Edwin Miranda The Marketing Guru

Edwin Miranda was born in 1981. The retired footballer from Salvadoran is the current CEO and founder of KOI IXS. Edwin Miranda heads a marketing agency that provided all marketing services. When giving an interview at ideamencsh, he said that a normal for him begins at 5.30 when he wakes up to check his news feed and messages from his clients and employees.

He then takes light breakfast and proceeds to run for thirty minutes on his stationary bike. After this, he spends time with his wife and then takes his kids to school before attending his daily meetings at 7.30 am.

Edwin Miranda stated that what brought KOI alive were the passion he had and the immense desire to see his dream come into reality. He started company KOI when he was only twenty-one. According to him for success to occur one must be passionate about what they are doing. Edwin Miranda also added that he has always been a fan of attribution and predictive marketing since it enables him to deliver bottom-line results for his clients.

Edwin Miranda is also a big fan of programmatic advertising. He says that this is a trend that is growing faster even compared to social media and phone marketing. This trend enables marketers to approach every customer differently and also send them messages that are personalized by the customers’ interests and likes.

The challenge with this type of advertising is actual humans might not view that marketer’s digital ads. This is a massive problem since the marketers will be wasting their budget and time. At times marketers find themselves in a position where they do not know the different sites their ads are on due to lack of transparency.

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