ToryBurch Founder Chris Burch Explains Why The Brand Is A Thing Of The Past


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The co-founder of the ultra-successful ToryBurch brand, Chris Burch may not have been as visible as he was in the past, but that is not to say he has not been working hard on his investment portfolio. After launching the ToryBurch brand in 2004, the New York City-based investment specialist has taken a step back to examine how the world of retail is changing and evolving in a technology-focused environment. Learn more information here on

One of the major changes identified by Chris Burch in recent years has been the pace at which the retail sector is moving. The entrepreneur explains he was given the time to allow the ToryBurch brand to grow over a prolonged period of time; however, the evolution of technology means the fast pace of life allows little time for a business to be deemed a success. Moving quickly can be positive, which Burch himself believes to be a good thing as he believes in making a quick decision and living with the consequences.

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Apathy is a trait one cannot direct at Chris Burch as he never fails to address the burning issues before bringing each day to a close. Throughout each day and night, Burch is constantly checking emails, messages, and his own correspondence to make sure he never misses an opportunity to enhance his own investment portfolio. Find out more about Chris here on (

For Chris Burch, the need to develop a wide-ranging brand is not high on his list of priorities. In fact, following the success of ToryBurch, the co-founder now believes the traditional luxury brand is dead. Burch has established numerous brands but believes the future of retail is in providing experiences the consumer can remember rather than the 20th-century focus on collecting valuable items.

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