Alex Hern

Alex Hern’s company, Tsunami XR is at the forefront of advancing virtual reality technology. As fires rage across the land during certain seasons of the year, the industry looks for solutions and ways to mitigate future damage. Fires devastate lives and personal property on major scale.

Even the most experienced firefighters experience difficulty when combating fires. Fires move fast and it is often difficult to position manpower and machinery in certain areas. Virtual reality is an effective method used to help prepare firefighters for the real thing.

The International Fire Training Centre has gained world respect for hosting and training fire-fighting crews from 131 countries. Firefighters can train on everything from derelict oil tankers, abandoned aircraft, and a myriad of other situations. Once firefighters reach a need to progress past classroom studies, the next level of learning occurs with access to virtual reality. For instance, firefighter training includes practicing simulations of a plane crash, and other simulations.

Alex Hern, head of Tsunami XR, directs his company to produce solutions for industries that include defense and aerospace, industrial equipment, energy, life sciences and healthcare, manufacturing, construction, and automotive. Users can experience company’s technology in workspace scenarios, across numerous devices, and access to real time data boards.

XR also refers to extended reality or cross-reality. It covers the realm of human and machine interactions that mesh with computer technology. This is possible through technology wearables. The world of XR encompasses 360-degree video along with mixed and virtual realities. Alex Hern and his company can utilize XR for industries that will emerge in the future. XR current disrupts industries that include healthcare, retail, film, news media, and much more.

In the meantime, Alex Hern and his company are sure to make industry strides and to set the standard for many applications now and in the future. With major shifts in climate change and weather patterns, there will be plenty of training on the horizon for how to deal with major catastrophes.

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