to undergo the process.

Dr. Walden says that many individuals realize it is the best move after the process, which they took forever to partake. She remembers one of her childhood friends who is a stay at home mum, and always had small breasts. She was an ideal patient of breast enlargement because she always felt less. Finally, after Dr. Walden moved to Austin, she booked an appointment and decided to face her fears and took the process. After the augmentation was successful, she was so happy with the look she achieved that she went spreading the gospel of cosmetic surgery. Dr. Walden says the joy she sees in the women after surgery is what keeps her going every day.

Dr. Walden is a mother of two twins who she considers her priority. This is why she moved from New York where she used to practice medicine and describes as the mecca of cosmetic surgery to see her children grow near her family.


Bruno Fagali Develops Growing Law Practice In Brazil

Bruno Fagali is one of the leading legal professionals in Brazil. Not only does he have a thriving business, but he also produces online content about various legal issues.

When Bruno Fagali was young, he did not know what he wanted to do for his career. He attended college for a few years without a clear direction. While he was in school, he worked a job at a small legal firm in his city. He promptly concluded that he wanted to become a lawyer and own a company. Law school is expensive, and he had to work multiple jobs to pay for school. He would eventually graduate from law school with a job offer from a major legal firm in Brazil.

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Early Career

Bruno Fagali took on additional responsibilities in his first few jobs. He loved interacting with clients, and he also enjoyed studying various aspects of the law. He decided to start his own company several years after graduating from college. Although a new company required a significant financial investment, he wanted more control over his time each day.

Business Success

In the early stages of his company, it was difficult to attract new clients. He developed a marketing plan that resulted in higher sales and profits according to Bruno Fagali also decided to invest in a new building for his company. He moved locations to a more prominent part of his city. His business is thriving, and he plans to hire additional legal professionals to help him accomplish all of his goals.


Southridge Capital Works To Help People Control Their Finances

There are many of us who have had the experience of financial instability at one point in our lives, whether in the form of debt or just being tight from week to week. For those who find themselves in debt for a period of several years, coming out of it can be almost impossible. Thankfully, companies like Southridge Capital are working to help people climb their way out of financial binds to live their lives fully without the stress of finances. Financial solution companies like Southridge take the complication out of doing finances and build a perfect plan for each of their clients. It is always important to make sure a company is trustworthy and has a history of positive feedback since they must use all of your personal information to sort out any financial problems.

Southridge Capital happens to be one of the best financial solution companies in the country these days and they are located in Connecticut. Southridge has been in the financial industry for more than 20 years and has worked to rectify thousands of clients financial problems, from debt, credit scores, and general bills. Southridge makes it easy for their clients to go through the day without stressing over finances because they take care of everything under the conditions of their client. They also help their clients build a foundation for financial success in the future, to manage things on their own if they desire. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Thousands of people have had good things to say about Southridge and their services, which are some of the most reasonably priced when it comes to other financial solution companies on the market. Southridge always has a team of financial experts at the ready to help their clients in their day to day needs. Whether you are new to financial responsibilities or you are having difficulties keeping your business afloat, Southridge Capital can help. Anyone can contact Southridge through their contact number or their Facebook page.

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Lacey and Larkin’s Problem with President Trump

It’s not a secret that no one likes President Donald Trump. Even his own people called him a moron at one point or another. In particular, he’s too corrupt for most people to try to understand. It’d be different if he was trying to do the right thing. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

Unfortunately, the current President doesn’t seem to care about doing the right thing. He’s more focused on returning favors and paying people back for supporting him. He’s not even helping the people who voted for him. He’s just helping his millionaire, billionaire, and corrupt buddies. One of those corrupt buddies is former sheriff Joe Arpaio.

If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Joe Arpaio went down in history as the worst American sheriff to ever serve. He was sheriff of Maricopa County for 24 years. From day one, he targeted and persecuted Latinos on a regular basis.

His abuse of power went far beyond some shady activities. At the height of his brutality, he opened Tent City. It was supposedly his answer to overcrowded jails. In reality, it was a concentration camp where he treated every inmate like slaves and torture subjects. He’d still be reining terror on people if it weren’t for the dedicated investigative reporting of Phoenix New Times.

At the time, Phoenix New Times was owned by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin. They started the paper shortly after dropping out of college in the early 70s. New Times was their response to the ultra-conservative viewpoint of the local media.

After gaining prowess in the Phoenix area, they expanded nationally. They started by purchasing other like-minded papers in other states. Before long, they’d co-founded Village Voice Media. While building their news empire, they also battled Joe Arpaio. Read more: Michael Lacey | Twitter and Michael Lacey | Crunchbase

New Times was the only paper that covered Arpaio fairly. They didn’t ignore any of his shady dealings. The deeper they dug, the more atrocities they exposed. Obviously, Arpaio didn’t like the exposure, so he tried to silence to the newspaper like he did all his other critics. Sadly for him, New Times wasn’t such an easy pushover.

Lacey and Larkin eventually brought the corrupt sheriff down. After a lawsuit against Maricopa County awarded them $3.75 million, Arpaio was convicted of criminal contempt. Weeks before his sentencing, President Trump pardoned him. Years ago, Arpaio supported Trump’s allegations that Obama wasn’t an American citizen. Trump just returned the favor.

OSI Food Solutions expands production of chicken products

OSI Group, the number one food processing company in the world continues to expand its business operation to more locations in the world. The company has been in the news lately for their acquisition of the European market which was implemented through the Flagship Europe and acquisition of Dutch food company Baho Foods. OSI Group is led by Chief Executive Officer Sheldon Lavin and President David McDonald. These two individual are the force behind the success of this company. They have taken the company from a medium level company to now an international company with business recognition on various continents.

OSI Group runs its business operations through various subsidiaries. In Europe, OSI Group has been implementing various plans that are aimed at making the company a leading food processing plant in the continent. In Spain, they run their business operation through a brand known as OSI Food Solutions. This is one of the projects that was initiated through the Flagship Europe initiative. The food plant in Spain Located at a place called Toledo. This is one of the biggest food plants that the company owner in Europe.

The Spain based food plant has recently been upgraded and expanded to boost the production of chicken products. The expansion which was carried out and completed in 2017 will double the production of chicken products. Before the expansion, the food production stood at 12,000 tons.

The higher production capacity of the company will help it dominate the Europe market for a long time. The OSI Food Solution plant in Spain will have a capacity to produce over $45,000 tons of chicken, pork and beef products starting this year. The food production business in Spain has also assisted the local people gaining from employment opportunities.

Why did OSI Food Solution expand the chicken business? This is a valid question that many would like to know. According to food consumption data, there is increased consumption of chicken products in Spain and the countries surrounding it. In the last three years, there has been an increase of over 8%, and this is a good reason for them to expand their production so that they can meet the desired food production targets.

OSI Group has been expanding its business operation in all corners of the world. They have bought a new food processing plant formerly owned by Tysons Foods in Chicago. They have also built seven new food processing plants in various location in Asia. The company clearly means business under the leadership of Sheldon Lavin and David McDonald.

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Cassio Audi’s Days With Viper Were Ones To Remember

As a young teen growing up in Brazil, Cassio Audi and his friends used to love listening to the heavy metal sounds of bands like Iron Maiden. The group of teens were also aspiring musicians who used to get together and jam out whenever and wherever they could. In 1985, as freshman in high school, the group decided to form a band which they called Viper. With Cassio Audi at the drums the band would soon embark on an adventure they would never forget.

The band was formed in a rather impromptu way but soon the group decided that they were pretty good. They began playing small gigs and soon recorded a demo called The Killera Sword. The demo was a hit on local radio stations and the band’s popularity began to rise. Viper began to tour Brazil and by 1987 they had recorded and released their first studio album, Soldiers of Sunrise. The album was a huge hit and the band toured South America and Europe prior to releasing their second album, Theatre of Fate, in 1989.

That same year, Audi left the band to attend university at Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo. The band has continued to record and tour to this day with various members. The original group was unique in that their lyrics were done in English and you could not tell that it was their second language. That original group with Cassio Audio behind the drums is remembered fondly by heavy metal fans of the 1980s. For a few short years a group of Brazilian teens rocked the heavy metal scene, something that few can add to their resume.

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Forex And Jordan Lindsey

Jordan Lindsey is the founder of JCL Capital. He has founded several businesses in the financial services industry and the technology industry, some of which combine financial product trading with technology. This allows Jordan Lindsey to enjoy the success he has had and help change the Forex trading industry. Jordan Lindsey grew up in the New York area. He was competitive kid growing up, and he played a lot of sports, two of which were his favorites, tennis and ice hockey. Jordan Lindsey knew that even from a young age, he wanted to change the world. The way that he accomplished this was by creating companies.

Jordan Lindsey found the San Francisco California area, and he immediately grew to love the place. The creative culture of the area encouraged people to share ideas and to start new businesses, and Jordan Lindsey loved that about the area. Jordan Lindsey decided to move back to the area after returning to New York, and he created JCL Capital.

Today, Jordan Lindsey is an experienced trader in the algo trading markets. He has taught himself how to be a computer programmer. He has also become a systems architecture designer. Jordan Lindsey has founded several companies in tech and in finance. He lived abroad in Bosnia, Mexico, and Argentina. While in Bosnia, he met his wife, and they fell in love and had three beautiful daughters together.

Jordan Lindsey has created a new algorithm that will allow the user to trade on the foreign exchange markets, which are some of the largest markets in the world. This algorithm combined with his own customized cryptocurrency has allowed Jordan Lindsey to make a profit because the currency appreciates due to supply and demand. The future of the platform will revolve around quicker trades due to the success of the algorithm.