Do You Jetsmart Like Sergey Petrossov?

It isn’t easy being Sergey Petrossov, he works hard and makes certain to provide his clientele with the best services. The services he provides are certainly rewarding and provide a great way of getting from point A to point B, it is certainly worthwhile.


So, what Sergey Petrossov do? What line of work is Sergey Petrossov in at the current moment? Well, he manages Jetsmarter, an interesting and compelling service that “boldly defines a new era in air travel.” Jetsmarter is known as the Uber of aviation according to some publications and has been able to find interest from prominent people within the entertainment industry and other people in positions of power and wealth. A few of these remarkable names include Jay-Z and a few others.


Sergey Petrossov has been hard at work for quite some time now and the evidence of his hard work is present in recognitions bestowed upon him from organizations such as Forbes 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology and local honors as well.


Sergey Petrossov is also known in the creation and the involvement of several IT projects in the past as well. He didn’t step into the jet industry in a willy nilly fashion, nay, he stepped in with some experience under his belt. He worked with a private jet operator based in South Florida in the past and used that knowledge and experience to create a better way for his end consumers.


What inspired him to make a difference in the jet industry was the fact that he knew there simply was a better way. When he was starting to look at different ways to innovate in the industry, he realized that the application of technology, with regard to the mobile marketplace could be a key value-add to the sector. As such, he got to work on hatching a plan, putting two and two together and building Jetsmarter. And as the name implies, individuals who utilize jets would want to Jetsmarter.


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