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Mark Mofid Is Determined To Greatly Improve The Field Of Plastic Surgery

There has never been a better time to take interest in plastic surgery, as the benefits are better than ever and the risks have never been lower. Dr. Mark Mofid is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the United States these days and he has personally contributed to many of the advancements the industry has seen over the past decade. Mark has a strong education behind him, studying at prestigious schools such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Since earning his degree as a surgeon, Mark Mofid has earned his license to practice plastic surgery and is board-certified.

Mark Mofid says he was overly optimistic going into the field of plastic surgery, as he expected something different. He saw many problems with the techniques medical practitioners were using and the various implants that were used in plastic surgery were made of generic products. Because of this, many issues arose with patients due to unsafe methods and materials that were rejected by the body. Since the beginning, Mark has been dedicated to improving the standards in plastic surgery and help to clear the name that scares some people away. Mark Mofid owns his own practice today in San Diego, where he has perfected his procedures and his methods to provide his patients with some of the best results in the country. Mark’s practice specializes in butt augmentation, but they also provide their clients with nearly all cosmetic surgeries available today.

Mark has taken the time to speak at many conferences that have taken place around the nation today discussing the state of plastic surgery and where it is headed in the future. This allows him to spread his knowledge and technique with more plastic surgeons and potential clients. This has a great effect on Mark because the better image plastic surgery has, the more it will spread throughout the United States. It is growing steadily today, but much slower than other countries, such as Brazil. Mark’s technique is also among the best in the business, as he has produced some of the best looking plastic surgeries in the industry to date.

Dr. Shafik Sachedina Alleviating Poverty And Helping People

Dr. Shafik Sachedina is the man who makes things happen at sixteen difference locations with the Ismaili community. He’s a member of the Aga Khan Development Network and a member of the Ismaili Leader’s International Forum. As the Head of the Department at Jamati Institutions, he has a huge impact on the community.

Dr. Sachedina has been able to help alleviate poverty and really help people who’ve needed it in the community. Promoting peace for the middle east in one of his most important platforms and he believes others can carry that message if he inspires them. As the Chairperson of FOCUS Humanitarian Assistance, he’s on the front lines helping people whenever he can.

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The Institute of Ismaili Studies helps promote the study of Muslim culture and does research to further that agenda. With his leadership role at the institute. Dr. Sachedina has been a voice for the Muslim community and key in spreading positive things about the culture. The main purpose of the Institute is to encourage a better understanding of the relationship between other faiths and the Muslim faith. Drawing that parallel is an important part of bridging different cultures. It’s also a place to teach students who don’t understand English with a Syrian Preparatory Program and a Khorog English Program. He was born in Tanzania and started an early passion for his culture and making sure others were educated.

As one of the founder of Sussex Healthcare, Shafik Sachedina has also been instrumental in creating policies to assist people being cared for at Sussex Health Care. The facility is a top home care provider for people with disabilities and dementia. His policies have advocated for the best care and best treatment for the patients including recreational activities to help improve quality of life and health. The Sussex Health Care facility improved greatly after Dr. Shafik was able to take over and make some improvements.

As if he isn’t already involved in enough, Dr. Sachedina, volunteers at the Jamati Institute to continue giving back in every way he can. He graduated from Guy’s Hospital Medical and Dental School in 1975. He soon after became a practicing dental surgeon.

Talos Energy Mexican Oil Fields

The oil industry is booming in many parts of the world. Many companies are investing heavily in new property and equipment. Talos Energy is a private oil company that is having a lot of success in Mexico. For many years, the oil industry in Mexico was dominated by companies run by the government. Talos Energy has had success for various reasons. Not only does the company provide quality products at an affordable price, but the company also has the best technology in the industry. With new oil wells being discovered in Mexico, the future is bright for Talos Energy.

Early Growth

Talos Energy has been in business for many years. During the initial years, various issues had to be corrected. Many oil companies are sensitive to swings in the price of crude oil. Crude oil is a volatile commodity that is dependent on demand from the global economy. Several years ago, the cost of crude oil crashed. This decline represented a significant turning point in the industry. Many companies went out of business during this time. Companies like Talos Energy were able to acquire smaller companies at a great price.

Focusing on Customers

Another feature of Talos Energy is a strong commitment to providing excellent customer service. There are many companies in the oil industry that are concerned with earning a high income. However, the leaders of Talos Energy want to make a positive impact on customers. This commitment to customers is one of the biggest reasons why the company is developing.

Talos Energy is investing in new products and services. With new technology, the company should be able to offer new options for customers in the future. These new products will allow Talos Energy to continue expanding at a rapid pace. Many companies will start to mimic the business model of Talos Energy.

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Securus Looks Back on 2017 and Looks Ahead to 2018

The year 2017 was a banner year for Securus Technologies, and as we reflect on our year, we equally invite our readers to view our upcoming project. In summary, the past year revolved around purchasing GovPayNet, building a Wireless Containment Solutions program, and keeping our customer service department satisfactory. In fact, our customer service received the highest honor in the Stevie Award. The upcoming project for 2018 is drone detection technology, which is now complete and ready for distribution.


Returning to the Stevie Award, Securus Technologies capped off 2017 with three Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Securus congratulates the Corporate Escalations team for winning gold in the category Customer Service Complaints Team of the Year. We extend congratulations to the Video Visitation Team for winning bronze in the category Front-Lone Customer Service Team. Last, we congratulate Zelperita Jackson, our customer service manager, for winning silver in the Customer Service Professional of the Year category. The Stevie Awards reward companies for superb customer service performance as judged by seven specialized judging committees.


Securus shows no signs of slowing down in 2018. Recent complaints from correctional facilities mention an increase in drone misuse. Inmates are using drones to transport contraband cell phones, weapons, and drugs overhead without security detection. Inspired by recent headlines, the company is countering the disturbing trend by creating drone detection technology on active pilot programs. The technology counters drones by using a digital antennae structure infrastructure similar to last year’s Wireless Containment Solutions product. We worked on this product for 18 months, and it’s ready for release. Nonetheless, we will continue trial-and-error tests to resolve buggy components to strengthen the program.


In closing, Securus will stay ahead of disturbing trends by creating software to counterattack an inmate’s attack. Thanks to customers like you, we allow our past success to guide us toward future ones.


Jed McCaleb Revolutionizing Bitcoins and Cryptocurrency

It has been predicted that cyrpto-currency will change the way that stockmarkets, fundraising and global payments are handled in the future by Jeb McCaleb, a longtime developer. Starting with the bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox, McCaleb has been involved with a number of the largest crypto organizations. He is Stellar’s chief technology officer, focusing on a network of crypto-currency for payments across borders. Jed McCaleb has shared his views with about the technology of the underlying blockchain and the cryptocurrency that will become more stable in coming years.




McCaleb believes it is clear that there will be a network for payments that is universal in the future. One that will allow people to see a public ledger while using currency that they are familiar with. The times for nework transactions are a maximum of five seconds which is significantly shorter than that of bitcoin, allowing currencies such as the euro and U.S. Dollar to be exchanged quickly. A cross border system of payments is being used by IBM for working with larger banks. There are also a number of markets taht the coin offerings have not hit yet.




Autonomous Next, a firm for financial research, says that in four years there have been almost nine billion in coin offerings. Regulators attention has been gotten by the increase in fraudulent fundraisers but token sales are a new fundraising model. Digital coins can be purchased by retail investors to contribute directly to a project. Jed McCaleb believes that stocks and other non-cryptoassets will use the same technology to become digital. McCaleb believes that it will likely be decentralized since he believes in the next decade all equity could be in blockchains.




There are a number of new businesses working to connect traditional markets with digital tokens. Investors in Securrency out of Maryland can use bitcoin to purchase stock in the company. Mt. Gox exchange for bitcoin was created by Jed McCaleb who sold it to Mark Karpeles during 2011. The exchanged filed for bankruptcy after being hacked while Karpeles owned it. McCaleb is co-founder of Ripple which has the third largest XRP copin by capitilzation of the market. In 2014 McCaleb became Stellar co-founder.

Philosophy of The Driven Entrepreneur Vijay Eswaran

As we all are in a day to day driven life of work, and making enough to get by maybe help support our families and have some good times. Vijay Eswaran looks to shake up that formula of mundane daily tasks that steers our decisions and help us focus so that our true life goals can be reached. Vijay Eswaran teaches that you need to arise, awaken, and analyze exactly what is going on in our lives so that we can actually make a change and improve our quality of life. This type of entrepreneur is exactly what the common man is looking for, while examining the actual strategies that Vijay Eswaran has taken to improve his life one may be able to acquire the experience needed in order to create a change in theirs.

With his level of success Vijay Eswaran is now able to use his time to help teach and develop other entrepreneurs and aspiring business savvy people to achieve their “destiny”. As Vijay states we “function in automatic mode” just doing what we think we need to do in order to be successful when in all reality it is the exact thing that is holding us back in the grand scheme of things. This is why if you have a goal of achieving more Vijay Eswaran’s literature is something that you need to be aware of. Vijay arose to creating his company from being a taxi driver that was just working his way to completing his degree. His passion and drive took him to create a very successful company which allows him to know guide others to a successful path that he took a tremendous amount of his time to find.

Vijay Eswaran has founded numerous foundations as well as established partnerships that help developing entrepreneurs that are currently experiencing the struggle to success. He of course has been the recipient of numerous awards that attribute towards his success but he only cares about helping others learn from his past experiences and failures. This alone will help entrepreneurs learn the ins and outs of the market that they are trying to pursue and be a wealth of experience necessary for the journey.

O2Pur: The New Metal

Many ways exist to invest and grow your money. You can focus on the tried and true product or service that rides the waves of time because they prove essential to daily living. Perhaps you research the DOW Jones Industrials (DJIA), the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), the Standard & Poor’s 500 (S&P500) and the NASDAQ, Inc. Composite (originally National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) to see which commodities and companies seem impervious to years of change and therefore esteem worthy of your hard earned dollar. They would show financial gains as their overall trend in good times and bad.

Among them you would find favorable numbers with Philip Morris Int’l, Reynolds-American, and British American tobacco companies; every one of which have embarked upon the eCig market. While relatively new, these industry giants have the research history and development models to make years seem like decades. They have found success with such eLiquid and eCig products and brands as: MarkTen, HNB (heat not burn), NeoStick, iQOS and Core. From the most lucrative angle, the new eCig that one or more of these giants will want to gobble up could prove to be your best new investment. That’s where O2PUR steps in the scene. Offering highly rivaled flavors, devices and membership plans, O2PUR has single-handedly found the way to satisfy the varied palettes of ejuicers.

However, after witnessing a wide number of successful companies from these indices, you may yet wonder which is best? How do I decide? Flip a coin? Pull numbers or little slips of paper out of a hat like that unlikely winner on Deal or No Deal? Though you may sense angst about where to invest, three keys to remember will help you keep your wits about you. One, choose a product or service that you use regularly. This way you’re able to experience first hand any relevant changes and can even suggest consumer needs through investor relations. An example here would include Johnson & Johnson or Visa Card. Whether you have a family or are single, chances are you make regular use of several products or services via an interface of J&J and/or Visa. Secondly, select a company that shows wisdom regarding the industry.

No one can succeed, whether as a company or an individual, without changing with the times. Is the company willing to adapt to the ever transforming current needs and demands of the consumer, the environment and industry regulations? In other words, has it proven its mettle? An example here would be General Electric. It’s way more than a just a light bulb today but the basis of it’s products still revolve around this original resolution. From your kitchen to the medical care of the field doctor, GE remains the leader of in its industry. Finally, given all positives on the prior two key points, what is the likelihood that the product or service shall remain relevant for the future consumer? No matter how great or well managed a company may seem today, without addressing a future need, it will become obsolete, ..obsolete in its purpose, plans and profits. An example here includes the pop-o-matic version of board games. When they were first introduced in the mid-1970’s, everyone thought that they would replace all versions and remain the must have in the toy world. Yet, less than ten years later, digital games would take over and leave Trouble dusting on the shelves.

Ultimately, when choosing from among the new kids on the block, trending products and services call out to you. Yes, there’s the occassional ground breaking invention but unless it’s your own patent, as a merchant, go with what the people say they want. That is their voice expressed to you through their pockets. And nowadays in the ejuice market, O2PUR is what’s right next to their keys and chapstick.

David McDonald: Taking Risks

Taking risks is something that we must do in life if we truly seek to reach the finer things. Most of the time the best things are behind the wall of security and fear that we don’t want to cross. But taking the step into something new when you already have a good or successful situation can provide joy and opportunities that are unforeseeable. There is one person who can back up this claim as he is a direct example of stepping out and going that extra mile. David McDonald Is the man I’m referencing.

David McDonald started off just like the most of us. He was born and raised in an Iowa town. David attended the college of Iowa state University. He always had a love for biology and agriculture and so graduated with a degree in Animal Science. From here he worked up to a nice and excellent job as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. This is no job to frown at and is very good.

David McDonald decided to instead of sticking with this very good position to go over to OSI group a company that specializes in manufacturing processed meats and other foods. OSI is a huge company with divisions in over 60 countries. He would only be a project manager but made the transition anyway. This turned out to be a good decision, as David in time would become the president of the company. He worked hard every year and eventually passed the 30-year mark with the company. David’s influence in the company has yielded many positive effects.

David McDonald’s realization and belief that the company’s strength lies in cultivating relationships definitely has helped the company immensely. Since the company has many divisions in many places David has teams that are tailor made to connect with people and companies from different geographic areas, cultures, and backgrounds. His teams are also made to help him keep up with what is happening in different markets internationally. This has landed OSI many victories.

Recently they purchased the Dutch deli meat processing company Baho. In addition to this they have been able to create 10 facilities that handle poultry in China. Because of David McDonalds risk taking he is now the president of a company that has global recognition. He plans to keep innovating within this company and to never remain stagnant or on what is already established and maybe we should follow his example.

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Glen Wakeman Talks About Getting Funding And Becoming Sustainable

Glen Wakeman is a prolific entrepreneur, spending as much time writing about business as he spends engaged in it. His writing focuses on international finance, management and business administration, and any topic related to running a business in today’s market. While he is a success today, that wasn’t always the case. Glen was happy to share his insights into what it takes to make it as a 21st century entrepreneur.


Glen Wakeman on Getting his Start

While some people jump right into entrepreneurship without much formal education, Glen revealed that he first attended the University of Scranton. Getting degrees in economics and finance helped him to get a better handle on the mechanics of starting a business. While he had some ideas about what businesses he wanted to pursue, his education helped him focus those thoughts into a solid strategy.

In looking at other entrepreneurs, Glen noticed that many failed, because they lacked a good business plan. While their ideas may have been good, they didn’t have the expertise to execute their ideas in a real business. Glen saw this as an opportunity and launched a start-up platform, named Launchpad Holdings, to help those other entrepreneurs.


Funding Wasn’t Hard to Come by

While many new entrepreneurs struggle with finding funding for their ideas, this wasn’t the case with Wakeman. He already had the education and experience as an investor, so he was able to raise the money he needed without outside help. Supplementing the money he earned through market investments, Glen also raised money through his writing projects and other business ventures that he already had going at the time.

Just as is true of any new business, Launchpad took some time to begin earning a profit. Mr. Wakeman points out that it takes time for a new business to gain the momentum it needs to begin turning a profit. For Launchpad, this process was more gradual. While he admits there were times he lost faith in Launchpad, he adds that he stuck with it. Glen Wakeman is the first to point out that persistence is the most important trait an entrepreneur can possess. Those who are determined to succeed will usually win out.


Stansberry Research: Securing Your Financial Future

When it comes to money and investing, mistakes can be costly. Sometimes people have made decisions that have led to financially catastrophic outcomes.

Stansberry Research provides the investing community with the safest, most profitable investment ideas that help clients despite the ups and downs of the often unpredictable financial markets.

More than 500, 000 subscribers worldwide make their investment decisions based on ideas and recommendations this company provides. In fact, more than 70,000 individual investors have chosen to become life subscribers.

Working with Stansberry Research lets you benefit from 175-plus years of combined analyst experience.


Stansberry Research Services

The company offers premium research services that translate into a whole new way of safeguarding and building your legacy. The company’s top financial analysts work together to create Stansberry Portfolio Solutions that eliminate guesswork from the strategies their clients choose.

Whether you need help with your strategy in dividend and value investing, fixed income, alternative assets, energy and precious metal investments or income-generating options, Stansberry Research have you covered (

Regardless of how educated you are in the areas of finance, economics or accounting, the ideas and knowledge you get from this company make you smarter and wiser.


Investor Resources

If you do not feel ready to use the company’s premium research services, consider taking advantage of the other resources they provide.

You might want to read a few books first to gain some confidence; visit their bookstore and familiarize yourself with various topics on investing and finance. Experienced investors will also find something that adds to their knowledge.

You can use their user-friendly investment glossary as a reference guide for essential investing terms. Or, you can start with their free wealth management resources from their education center. Check out Stansberry Research website for all these and more.

Do not just work; save. Do not just save — invest. Partner with Stansberry Research on your journey to financial freedom.