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Fortress Investment Group Co Founder Randal Nardone

Randal Nardone currently serves as an executive and entrepreneur in the financial sector. As the co founder of Fortress Investment Group, he has been responsible for helping the firm establish itself as among the leading financial services companies in the world. Prior to co founding Fortress Investment Group, Nardone has served in numerous executive level positions at financial services firms such as UBS and BlackRock Financial Management. Along with being an executive and entrepreneur in the financial services industry, Randal Nardone has also been a lawyer for a top New York City law firm. After graduating from law school, Randal Nardone began working as a lawyer for the prestigious firm. While he was a member of this law firm, Randal was responsible for providing legal services and representation to a number of clients of the firm.

After a few years of practicing law, Nardone was promoted to serve as one of the members of the executive committee. This allowed him to hold an important leadership position at the firm. After working in the legal field as a lawyer for a number of years, Randal Nardone decided to pursue a career in finance. He would begin his career in the field by becoming a member of a new startup firm known as BlackRock Financial Management. Nardone would serve as a principal where he would provide the overall administration of the firm. While working at this firm, he used his knowledge to grow the firm establish goals and strategies on how to reach them. This helped him land his next employment opportunity at the firm UBS. Randal Nardone became the managing director at UBS in 1997.

While serving as the firm’s top administrator, Nardone was responsible for getting clients for the firm as well as finalizing deals such as mergers and acquisitions. While working at UBS, Randal helped the firm expand its services and improve its ability to meet the needs of its many clients. Under his leadership, UBS remained one of the leading financial services firms in the world. A year later in 1998, Randal helped establish Fortress Investment Group. For the next two decades, he has helped the firm build itself into one of the leading asset management investment firms. Randal has held a number of important positions at the firm which include chief executive officer and principal. Similar to what he did at other firms during his career, Randal was responsible for devising strategies on how to acquire new clients and help meet their needs with a variety of valuable services.

Edwin Miranda

Do You Want To Find Some Clients Through Social Media? Edwin Miranda Can Help

The world is filled with people say they want help. However, there is a difference between someone who pretends to want help and someone who needs it. Edwin Miranda can help you find the people who do want help on social media with some expert advice.

1) Start monitoring the situation. The first thing to notice is the hashtag, according to Edwin Miranda. Anyone who genuinely needs help from a consultant will use right hashtag. You should familiarize yourself with hashtags and how people use them. It should be pretty easy to sort of the right people once you know which hashtags are correct. Hashtags play a big role in social media. However, sometimes people overuse them, sending out a mixed message. Pay attention to clear messages, and not the mixed bag.

2) You have to treat social media as a cocktail party, according to Edwin Miranda. Send out a message with someone who is looking for help. Establish a dialogue with them before you go for the “hardcore sell.” Cold-calling is a dead end, whether on the phone or online, according to Edwin Miranda. You might turn someone off before you can establish if they need help or not. That is why you need to engage in simple dialogue before going to the main course.

3) LinkedIn is a great place to start your search too. I have seen a lot of people posting adverts detailing the help they need. Create an account and start looking. Some people are going to be too shy to ask for it out loud. That is why you sometimes have to bait the fish, as it were.

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How Does Mike Nierenberg Help Investors Learn?

Mike Nierenberg helps investors learn because he has a mountain of experience in the investment field. He is a leader at Fortress Investment Group, and he is one of the trailblazers in the diversity of investment. He plans to help people make the most money they can on each investment, and he knows that it is much easier for people to live well if they have access to extra cash. Read what Mike can do to help people improve their financial position.

1. What Does Mike Do?

Mike’s work at Fortress Investment Group is some of the best that we have seen in the investment world. The company grew quickly because it was willing to help customers invest in different parts of the world. The company wanted to be sure that it could help people spread out their investments as much as possible. That is a powerful way for a company to grow, or it could help someone make their money back as they are investing for the future.

2. His Online Advice

Mike has been very vocal online because he wants people to have real information about investments that they have made. He talks often online about the way that someone could choose stocks, commodities, and precious metals. He has advised people to invest in things like gold, and he has explained how to find the stocks that will be right for them. The best thing that people can do is read what Mike has to say because he has advice that is born from realtime experience.

3. How Long Do Investments Last?

Investments can last as long as the investor wants. There are a number of people who would like to have an investment last until they retire, but there are other people who would like to invest for quick cash because they know it will be wise to sell soon.

4. Conclusion

Mike Nierenberg has done a lot of work to help people invest in the right way. He knows how to help people when they want to become investors for themselves or their small business.

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Felipe Montoro Jens’ Indisputable Career In Finance And Infrastructure Sectors

Felipe Montoro Jens is a well known person in the finance sector in Brazil, who in many discos is known to have infrastructural know how as well as providing his expertise and consultation in many infrastructural undertakings throughout Brazil. He has therefore been involved in partnering with the government in undertaking infrastructure projects that are of big importance to the Brazilian economy. He is a believer that funds from the private sector can accelerate infrastructure projects by the government in Brazil. Learn more about Felipe Montoro Jens at

Felipe Montoro Jens is an international figure who has had an opportunity of working in many other countries such as Portugal, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The government of Brazil has been working closely with him in undertaking its projects because of the experience and expertise that he possesses in the infrastructure sector. He has had an opportunity of working with many well known corporations that have added him a huge experience throughout his successful career. This has contributed to him being a very popular individual in Brazil especially in the infrastructure sector.

He has had a good educational background by attending some of the prestigious institutions as well as receiving different educational accolades that have facilitated the in his career. Felipe Montoro Jens works in various organizations in positions of power where he holds high position ranks like chairmanship and as a Chief Executive Officer. He has therefore perfected his his area of expertise to be that of infrastructure as well as coming up with solutions of avoiding wastage and therefore ensuring that maximum profits are attained.

He is a person that demands more from himself each day. He is a focused individual who mainly gets involved in important issues that are helpful to his career,this is evident from the works he has been involved in.



How Madison Street Capital is Redefining Corporate Transitions

The alternative investment market is quickly becoming the future of investment. In just two decades, this market has developed structures and clients can easily judge if a management company fits their description of a viable business partner or not. In two decades, the market has also developed structures that help potential clients to predict the near future. However, the most iconic development in the world of alternative investments is ‘structured competition’ through high profile awards. These awards are vital in underlining a company’s reputation in the competitive market. Thanks to these brilliant awards, it is easier to point Madison Street Capital reputation in the vast market objectively.



The minimum requirements for these awards are unmatched, and for a company to qualify for an award, it must meet specific criteria. Madison Street Capital is one of the first companies in 2019 to win an award. In the world of alternative investment and specifically acquisition, ‘Distressed M&A Deal of the Year’ is the most coveted award. According to the organizers of these awards, Madison Street Capital is the best company for the last 12 months, and their brilliant approach to acquisitions was unmatched. Their most significant deal of the year was the acquisition of RMG by the global leader, Sachs Capital.



According to Charles Botchway, the main reason why the company is a game changer in the world of acquisition is its approach to transition. Transitions are inevitable in the corporate world, and this is the main reason why Madison Street Capital approaches changes with a lot of professionalism. Charles Botchway points out that the company understands the importance of this process and researching both parties helps in the overall process. He believes that the company has a responsibility of protecting the interests of both parties. According to the founder, this approach is the main reason why clients and different companies trust Madison Street Capital.



In addition to being an agent of transition in the corporate world, Madison Street Capital is keen on transforming small businesses in the USA the future of the global economy. The company is currently assisting different companies in diversifying their influence in the world of business and later grow their impact and their value. In the last four years, however, Madison Street Capital has diversified its influence in the world of business by accommodating international companies and midsized companies outside the USA. The management if Madison Street believes that this approach is the future of the industry.


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Talkspace Gives Clients a Better Therapy Platform

Talkspace is unlike any other type of therapy available for people who are in different situations. The Talkspace app gives people a chance to talk with a therapist, but they can do it in a situation where they feel comfortable. As long as Talkspace does what they can to help people, they feel they’re making a difference for the world of therapy. It’s important to the company to always try different things so people can learn more about the therapy that’s available. Instead of the company worrying about different options patients might not like, Talkspace knows they can help them understand the positive interactions that come from the way they talk to therapists. It’s important to the company to give back to people who need help since their main focus is giving people the chance to feel better about their mental health.

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Talking with a therapist is an important part of the therapy process. People who want o feel better from their mental health issues can try different things to make them have a better experience. They can also do what they need to do to make things better and that’s what allows Talkspace the chance to continue helping patients. The idea behind the app isn’t to make things harder for patients. Instead, it’s a chance for more people to try to get the help they need.

Instead of people worrying about the issues that can come from therapy, they can have a chance at a better experience with a therapist. Talkspace uses therapists who are trained in text therapy and that’s what helps them connect with patients. Since they have the chance to help even more people, they feel good about giving them the right solutions to their issues. By doing this, they focus on how they can help and what they need to give back. Everything that happens is what makes things easier so more people will continue experiencing the positive affects of a therapist. It is helpful for people who want to make the most out of their lives and live a happy, normal life despite mental illness.

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Do You Jetsmart Like Sergey Petrossov?

It isn’t easy being Sergey Petrossov, he works hard and makes certain to provide his clientele with the best services. The services he provides are certainly rewarding and provide a great way of getting from point A to point B, it is certainly worthwhile.


So, what Sergey Petrossov do? What line of work is Sergey Petrossov in at the current moment? Well, he manages Jetsmarter, an interesting and compelling service that “boldly defines a new era in air travel.” Jetsmarter is known as the Uber of aviation according to some publications and has been able to find interest from prominent people within the entertainment industry and other people in positions of power and wealth. A few of these remarkable names include Jay-Z and a few others.


Sergey Petrossov has been hard at work for quite some time now and the evidence of his hard work is present in recognitions bestowed upon him from organizations such as Forbes 30 under 30 in Consumer Technology and local honors as well.


Sergey Petrossov is also known in the creation and the involvement of several IT projects in the past as well. He didn’t step into the jet industry in a willy nilly fashion, nay, he stepped in with some experience under his belt. He worked with a private jet operator based in South Florida in the past and used that knowledge and experience to create a better way for his end consumers.


What inspired him to make a difference in the jet industry was the fact that he knew there simply was a better way. When he was starting to look at different ways to innovate in the industry, he realized that the application of technology, with regard to the mobile marketplace could be a key value-add to the sector. As such, he got to work on hatching a plan, putting two and two together and building Jetsmarter. And as the name implies, individuals who utilize jets would want to Jetsmarter.


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Careers At Highland Management Partners – Dallas

Highland Capital Management is an SEC-registered investment adviser and is managing $17.7 billion worth of assets. The firm is one of the largest financial organizations that specializes in global alternative credit strategies, CLOs, distressed and special situation private equity, alternative investments, and more. Founded in 1993, the firm is headquartered in Dallas, Texas. They are looking for talented and reliable individuals to fill the vacancies in their Dallas branch. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.


  1. Fund Accountant

Highland Capital Management is in need of a Fund Accountant which will have a primary responsibility of reviewing investment and financial reporting for a variety of funds. The fund accountant is also expected to prepare ad-hoc performance and risk reporting regarding the funds.


  1. Fund Analyst

The primary responsibility of the Fund Analyst is to review investments and financial reports for funds. The FA is also expected to manage fund administrators, brokers, and custodians during the NAV calculation.


  1. Internal Wholesaler or Regional Sales Consultant

One position for Internal Wholesaler is open in Highland Capital Management. The position’s primary responsibility is to establish relationships with financial advisors through common communication mediums.



  1. Investment Analyst

The investment analyst is to assist the due diligence process of investment ideas and leads. The position also requires benchmarking analysis, industry research, and valuation analysis.


  1. Private Equity Associate

Responsibilities include research on companies related to all sub-sectors of financial services as well as conducting interviews with industry personalities.


  1. Private Equity Senior Associate (Healthcare)

Highland Capital Management is also in need of a private equity associate that will be working with investment banks and industry experts to search for potential healthcare investment opportunities.


  1. Real Estate Financial Reporting Accountant – Analyst

Highland Capital affiliate NexPoint is in need of a real estate financial reporting accountant that will assist in the preparation of financial reporting required on SEC filings.


  1. Regional Sales Director (Multiple Territories)

Main responsibilities include providing field sales coverage to existing territories worldwide and will be focusing on IBD and RIA for sales of Internal Funds, Reg D, and other alternative investments.


  1. Regional Sales Director for NE, IA, KS, Mo

Experiences required includes 5+ years worth of wholesaler experience in selling internal funds, mutual funds, DST and Reg D offerings.


  1. Revenue Manager / Asset Manager

NexPoint is also looking for an Asset Manager that will execute revenue management program plans. Read more about James Dondero at