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Talos Energy Has Been Busy Exploring And Bolstering Company Fundamentals

Talos Energy of Houston is making aggressive moves to buy up exploration blocks in the Gulf of Mexico. A block represents 75,000 acres on the ocean floor. In August, Talos said it would pay $5.3 million for 14 such blocks. Eight of them are shallow water blocks and six are deep water.

The sites are leased by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, a subgroup within the United States Department of the Interior.

Talos Energy President and Chief Executive Officer Timothy Duncan said these lease purchases are an attempt to expand his company’s inventory in locations near its production facilities. It’s all part of an extremely ambitious effort to ramp up the activities of this young company founded in 2012.

Since then, Talos Energy has become a publicly traded entity appearing as TALO on the New York Stock Exchange. Among other factors, it was the recent Talos merger with Stone Energy company of Louisiana that helped leverage its birth into public company status.

Talso also recently acquired Whistler Energy II for $52 million. As part of the deal, Talos negotiated the release of $77 million in cash collateral that secured Whistler surety bonds. Talos Energy gained $33 million and the seller took $46 million. But Talos also benefited from an $7 million cash balance at Whistler which was available for use. All in all, the net cash benefit to Talos rounded out at $14 million.

Whistler’s assets also included daily production of 1,900 barrels per day.

In addition to bolstering its cash and infrastructure profile with the Big Stone and Whistler deals, Talos Energy has been moving forward with drilling projects in Gulf of Mexico. One of the most exciting is the ZAMA-1 well dropped in Mexican territorial waters last year. The project was handles in cooperation with Pemex and two other partners.

The ZAMA well appears to be an extremely significant find. It may hold as much as two billion barrels of oil equivalent. Talos Energy recently entered into an agreement with Mexican officials to drill in the block adjacent to ZAMA where there is a high likelihood more oil reserves will be found.

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The Role of Leadership in the Success of Innovacare Health

Finding a health care insurance that seeks to provide exemplary services to its members is something quite difficult for a majority of people to find. Despite the difficulty, Innovacare Health has been around for a long time to ensure that medical services are available for anyone who requires it. Innovacare Health is a leading provider for physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans. However, their success is not possible without an able leadership team to control and see to it that everything runs smoothly. The leadership team of Innovacare consists of experts with proven experience in healthcare organizations.


One such leader is the founder of Innovacare Health, Richard Shinto. He is not only the founder but also the company’s CEO and president. Before starting this company, Richard Shinto served as the Chief Executive Officer at MMM Healthcare Inc. and PMC Medicare choice. He served in this CEO capacity for close to 20 years and this gave him the experience he required to start his company and take it to the next level. Richard Shinto is regarded as a national leader when it comes to managed care. His leadership skills and expertise in the industry have also earned him various awards.

Some of the awards he has received over the years are the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of The Year. This award seeks to recognize outstanding entrepreneurs that have demonstrated extraordinary success and excellence in areas like innovation, finance, and personal commitment. When talking about the success of Innovacare Health, we cannot also fail to mention Penelope Kokkinides. Before becoming the company’s chief Administrative officer, she served as the chief financial officer to Aveta, Inc. She was also the Corporate Vice President of the Touchstone Health HMO. Her expertise and experience in the healthcare industry has been a guide in steering this company in the right direction.

One of the reasons why Penelope Kokkinides is successful is primarily due to the teamwork and a great team that comes up with ideas, which eventually lead to the success of the company. One of the habits that make her productive is spending time during the night thinking about the activities of the next day. Her patience and determination are what makes it possible for her to govern and lead the company in the right direction. Without the leadership of Richard Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides, Innovacare would not be where it is today, a leader in physician practice services and Medicare Advantage plans.

Freedom Checks Foster Questions With Profitable Answers

Questions about Matt Badiali’s freedom checks pile up rather quickly. The investment opportunity first appeared in a popular commercial starring Badiali. The commercial promised some lucrative payouts but did not fully explain how the system worked. So investors began looking into both Badiali and Freedom Checks. They quickly discovered a legitimate investment in what are known as Master Limited Partnerships.

Master Limited Partnerships are a little known investment perk of the natural resource market. Anyone who seriously invests in this market knows of Badiali. He is one of many investment analysts who operate in the natural resource world. He is a trusted source of actionable information for many mid-level investors and authors two newsletters for Banyan Hill Publishing. His extensive knowledge of the market is how he became aware of MLPs. The truth is MLPs have been around sine the early 80’s. They are essentially a way for private companies to operate like publicly traded entities. In the natural resource industry companies file as MLPs to appreciate a tax break from the government. This is where the concept of freedom checks comes in.

Freedom Checks are return of capital payments from companies that deal 90% of their business in natural resources. As these companies aid U.S. energy independence the government awards them with incentivized tax breaks. The breaks basically allow them operate tax free as long as they divvy out most of their profit to stakeholders. The stakeholders are the investors that purchase stakes in the companies so they can classify as Master Limited Partnership. The stakes purchased provide working capital for the company, and grant a percentage of the company to the investor. Anyone can buy them and they sell for as low as $10 dollars. The companies pay out their profits through these payments in a quarterly or monthly loop. The payouts are always more than the amount put in. This amount varies depending on how many stakes an investor purchases.

MLPs are a good investment because natural resources are always needed. The market in the U.S. is also increasing its profits as imports from the Middle East decrease. These are the trends Badiali has been looking at. They are also the reason he is so adamant about investing now.

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Vinod Gupta Works His Way To The Top


Nothing has been handed to Vinod Gupta. He could be described as an American, and Indian, success story. Few would have expected Vinod to be a millionaire a hundred times over if you saw the town he came from. He was raised in a tiny village around 100 miles from New Delhi that did not even have electricity, and he came to America and obtained three degrees from highly respected universities. Visit This Page for additional information.

Vinod Gupta used that education to work for the Commodore Corporation where he reinvented the ways in which one does business. Gupta turned a $100 loan he received from a bank into over $300 million in sales. Gupta took his theories about the collection of data to be used in sales, and he applied it to a variety of businesses.

By 1986 Vinod Gupa had completed his vision, and he had entered all of the Yellow Pages into a database that could be accessed by Gupta’s customers. In July 2010 he ultimately cashed out that $100, and he sold his company for $680 million. Gupta has returned to his roots, and he has given back to the country where it all started. He has donated millions of dollars to fund educational projects in India with an emphasis on the way women can obtain educations.

In a country well known for its gender discrimination, Gupta sees his donations as paving the way for women to learn skills that will enable them to be financially independent. The universities he has funded in India provides access to Women’s Education, allowing women to take courses in engineering and science, and while there is a long road ahead for women to gain parity in India, Gupta’s substantial donations are a big step in the right direction. Gupta has not only turned his $100 into hundreds of millions, he has also turned it into the prospect of thousands of women in India being able to work themselves out of poverty and discrimination.

Vinod Gupta is the Chairman of Everest Group LLC in Omaha, Nebraska. He was the founder, chairman and chief executive officer of Infogroup, a technology company and started the Vinod Gupta Charitable Foundation.

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Mental Awareness In Charlemagne Tha God’s Perspective


Charlemagne Tha God has been a gifted interviewer and an even more gifted writer. He already has two books, “Shook One: Anxiety Playing Tricks on Me” and “Black Privilege: Opportunity Comes to Those Who Create It”, and on the first one he mentions what he has to deal with in terms of his own personal struggle and/or his own mental illness.

The article that speaks on him also mentions he gives advice to people who need to see their personal struggle from another perspective. Charlamagne Tha God  says he uses “his fears to work for him to propel him in his career and life”, according to his article on mental awareness. He does not expect his methods to work for everyone, but at least to give people an idea of that they need to do, just to feel better and/or to get over their own mental illnesses. Find More Information Here.

He is also said to have live therapy sessions with Dr. Jessica Clemons. She is a psychiatrist and she has a show called Ask Dr. Jess. Charlemagne is someone who, in his interviews, knows how to get the truth out from his interviewees even if they get mad at him. In an attempt to get Charlemagne to use his skills to his maximum potential, he was offered a show on HBO called, “The Gray Area with Charlamagne Tha God.”

This is because he is a good fit for television, interviews, and being in front of the camera. He is gifted in getting people to talk especially about their struggles and their controversies. He does not pretend anyone to be like him, in my perspective. Charlamagne wants everyone to find their own perspective and method for success, and he uses his own to get people to do that.


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Just How Good is EOS Lip Balm?

It is impossible to go through the chapstick aisle at your local drugstore without seeing those small spherical containers known as EOS Lip Balm. Since its debut in 2009, the balm has gained massive popularity with consumers from all walks of life. Its paraben-free formula consisting of natural ingredients such as various vitamins, jojoba oil, and shea butter creates a hydrating as well as safe lip balm. This along with its secure and attractive packaging lends to the balm’s favorable reputation in the beauty community. However, while the aesthetic and ingredients are top-notch, how well does the balm perform on chapped lips according to the public?

In almost all positive reviews for the EOS, it is mentioned that the products smell fantastic. This is a quality that remains consistent throughout the many scents that this balm comes in. There is also a flavor to some of the balms that are not as strong as its scent, which is a pro or a con depending on preference. They also do successfully moisturize dry lips, making the product just as practical as it is pretty.

In more neutral critiques of the EOS, consumers question how effective the packaging itself is, lamenting over not being able to fit the spherical shape into their pockets. Other concerns that arise in the more neutral reviews are the pricing and the longevity of the moisturizing effects of the balm. However, these are small concerns and for the most part, the balms are seen to be just as effective in their performance as other chapsticks on the market.

The EOS Lip Balm is essential in millions of purses, and for good reason. It is moisturizing, organic, and attractive. Some people believe it is everything a lip balm should be, and others could live without it.

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David McDonald, A Result Driven Manager

David McDonald the current OSI Group, LLC President and Chief Operating Officer was born and raised in the state of Iowa. McDonald in pursuit of knowledge attended Iowa State University where he received degree in Animal Science. McDonald was an intelligent boy and besides acquiring a degree from ISU was recognized and awarded the prestigious Wallace E. Barron Outstanding Senior Award. The most coveted award recognizes seniors who have performed exceptionally well in academics, communal activities and have demonstrated high standards of character.

Straight from the University McDonald joined OSI Group as a project manager and worked his way up to the company’s most influential position of President and Chief Operating Officer OSI Group is a Chicago, Illinois based leading giant in the food processing and manufacturing industry. The firm was founded more than a century ago by a German immigrant. OSI Group had humble beginnings and was once a neighborhood butcher shop. The firm started as a regional supplier for the McDonalds chain of restaurants and was later awarded a contract to be the firm’s leading global suppliers of processed meat. For over three decades David McDonald OSI Group President has helped transform the company to a leading global enterprise with diverse operations across the world. OSI Group today boasts of employing more than 20,000 people and has outlets and facilities in more than a dozen countries.

David McDonald OSI Group COO has decades of experience in food production logistics. McDonald has spent the better part of his career journey working with government agencies, local suppliers and retailers in the food processing and manufacturing industry both locally and internationally. David McDonald OSI Group President has played a central role in the OSI Group expansion strategy. Under his leadership, OSI Group has made several local and international acquisitions. Some of the acquisitions the firm established in recent past include the purchase of the Dutch-based Baho Foods that specializes in the production of deli meats and snacks and Flagship Europe that is now referred to as Creative Foods Europe. David McDonald OSI Group President has also been very instrumental in helping the firm expand to China.

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ToryBurch Founder Chris Burch Explains Why The Brand Is A Thing Of The Past


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The co-founder of the ultra-successful ToryBurch brand, Chris Burch may not have been as visible as he was in the past, but that is not to say he has not been working hard on his investment portfolio. After launching the ToryBurch brand in 2004, the New York City-based investment specialist has taken a step back to examine how the world of retail is changing and evolving in a technology-focused environment. Learn more information here on

One of the major changes identified by Chris Burch in recent years has been the pace at which the retail sector is moving. The entrepreneur explains he was given the time to allow the ToryBurch brand to grow over a prolonged period of time; however, the evolution of technology means the fast pace of life allows little time for a business to be deemed a success. Moving quickly can be positive, which Burch himself believes to be a good thing as he believes in making a quick decision and living with the consequences.

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Apathy is a trait one cannot direct at Chris Burch as he never fails to address the burning issues before bringing each day to a close. Throughout each day and night, Burch is constantly checking emails, messages, and his own correspondence to make sure he never misses an opportunity to enhance his own investment portfolio. Find out more about Chris here on (

For Chris Burch, the need to develop a wide-ranging brand is not high on his list of priorities. In fact, following the success of ToryBurch, the co-founder now believes the traditional luxury brand is dead. Burch has established numerous brands but believes the future of retail is in providing experiences the consumer can remember rather than the 20th-century focus on collecting valuable items.

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Fortress Investment Group Acquisition by Softbank.

Fortress investment group is an alternative asset investment manager that was established when there was a contraction of funds or loans originated by banks to business in 1998. This contraction was brought about by regulations by banks to limit or withhold their funds from businesses due to a number of factors. Other factors that led to the deficit in funds and finances were regulations requiring companies to disclose their financial transactions to the public. Fortress investment manager deals with alternative asset investments like private equity, private credit and liquid hedge funds among others. Over the years fortress investment group has had its fair share of success and challenges. It has grown and spread over the United States and Europe due to the unending need for financing and funds by businesses. Current the alternative investment group manages over $ 70 billion dollars in private equity, real estate, and private credit.

Acquisition by Softbank.

In an effort to become the world’s leading investment group, Softbank acquired fortress investment group for 3.3 billion dollars in 2018. Softbank is one of the world’s leading technological giant from Japan led by Masayoshi Son. In terms of the acquisitions, the fortress is set to work independently within Softbank. It is to 8.08 dollars for each share which totals to 39%, excluding dividends, above the closing price, while Softbank gets a larger financial platform to go ahead with its technological and communication advancement. Since the company’s, Softbank, funds have increased to about 100 billion dollars, it plans to speed up technological transformation and put its investors and the company at the frontline of technological advancements in artificial intelligence, internet of things (IoT), and machine learning.

Fortress is led by Randy Nardone as the CEO, Wes Edens, and Pete Briger. These executives will still head fortress after the acquisition. The fortress investment group was the first private credit investment firm to sell its shares to the public in 2007. Softbank is almost certain it can increase the firm’s assets within the next few years due to Mr. Masayoshi Son’s network of global billionaires and sovereign funds. Masayoshi Son is a renowned business person and is the best known for bold acquisitions moves.

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Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest and their Coming Comedy Show on ABC

Live with Kelly and Ryan talk show hosts Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest are about to make their own comedy show titled “Work Wife”. This program is about working spouses who have few boundaries with their co-workers and how these relationships impacts the office. This show is scheduled for a pilot and it is something that Seacrest and Ripa have been contemplating since earlier in 2018.

Seacrest has always been in front of the camera as a host. That is his specialty. He has his own radio programs and he also hosts top rated shows such as American Idol. He also does the Dick Clark Rocking New Years Eve party in New York on an annual basis. Seacrest knows how to produce programs since he created Keeping up with Kardashians. He produces this show. His production company is taking a leading role with producing this show.

Kelly and Ryan might not seem like comedy actors but apparently, they have what it takes to pull this off. ABC has green lighted the project for a pilot. Seacrest and Ripa are both looking forward to the start of this show. No official word has been given as of yet for the pilot’s start date or when the show is scheduled to begin.

Ryan Seacrest is a big name in the media industry. Besides his hosting duties he also appears at various functions related to this industry. He has worked with big name talent in the past and is familiar with the world of acting. Once again, Seacrest is not known for comedic talents, but that doesn’t mean that he does not have a sense of humor. On his show Kelly and Ryan Live he does have some witty things to say and he often makes humorous comments with co-host Kelly.

Of course, there will be writers on the program who will create the material for the actors. Seacrest and Ripa will also have to follow the producers and directors lead. Veteran writers have been assigned to the show. This should give the cast some good material to draw from when acting out the show. If Work Wife is a successful show, Seacrest and Ripa will definitely have another hit TV program to their credit.

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