Stephen Hicks Running a Tight Ship at Southridge Capital

Southridge Capital LLC is a private equity organization that specializes in the placement of private transactions with a host of small public companies, also referred to as PIPES, which typically require additional financing to implement their restructuring, business strategies, or even a complete turnaround. This firm has had a tremendous impact on their clients having invested more than $1.8 billion towards the growth of companies in addition to the provision of reliable, balance sheet optimization, restructuring analysis, and legal statements among others to its clients.


Southridge also invests in organizations that need external equity capital to make strategic acquisitions. Of importance to note is that the firm also manages or handles matters to do with hedge funds. Founded in 1996 with its headquarters in Ridgefield, Connecticut, Southridge Capital LLC also has some offices in Los Angeles, Canada, Ontario, New York, and California. The firm also understands the importance of giving back to society. Through charitable efforts and volunteer work, they have made positive contributions that have had positive effects nationwide.


Stephen Hicks, the CEO of Southridge Capital, was recently interviewed with IdeaMensch on a host of issues, and he had a lot to say. Here, he shares how the ideas at the firm began arguing that once the principal owner of the firm decided to move back to Australia, it was a good idea to branch out, though it would take the firm a year to wind down.  To see more you can visit their twitter account


His typical day as the CEO begins by him reviewing his portfolio followed by making a list of aspects that need to be accomplished for the day. His time is divided between searching for new opportunities and making sure that current investments don’t deviate away from the track.


A lot of his deals and ideas become practical through individuals that bring such ideas directly to the organization. According to Mr. Hicks, pot and cryptocurrency are the two trends that he’s closely paying attention to at the moment. The moment a firm such as Southridge Capital closely considers a market trend, then it means that there is a lot of potentials there. For more info you can checkout




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