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Sheldon Lavin Changes the Food Industry

The professionals who occupy the leadership positions in a company have a role to play in its success. The companies who have been fortunate to get good leaders are currently enjoying so much success in the market despite the competition that is taking place. The food department remains to be one of the most difficult in the market at the moment. There are millions of investors who are doing anything possible to make profits in the food industry yet they have failed because they do not have the expertise needed. OSI Group has been very fortunate since it was started. The OSI Group company has established itself in the market already, and it is leading in all parts of the world because it offers customers the great services they demand.

OSI Group has not achieved this kind of success by luck. The company has the best individuals in the market as leaders. The chief executive officer of the prestigious company has been a key player in the milestones achieved by the company. Sheldon Lavin is the force that is believed to have brought the company this far. Lavin has a great educational background, and he has been using his skills to make the company the best. Sheldon Lavin is the kind of a leader any international company wants to have. The businessman already has the tips of making a company successful in the international platform, regardless of the amount of capital available.

Sheldon Lavin knew that he was destined for a great career life, but he did not know that he was going to become the chief executive officer of a large organization such as OSI Group. With his help, the company has moved from grass to grace, and it has set the pace for the rest of the companies in the food processing department. Many people are shocked whenever they realize that the finance executive has been working with the company for the last forty years. During these years, the businessman has made the company expand into other countries.

At the moment, OSI Group has set up its branches in more than seventeen nations in the world. Sheldon Lavin joined the company when it was still in its initial stages. The company was already performing well under the management of capable leaders, but Lavin brought a change that shocked the international community. The businessman has also introduced a touch of the modern technology to make the company operations successful all the time.

Charlamagne Tha God Becomes The Blunt No Holds Barred Host That Morning Radio Needs


Some people that listen to Charlamagne Tha God in the morning on The Breakfast Club morning show they are in awe in how Charlamagne is able to continuously express himself in such an open way. He never shies from talking about his own experiences, and this has made him a much better host. Entertainers are going to be much more open with him, because he is always willing to be open with someone else. In The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Charlemagne discussed how he Found Success in Black Privilege.


Charlamagne tha God’s doubts and beliefs have been voiced in his first book that made the New York Times bestseller list. He would go on to have great success with this and put his mind towards writing a second book. That has shown people that there is a level of consciousness that Charlamagne has when it comes to building a different type of platform for voicing your opinions on things like anxiety. Charlamagne has had anxiety for a while, and he wants to give his perspective on this in order to help others that may be dealing with this same type of issue.


Fans of Charlamagne Tha God are praising him for being open about his anxiety issues. They want to know more about his life, and he wants to be able to help others that are facing issues that they are scared to talk about. He is also someone that is very vocal, and this has given him the ability to counteract a lot of foolishness that happens in the entertainment industry.


There are a lot of people that are looking at what he voices his opinions on, whether it be Kanye West or Nicki Minaj rant. Charlemagne does not have any problem calling out those people that are making a fool of themselves in entertainment. He has been someone that is quick to give the “Donkey of the Day” to someone that he feels is not living up to their best potential. He has done this with celebrities, and he has done this with others that he has seen making a mockery of themselves in the news. He is always willing to provide his opinion on what he finds absurd. See This Article for more information.


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What Exactly Are Freedom Checks and How Can They Make You Money?

Investing is one of the best ways to bring in a large sum of money over the course of time. Unfortunately, when most people think of investing, they automatically think about the stock market that shifts and changes all throughout the day. If this has been a problem for your finances in the past, there is an easier and more effective way of investing that you might not have heard about. This option is known as Freedom Checks and it’s been around for a couple of years now. It has been utilized by thousands of people who are able to supplement or even replace their current income because they became shareholders of highly successful corporations.

The way to learn about Freedom Checks and how you can become a shareholder is to make use of the book and news letter provided by the founder of the company, Matt Badiali. The company currently employs almost 50 people nationwide who have helped individuals to realize their dreams and bring in the revenue that they both need and want. Once you make use of Freedom Checks and how they can work for you, you will never want to go back to any other form of investing that you might have done in the past. It is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to earn revenue without the massive amount of work that is needed to put into it.

The reason Freedom Checks are also so popular is because they’re ideal for all levels of investors.Matt Badiali’s Freedom Checks Are Real After All. Whether you’ve been investing for many years or you’ve never invested in your life, this option is easy to learn and quick to get into with little money put into it. This makes it an ideal option for those on strict budgets and who may not have a lot of money to invest into their own efforts. Before you continue investing in any other type of fund or stock, think about this option for yourself and see why it has become one of the most popular forms of investments in the world since it was introduced a few years ago.

Ara Chackerian Philanthropist and Champion for Awareness

Ara Chackerian has a vision, a care delivery model which enables both patient and physician to connect remotely and expand access to care while monitoring individual patients algorithms to determine personalized treatment options. Prior to his current endeavors as co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, he served as Chief Executive Officer of BMC Diagnostics and Executive Chairman of PipelineRX. In addition to his position as co-founder and board member of TMS Health Solutions, he serves as Executive Vice President at PSS/World Medical, a medical products distribution company.


As a writer, Ara Chackerian writes articles related to the healthcare industry and examines future trends in the industry. In a recent article published through Medium, he mentions an interesting program piloted by the Chinese government which is allocating military members from the Peoples Liberation Army and China’s armed police force to a new agricultural detail project focused on slowing pollution growth. According to Zhang Jianlong, head of China’s State Forestry Administration, “China has planted 338,000 square miles of new forests in the past five years and plans to increase that pace in the upcoming five years.” A champion for awareness, Ara Chackerian also sheds light on suicide emphasizing the need for greater public awareness concerning mental illness.


Ara Chackerian believes future trends in healthcare and technology are coming that will aid doctors with EMR’s in providing more manageable treatment options to their patients. Being a philanthropist, Chackerian dedicates financial resources to health care startup companies thinking outside the box and utilizing available their available resources in this fashion. Modern technology continues to enhance healthcare companies with new options for providing cost-effective, environmentally sound treatment to patients in the privacy of their own homes.


Chackerian graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in marketing. He has served in an Executive capacity for companies like BMC Diagnostics and PipelineRX. His philanthropic efforts in business are primarily focused on health care companies who are creating new trends in revolutionizing current data entry and treatment options. You can visit their Twitter page.



Q&A with Ara Chackerian of Limonapa Teak



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Ryan Seacrest Achievements

Ryan Seacrest was born and brought up in Atlanta. Over many years he has been the soul and heart of radio and television. He began as the host of children show such as click, Graduator’s 2000 and fox Family channels wild Animal Games. The shows led him to afternoon gig at Los Angeles Radio station. In this show, Seacrest produces and hosts the daily afternoon talk show known as Ryan Seacrest for the Ride Home.

In 2002, during the summer season, according to, Ryan Seacrest began to find fame when he hosted American Idol. American Idol is a star search clone whereby contestants put more effort in auditing their songs before they perform it on stage and came to a conclusion about who the real American Idol is. When he finished the popular series, Ryan hosted the first two seasons of the show.

In 2003, Ryan Seacrest began to serve in the capacity for American Juniors. He will soon interact with the Judges and talent so that he can keep track of viewers during the weekly shows.

Ryan Seacrest has also hosted an American syndicated radio program known as On Air with Ryan Seacrest. In 2017, in Los Angeles, the daily morning radio show top forty station was KIIS- FM. This radio station was launched at the same time as the Television show bearing the same name. He hosted a similar show in the afternoon drive on a sister station KYSR. It took part from 1995 to 2003.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is among the leading men’s wear lifestyle. It was founded in 2014. The brand offers a wide range of men’s clothing.Live with Kelly and Ryan is a syndicated show program which takes place in the morning. Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest host it. The Executive producer is Michael Gelman.

Ryan Seacrest Foundation is an organization that is dedicated for empowering the youth today. It is a non-profit organization. The youths are inspired through education-focused initiatives and entertainments. The primary initiative of the organization is to create broadcast media centers known as Seacrest studios. This is done within pediatric hospitals for sick people to be aware of the creative reams of radios, new media and televisions.

The organization aims to come up with the positive healing process for children and their families during the time they stay in the hospitals. They do so by developing the centers to enhance an uplifting spirit to the community surrounding the hospital. Ryan (@RyanSeacrest) believes that accessing the multimedia experiences makes patients excited and stimulates adventures that lead to positive thoughts during medication.


Dick Devos and his latest appointment to the FAA

Have you looked at the news out of Washington? The latest comes from the FAA where Dick Devos has been appointed to the Management Advisory Council. As of September 2017, Devos has joined the council along with 12 others. The members come from all walks of life, including transportation authority and aviation, but Devos comes from the world of business.


Devos has been moving in political circles for quite some time, but he originally got his start in sales and business. He is the former CEO and President of Amway, as well as the current CEO and Founder of The Windquest Group. As someone who has worked around the top elites in business, Devos knows business strategy like no other. It will be his job to help the FAA with upcoming ideas for growth as competition grows steep in some markets.


Aviation has been up and down in the past decade. The changes with digital have created several bumps in the road for airlines, as well as airports. Devos worked with the Gerald R. Ford International Airport for many years helping it to expand and eventually renovate the entire airport. The $45 million renovation will be completed by the end of 2018. The airport renovations were just one part of a long story for Devos in aviation and business. He has helped the airport add on new flights, change international marketing and sales operations, and a variety of other ideas that have led to the airport’s rapid success over the past 10 years.


In fact, Grand Rapids has risen to become one of the fastest growing cities in North America. As more business travelers use the airport, they may see some changes as the airport looks to upgrade its terminals, food court, and business traveler center.


Devos started working with business leaders in Grand Rapids early on in the 1990s. Together, they created Grand Action, which led to the economic support of downtown Grand Rapids, including new buildings in the downtown area, such as the Devos Performing Arts Center.


It’s public works and philanthropy that have given Devos opportunities to affect his hometown for the better and lift up the business leaders in his town as well. The hope is that he can do some of the magic for the FAA as well.


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Sahm Adrangi Takes on the Bull Market with Three New Shorts

While a lot of investors are headed away from hedge funds and other methods that involve fundamental analysis, Sahm Adrangi and his team at Kerrisdale Capital Inc. are still choosing these ways of investing instead of choosing the more mechanical approaches that seem to be popular today. For Sahm Adrangi, it hasn’t been difficult for his company to find success by choosing good stocks for long-term investments while choosing bad stocks to take a short position on. There is still room in the bull market for the type of fundamental investing that Kerrisdale specializes in.

There are a couple of companies that Kerrisdale has taken a short position on that have been garnering a decent amount of interest by investors and the media. One of these is the biotech company called Proteostasis and their leading drug candidate that was designed to treat the crippling disease cystic fibrosis. While their Phase 2 data from testing may appear to be positive, Sahm Adrangi believes that the data released was designed to be intentionally misleading. As a well known activist investor, Sahm Adrangi has shorted the stocks of several other biotech companies who were using the same tactics in order to push an ineffective drug to investors.

Along with Proteostasis, Kerrisdale has their eye on a company in a completely different industry: real estate development. The company St. Joe may have had a good amount of success developing land on beachfront property in Florida, but the same cannot be said for a large tract of land located in Central Florida that can only be best described as swampland. Investors into this development have been waiting for around 10 years to hear news about returns, but they have been rather quiet and there has been little to no progress when it comes to making changes to this property and there is no indication that this will change any time in the near future. In order for the company to meet the expectations and valuations that they had presented to investors, they would have to have sales that would set impressive records throughout the United States.

Infnity Group’s Unique Debt Reduction Approach Has Wide-Spread Benefit

Infinity Group is a very unique debt reduction company. Founded by expert finance broker Graeme Holm, the company operates under the innovation of financial personal training. According to Holm it is essentially merging the experience of having a personal trainer in a gym, with professional money management. But Infinity Group does not just stop at debt reduction. Infinity Group pushes clients to trim the fat of debt, but then stays with them to build up some wealth muscles. Their non-standard approach has a huge success rate, with numerous customers advocating for them. In fact, the company just received Customer Experience Management’s “Overall Best Organization CX” Award for Australia.


Graeme Holm came up with this approach during his seventeen year tenure in the finance market. A Top 100 MBA broker Holm is an expert in money management and finance. After noticing so many Australian families suffering from uncontrollable debt, Graeme began researching the mortgage market. What he discovered was a tremendous lack of support and guidance for families with loans, credit card debt, and other non-tax allocated debt. Enter Infinity Group, which Holm founded to deal with the problem. Infinity Group operates under a client-first mandate, and deals exclusively in cash. Customers who sign up for Infinity Group’s services are placed on a cash budget to rebuild their finances.


Holm’s cash only strategy is born of his understanding of the perils of credit. Using cash is safer, more reliable, keeps people from spending past their means, allows them to regulate their spending, and overall keep them from using credit. The success rate of Infinity Group speaks volumes to a cash-only strategy’s effectiveness. Infinity Group also provides hands-on assistance with clients. Implementing debt reduction strategies and monitoring the clients’ success. Just like a personal trainer they focus on the tiniest details, and develop plans unique to the client. They then check in, review, and push clients to achiever their goals. It not only takes away debt but trains clients in how to avoid it.


Finally, Infinity Group stick with clients past their loan payoff. It the assigns them a personal banker and begins pushing them to generate wealth. Infinity Group offers retirement strategies, property investment, and general wealth building principles to allow clients to become successful as well as debt free. To Holm it is important that clients are treated like family, and he does his best to provide for his family of customers.

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The Award-Winning Roofing and Siding Company- Aloha Construction

About the Aloha Construction

Aloha Construction is a business investment that involves solutions in roofing and siding for homeowners. The business, which is a family-owned company, serves its clients in Illinois and Southern Wisconsin where it is based. The company has been in existence for one decade as it was founded in 2008 by Dave Farbaky. Over the years, it has expanded and serves the two states besides having two offices that are located in Zurich and Bloomington. Equally important, the firm’s growth strategy has been pegged on their value that includes integrity, honesty, and responsibility.

Also, apart from holding its values, the company provides the highest quality materials and services by giving their customers value beyond their expectations with their packages. Moreover, the Aloha Construction has already provided roofing and siding solutions to over 20,000 homes in the two states. Its mission statement endorses accountability for all its client’s work and responsibility to the communities involved. Besides, Aloha holds membership at the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA), Building Trades Association (BTA), and the Chicago Roofing Contractors Association (CRCA).

Furthermore, Farbaky who is the founder of the company propagates the mission statement of the company so as to not only push for profits but serve all their customers to meet their needs. What’s more, as a result of the quality work that the company is offering to the community, the Aloha Construction was awarded by the Better Business Bureau Torch Award in 2017 for their impact in the business they operate. The award given by the BBB Torch Award was under the category of the Marketplace Ethics where it was given to Aloha as they were noted to exhibit the best marketing and business ethics in their field.

How the Aloha Construction has managed to maintain its Top Status

One of the paramount business approaches that has made the construction company flourish in its sector includes its craftsmanship 10-year warranty in its package. Again, the firm is licensed, bonded, and an insured construction company. Better still, the company was recently endorsed by one of the renowned radio presenter known as Dan Bernstein on “The Score” program at Chicago’s 670 radio station. Bernstein became a fan of the construction firm after they partnered while doing charity works at the “Camp One Step” for Children’s Oncology Services. In addition, the company has also sponsored various projects where one of them includes the Omni Youth Services among others.