New Residential Investment Corp. Has Experienced Impressive Growth Over The Past Five Years:

A focus on investment into residential mortgage loans, mortgage servicing rights of an excess nature and servicer advances has been the guiding focus for real estate investment trust New Residential Investment Corp. New Residential Investment Corp. is notably for the fact that it actively manages its investments as well. The expertise that the active team members at New Residential Investment Corp. possess is leveraged in order to bring strong investment returns to the company’s shareholders. Bringing shareholders growing dividends is also a primary focus. In order to accomplish this, the company is noted for targetting assets that have proven to consistently generate a stable and long term cash flow by employing capital structures of a conservative nature. At the head of the New Residential Investment Corp. business model is its esteemed Chief Executive Officer and President Michael Nierenberg. Michael has held these titles since 2013. The 2016 calendar year also saw him named as the New Residential Investment Corp. Chairman of the Board of Directors.

New Residential Investment Corp. has its origins as a subsidiary of Newcastle Investment Corp. but 2013 saw the company move to the status of a separate publically-traded firm. Renowned alternative asset management operation Fortress Investment Group provides management services for New Residential through one of its affiliates. The company has been on a steady and upward trajectory of success since the 2013 date that it became a separate, publically traded entity.

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