Kisling, Nestico & Redick Continue To Be One Step Ahead

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a very large and quickly growing personal injury law firm in Akron, Ohio. Most people can recognize the firm by it’s popular slogan “Hurt in a car…call KNR”. The firm has a staff of 30 attorneys and over 100 support staff across 10 locations all over the state. KNR has assisted thousands of victims since the company began in 2005. The firm has recovered more than $450 million in settlements and verdicts for its clients.

The Revelation Behind The Business

The firm’s goal to stand up against bullying insurance companies comes from Managing Partner Rob Nestico’s personal story. At the age of 15, Nestico was riding with someone who was hit by a driver who didn’t obey a stop sign. The driver who ran the stop sign wound up losing his life. Nestico endured multiple injuries such as two broken kneecaps, a hematoma on his head, and both arms broken which caused him to need a steel rod placed in his forearm. After the accident, Nestico spent three months recovering in the hospital. His parents were Italian immigrants and didn’t speak English. Nestico remembers the insurance company taking full advantage of that language barrier when they dealt with his claim settlement. Nestico says at the young age of 15 he realized that corporations would take full advantage of those who can’t fight back, that’s why he has devoted his career to fight companies like those on behalf of families similar to his own.

Predicting The Move Of Your Opponent

Kisling, Nestico & Redick is a popular firm in the legal business. The company is known for having compassion and unwavering advocacy on behalf of those they represent. Attorneys at KNR are successful and continuously impress their clients because they use aggressive trial strategies and they seem to have this innate ability to foresee insurance company moves. Nestico likes to say it’s insider knowledge that gives them the ability to get a favorable verdict are larger settlements for clients. He says they have many attorneys on staff who have experience working for insurance companies before they changed their focus to protecting clients. That gives Kisling, Nestico & Redick a clear understanding of insurance company strategies to reduce settlement offers with their claims processing.

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