Charlamagne The God Doesn’t Lose His Cool Over Eminem’s Kamikaze Diss Lines


Eminem is one of the best rappers of all time. In 2018 he released his Kamikaze album. On two of the album’s tracks he put down Charlamagne the God. He did this in response to Charlamagne’s comments about Eminem who spoke out against Tyler the Creator’s open bisexuality. Charlamagne believes that Eminem should have attacked Tyler the Creator about his sexual practices. He also stated that members of the LGBTQ community would be offended by the comments that Eminem made in regard to the Creator. Apparently, Tyler the Creator has been hinting about his bi-sexual ways since 2015.

Charlamagne the God commented further about the incident stating that Eminem could say whatever he pleased. Free speech allows for him to make whatever comment he chooses to say. However, he also stated that people can be “freely” offended by his comments. He went on to say that Eminem’s comment is probably going to upset gay people across the globe, once they hear his music. View More Information Here.

Eminem also made a couple of anti-Trump messages. This is not something uncommon for rappers to do when it comes to speaking out against unpopular presidents. Charlamagne said that he stood behind Eminem’s diss track because the comments he made on the album are important. Remember that Eminem personally attacked Charlamagne the God on the track because he did not like the comments that were made on the last Revival album. Eminem believed that Charlamagne was putting him down. His comments were in response to the diss.

In his recent interview with Charlamagne stated that he liked Eminem’s Kamikaze album. He clearly revealed that Eminem’s Revival album was no good and that Kamikaze helped him to get back some credibility. While no one likes to be dissed on a rap track, Charlamagne the God is not fighting back. Instead, he is congratulating Slim Shady’s current success and moving on to other things.


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